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  1. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Server: Varsoon
    House size: Medium

    Name of Home: a Nerian hearthstone
    Decorator: Zosimos
    Owner: Zosimos
    Date Published: May 2022

    Comments: Relaxing Neriak themed home, soothing sounds (Opera House in South Freeport), used for reading, scrying, and cooking up delicious food and drink. This is a blocked off medium sized home, so it is fairly small. There is also a lovely dark elf to greet you when you arrive.

    Unfortunately, because this is Varsoon, a TLE, you have to walk up to the prestige portal in South Freeport in order to visit, hence 0 likes on the entire server outside of "guild houses" where leaders tend to have depots for their members until guild banks/guild halls are available down the road. o_O
  2. Latraviata New Member

    I just published the following home and hope you will enjoy your visit:)

    Name Onomaris's holiday retreat
    Antonia Bayle Server Freport based
    Massive homes
    Dhalgar Precipe of the deep portal
    Decorator: Onomaris
    I hope you find the time to visit my newest published home:)
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  3. Latraviata New Member

    My apologies I spelled my home incorrectly. It is named Onomari's holiday retreat
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  4. puppybreath Member

    Skyfire has a new publication under Massive Homes. The Kats Meow by Serifa. Owner Hallo Shar Vahl Home.

    This is not what you expect. Hopefully you will find some new ideas there. Enjoy!
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  5. Almee Well-Known Member

    erver: AB
    House size: Small

    Name of Home: Mystlee's Freeport Condo
    Decorator: Mystlee
    Owner: Mystlee
    Date Published: 07/14/22

    Comments: I hope people will come visit my cozy little condo with a home office. All the decorating was done without the layout editor so hopefully things will stay in place.
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  6. Almee Well-Known Member

    Server: AB
    House size: Small

    Name of Home: Lonelee's FP Library
    Decorator: Lonelee
    Owner: Lonelee
    Date Published: 07/15/22

    Comments: Lonelee's Freeport Library welcomes all visitors. Come read a book, study, write, or enjoy the art work.
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  7. Almee Well-Known Member

    Server: AB
    House size: Small

    Name of Home: Handee's Home Lab
    Decorator: Handee
    Owner: Handee
    Date Published: 07/18/22

    Comments: Hanee likes to work from home so she has an axillary lab in a New Halas condo where she tinkers with gadgets and makes a little home brew for herself and guests. She welcomes visitors and hopes you will like her setup.
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  8. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Visited all 3 today Almee, I like them all <3
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  9. Perrigrin Well-Known Member

    It's not published yet but soon as the owner gets online today it will be!

    Server: Varsoon
    Size: Massive
    Location: Vacrul Castle - Freeport side

    Name of Home: Storm Forged Foundry
    Decorators: Mariebella and Vaeryyn
    Owner: Weplaya
    Date Published: Will be published later today, 7/24/2022

    Comments: This house is being used as the guild house for <Storm Forged> guild. I'm really happy with how it has turned out!
    Since it is the Varsoon server, location is important as we can't port directly to the houses on the leaderboard. If you happen to go visit it is the Freeport side housing portal.
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  10. Perrigrin Well-Known Member

    See my above post ^^ House is now published and ready for views :)
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  11. Palliana New Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    Size: Large
    Location: Everfrost Summer Home

    Name of Home: Palliana's Memories
    Decorators: Palliana
    Owner: Palliana
    Date Published: 8/04/2022

    Comments: Hi all. Been around as a solo player for a long time, hence the memories name. No longer a guild member as the guild I was in dissolved some years ago. Have now decided I love decorating and rebuilt and republished this house from the ground up. I don't have other people in game to get feedback from so hoping some of you may visit and leave me feedback in game. Hope you enjoy my years in the game. The other house portals in there are placeholders for now. For some reason, I can't see it on the Qeynos portal but it does show up under large houses as Palliana's memories. Thanks for looking. (Let the house load when you zone in or you might wind up under the floor :) ) p/s/ if there is a house decorator guild out there, and you like this house, please let me know.
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  12. Latraviata New Member

    Hello everyone
    I finally finished another home. Please take the time to visit it. Information below:)
    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House size: Massive
    Name of home: Onomaris holiday mansion
    Decorator: Onomaris
    Owner: Onomaris
    Date published: August, 5, 2022

    I hope you like the tranquility setting in this home. Take time to relax on the outdoor roof garden, dine and gamble, or simply relax in the outdoor pub.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit:)
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