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  1. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House: Qeynos 5 room (8 Erollisi Lane)
    Name of Home: "Ouka's Home / Adventure Museum"
    House size: Large
    Owner: Ouka
    Decorator: Ouka
    Published: May 22, 2021

    Comments: My first published house in the entire game. It's nothing more than my home, but it's full of evidence of all my adventures throughout Norrath and beyond, as well as a library containing almost every single book in the entire game (except a couple old-world straglers and class-specific books like from the Troubador epic).
  2. Kaylabear New Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House: Kromzek Keep in Queynos
    Owner: Phreesia
    Decorator: Phreesia
    Date Published: 5-29-21

    Welcome to The Court of THe Jester... The Jester has conquered King Tormaz and taken over his castle. Please read the book in the foyer for the story and descriptions of the rooms. Thank you for visiting!
  3. Komatus Active Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House: Banrolon's Humble Abode (Small 2 room)
    Owner: Banrolon
    Decorator: Banrolon
    Date Published: 5-16-21

    Comments: This is Banrolon's first home. Occupied around 8 years ago. Nothing special, just quest items and furniture placed over 8 years of questing. I just decided to publish it. (lol)
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  4. Komatus Active Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House: Flintius' Gorowyn Hideaway
    Owner: Flintius
    Decorator: Flintius
    Date Published: 5-22-21

    Comments: Same as comments for Banrolon's Humble Abode.
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  5. Fizzles Inapinch New Member

    Server: MajDul
    House size: Massive
    House Name: Fizzelz Wild Kingdom
    Decorator: Fizzelz
    Owner Fizzelz
    Date Published June 3 2021

    Comments: I am a huge animal lover so when I got the Thurgadin Grand Hall I knew right away I wanted to make a safe place for the creatures of Norrath. From fish to Dragons and everything in between. Grab a snack from the snack bar and enjoy a picnic at the Druid Grove, brose the gift shop or enjoy the water falls, BUT please DON'T Feed the animals.
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  6. leannel New Member

    Server: Halls of Fate
    House size: Large

    Name of Home: Leanne's Maj Dul Vacation Home
    Decorator: Leanne
    Owner: Leanne
    Date Published: 5/2/21

    Comments: This is my first published house! It's a large Maj Dul residence that was added to the game 9/23/2009. The location is -232.05, 137.87, 70.83 in Maj Dul.
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  7. Jannia New Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House size: Large
    Location: Gorowyn, Timorous Heights

    Name of Home: Sookii's Sweet Suites Gorowyn Breakout
    Decorator: Sookii and all her alts
    Owner: Sookii
    Date Published: 6/13/2021

    Indoors you'll find the living room, trophy room, teleportation room, upstairs bedroom, and downstairs grotto including a view of the harbor (I think it's raining outside!) Breakout area includes dock, pond, and mountain top.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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  8. Kareena Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House Size: Massive Homes
    Location: Freeport

    Name of House: Mystical Underground - By Kareena
    Decorator: Kareena
    Owner: Kareena
    Date Published: 6/13/2021

    This house is mystical indeed. Enjoy an upper level garden and overlook of the sea. Make a wish at the wishing well before descending into the a cauldron of wonders. Make sure to visit the right wing and visit the cave witch, make sure to look for her at her altar, in her office or relaxing in her residential wing. Please venture across the hall into the left wing which includes random literary works from across Norrath and beyond, plush seating around a cozy fire for your relaxation purposes. Please feel free to visit the outside whiskey distillery and beach side fishing. Please stay and enjoy a meal, visitors are always welcome. Just try and beware of the lookout, it has a drop off and there have been no recoveries of bodies that have "slipped". We'd hate for yours or a fur baby's to be added to the disturbingly ever growing list of missing persons. Rumor has it the Cave Witch that dwells within uses them for some sort of ritual as she discovers them washing ashore. Others believe she could be using them to create her famous meat pies.

    Thank you for coming by. Please leave a vote and let me know what you think!!
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  9. Llieam Well-Known Member

    Server Maj'Dul
    House Size: Medium Homes (1300 items and one of the biggest houses in game /boggle)
    Location: Qeynos

    Name of House: The Court of the Far Seas by Warehouse

    Published, thank you for your visits!

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  10. Mellody Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House size: Large
    Location: Neriak
    House Name: Savina's Estate and Guest Quarters
    Decorator: Savina
    Owner: Savina
    Date Published: 6/25/21

    Comments: I love to decorate! I don't use any programs or know how to build stuff, so I usually just decorate the space as it's laid out. But I was dying to have a guest suite for my house and ran out of room (sooo much junk LOL) so Boglilly was kind enough to build one for me in the breakout space :) and I love it so much I want everyone to see how cute it is. :)
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  11. kloree Member

    Server: Maj Dul
    House size: Medium
    Location: Frostfang
    House Name: A Handcrafted Frostfell
    Decorator: Andreasjahn and Sandx
    Owner: Andreasjahn
    Date Published: 7/16/2021
  12. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Server: Maj dul
    House size: Medium

    Name of home: Fae's Farm
    Decorator: Shadowfox
    Owner: Shadowfox
    Date Published: 7/?/21

    Comments: I decided to make my little hobbit island thing into a farm that my fae ranger would use. Hope you like it.
  13. Vichane Well-Known Member

    server: Antonia Bayle
    House Size: Small
    Name of Home:The Erollisian Seer's Den(By Azyre!)
    Decorator: Azyre
    Owner: Carredwen
    Date Published: 8/?/2021

    Comments: Its adorable, and Azyre is a returning decorator that is just getting their legs back beneath them. Definitely a fabulous visit!
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  14. KauaiJim Active Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House size: Large

    Name of Home: Voker's Manor
    Decorator: Voker
    Owner: Voker
    Date Published: 8-8-2021

    Hello everyone! I've been with EQ2 since the very beginning but have been mostly away for quite some time. I've recently returned with a new main (Voker) and I decided to give this guy a really nice place to relax.
    I chose the large manor in Halas after looking at the TON of housing that's available now. It has a kitchen, a restroom, an impressive spell study, two spacious living quarters with everything, a huge dining hall / entertainment room, a nice back patio area and my favorite, a wonderful large indoor Fae garden complete with a bar to melt the stress away!
    I really like it. I hope you do too!

  15. Wulfen Active Member

    Omma's Island Library has been off and on the (currently) Maj'Dul server since 2011. When it's being housecleaned and augmented with newly quested books, or if Real Life makes me miss a DECO-RAID, it's Massive... Tenebrous. Go visit your local library if you think you're missing a book quest. I visited Ouka's in Qeynos and discovered I was missing the Froglok history book, and researched how to get my own. The Libraries in our game are resources. Use them!
    This outdoors Island Library is sorted out by expansion, or area on the planet, or type of book. There's a Librarian's desk with books in progress. You'll find a few there sadly unplaceable, but if possible, carefully copied. There's the Roselyn series from Hero's Festival, which should have been in book form. There are books written by other players, informative. There's a pile of books about the Markables (Kilroys), an incomplete project conducted good and evil, level 1 to 100+, whether AA updates or not. Trakanon is getting wet, two otters dance, globes float on a swimming pool like bubbles, and there's a rest area with bathing tub in the sky above. Or you can run around in the Forest, filled with shade and sunlight patterns. It's never night here.
  16. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Server: Maj'dul
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: The Grand Norrath Theater
    Decorator: Tasnee
    Owner: Tasnee
    Date Published: 8/12/21

    Comments: I try to make sense out of some of the layouts, (like we all do) and this one had me thinking hard of what to do with it. So I thought, hey, a theater would be cool! I know most people have the opera house as their theater thing, but I thought this worked well as a theme. Hope you like it.
  17. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Server: Maj'dul
    House Size: Massive

    Name of Home: Lost Garden of Tunare
    Decorator: Earaleni
    Owner: Earaleni
    Date Published: Honestly can't remember, some time in May I wanna say?

    Comments: The Grotto is something I really enjoyed when it came out, and I thought it was a beautiful zone. I put a lot of "grass" down in this one, and it takes a minute to load, but I like to think even if it has a little bit of fault in some places, I really tried to make it awesome looking. It's the only thing I could think of to do with it - make it one massive garden.
  18. Kassamai Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House Size: Massive

    Name of Home: Owl's Well Sanctuary
    Location: Oakmyst Glade, Qeynos Portal
    Owner: Kassamae
    Decorator: Kassamae
    Date Published: 9-3-21

    Comments: Wanted a nice home for my main in Oakmyst, woke up at 3am with an idea that kept me busy. High Res. takes a little time to load.
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  19. Battista New Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House size: Medium

    Name of Home: Chloe's Halloween Party by Chickpea
    Decorator: Chickpea
    Owner: Chickpea
    Date Published: 9/28/2021

    Comments: You are welcome to join our family friendly party. We will be serving light refreshments
    and prizes will be given out. Bring all your little ghouls and goblins :)

  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Server: Halls of Fate
    House Size: Large (Aerie Kolmas, Kelethin)
    Name of Home: (SEHS21) Uki's Travels ~ by Boomington
    Owner: Ukiuzoamaka
    Decorator: Boomington
    Date Published: 09/14/2021
    Comments: For the recent House Swap event! :)

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