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  1. Dawnmeadow Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House size: Massive (Vacant Estate of Unrest, Freeport)

    Name of Home: The Haunted Estate of Unrest
    Decorator: Aunaste
    Owner: Aunaste
    Date Published: 19 October 2021

    Comments: NoTD themed estate. Come and have a look around - but be careful or you might become a permanent guest!
  2. Sinafe Darkchyle Inquisitor/Carpenter

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: The University
    Decorator: Ssivak, Aelissa, Sinafe
    Owner: Kalthanas
    Date Published: 10/29/2021
    Comments: Welcome to The University, equipped with lecture halls, classrooms, labs for healing, necromancy, alchemy, tinkering and more. Make sure to get something to eat in the café, relax in the third floor lounge and play some table tennis in the recreation room.
  3. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House Size: Large

    Name of Home: New Halas Dockside Home
    Decorator: Moonpanther
    Owner: Moonpanther
    Date Republished: 11/06/21

    This was one that I completed a while back and I decided to republish it since we have more interest again in decorating. I hope you enjoy this offering. Don't forget to check out the docks. :D
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  4. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House Size: Large

    Name of Home: Moonstalker's Retreat
    Decorator: Moonpanther
    Owner: Moonstalker
    Date published 11/10/2021

    This home is a work in process, so we will let folks know when new areas are completed. But for now enjoy the master suite and the breakout meditation gardens. Feel free to grab a refreshment while you are there.
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  5. Deity New Member

    Server: Maj Duhl
    House size: Large

    Name of Home: ! ! ! Deity's North Pole ! ! !
    Decorator: Deity
    Owner: Deity
    Date Published: 11-6-2021

    Comments: Come take a look at a winter wonderland at the North Pole! Santa is making his list, checking it twice! You will find Elves making toys for the nice and Santa Glugs working the coal for the naughty! See Mrs.Clause reading her book by the fire while Santa is deep asleep in his bed, resting for the big night. So come visit today, don't forget to vote and enjoy my humble little slice of Frostfell.

  6. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Server: Maj dul
    House Size: Massive

    Name of Home: Winter Funland
    Decorator: Tasnee (though technically all the houses I do are mine so I decorate them lol)
    Owner: Windchimes
    Date Published: November 23, 2021

    Comments: I love Frostfell, but I wanted to do something fun that was just winter related and not so much about the holidays. I've had the Snowy Dwelling FOREVER, so I thought I should at least do a little something with it. It's not perfect, and it's not as cool as a lot of other peeps houses on here, but I had fun and I like it - so I guess that's what matters. :)
  7. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House Size: Large

    Name of Home: Great Gi Gallery
    Decorator: Ouka
    Owner: Ouka
    Date Published: January 1st, 2022

    Comments: My years long farming of over 100 unique Brawler Gi art assets has finally come to fruition. I have books detailing exactly how to obtain them for yourselves.
  8. Breanna Well-Known Member

    That place is amazing Cusahorn. I can tell it took years LOL probably took a year just writing up all the books. Very nice job of telling how to get them.
  9. Ruua (Gwylen)

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Medium
    Name of Home: Ruua's Cosy Tavern
    Decorator: Ruua
    Owner: Ruua
    Date Published: 28-12-2021

    Heya! I recently published my first house. A cosy tavern and rest stop for the weary travellers of the Frostfang Sea to warm up, rest and grab a bite to eat ^^ <3 I love the New Halas houses so chose a 3 room one for my first try at decorating, as it's a comfy size :D (It's addictive though, haha, I'm already starting on my next using the bloodwritten contract I bought from the loyalty merchant haha ^^; )
    The tavern has some light Frostfell vibes going on, which is why I decided to publish now!
    I'd love if people checked it out! :)

  10. Valandra Member

    Server: Halls of Fate
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: Vex's Vacrul Castle
    Decorator: Vexaliah
    Owner: Vexaliah
    Date Published: 01-09-22

    You can find this house listed under Newly Published Homes. Thank you for touring! :)
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  11. FrostedCB New Member

    I removed my is no longer published.
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  12. Skella New Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House Size: Medium

    Name of Home: Skella's Humble Abode
    Decorator/Owner: Skella
    Date Published 2/25/22

    First time homeowner and decorator. Would love to have visitors.
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  13. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    This thread REEEALLY needs to get a sticky pin....
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  14. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    If you use the first 2 posts of The Decorator's Resource (Guides and Links), there is a section called "House/Guild Hall Video Tours" which has a link to this thread at the top. It is on the first post. The Decorator's Resource is stickied and won't show it is updated but I try my best to keep it updated. I will mark things with *** New ***. It has all sorts of goodies like Deco Events, Video Tour threads, Holiday and Crafting write-ups by DenMum, etc. If I can ever get to feeling better and have my computer issue fixed, I will try to get caught back up. There might be some help with videos in the future.
  15. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Oh, I LOVE that thread too. ;)
    I just meant this one should get a sticky pin to keep it at the top of the list, so people see it for posting announcements about their newly published houses. I've seen a few recently that posted in the main Homeshow forum, presumably as they didn't see this thread that was made for that reason.
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  16. EnygmaMoon New Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House Size: Massive (Vacrul Castle Home)

    Name of Home: Shiyarra's Circus of Seasons
    Decorator: Windblossom (my main decorator & Grandmaster Carpenter)
    Owner: Shiyarra (alt)
    Date Published: May 3, 2022

    Comments: This is my second large decorating project and a tourist destination for those who love the live events in EQ2. There is a guest book at the entrance with instructions on how to get your name and a short message added, seasonal surprises throughout and plenty of "activities" for every guest.
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  17. Latraviata New Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House size: Massive Home (Mistmoore Quenos
    Name of home: Frostfyr My Mistmoore retreat
    Deocrator: Onomaris my Decorator
    I published this home May 10, 2022. This was the first house I made with the breakout. I hope you take the time to visit:)

    My second house I published a few days ago is:
    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House Size: Massive Dhalgar Shar Vahl - Freeport
    Name of the home: Latraviata - Floral garden retreat
    Onomaris, decorated this home. This home is especially dear to me as I made it in honor of my late mom who loved watching me building it:) I would love for you to visit this little retreat:)
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  18. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Server: Maj'dul
    House Size: Medium

    Name of Home: The Black Pearl
    Decorator: Doormouse (another Tasnee alt)
    Owner: Doormouse
    Date Punlished: May 15, 2022

    Comments: The Dread Pirate Doormouse Sparroe is looking to show off his ship! Come see his home from home, sail the seas, or dare to walk the plank! And remember, this will be the day that you ALMOST caught Norrath's greatest pirate.

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  19. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Server: Halls of Fate
    House size: Small (a simple Maj'Dul apartment)

    Name of Home: Wantia Desert Homestead
    Decorator: Trimia
    Owner: Cyliena
    Date (re-)Published: March 2022

    Comments: A quiet living space in the bustling city of Maj'Dul. This home is inspired by the simplicity of Mara decor with an infusion of the Hua Mein. I gave the home some minor updates when I returned to the game this year and re-published it (upkeep is fully paid).

    Can we share dungeon maker dungeons as well? I recently re-published two of my themed dungeons on Halls of Fate: Keepers of the Ages (Chardok category) and Elemental Crossroads (Poets Palace category). The author/decorator for both is Trimia. These were originally created back when earning dungeon marks was a thing, so there is combat involved, but I am still proud of the decorating and themes I had in each. :)
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  20. Almee Well-Known Member

    Lizzele just published her first dwelling on AB called, Liz's Travel and Craft Dojo. I would like to thank all the people who helped me secure items by crafting them or telling me how to get the quests to obtain the items I wanted. I hope you will stop by and take a peek.
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