Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Jakanden, Jan 4, 2005.

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    Boon of the Lifeless and Immobilize were using the same casting timer last night.
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but to avoid Swarm Of Rats stripping the pet buffs, I usually do the following:

    Right after an encounter, I manually abort my pet buffs (I have Agitation appr 3 and that first trait pet buff, can't remember the name), then, when the next fight starts, I FIRST cast SOR, then cast both pet buffs (which works although they are on the same timer) and then I send my GS into combat (as the GS might be too far away if I would send it in before I actually cast the pet buffs).

    No solution for the vanshing comtur spell so far though...

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    I've tested my pet evac a few more times, though not from new locations--it still refuses to evac from Varsoon dungeon or Nektulos Forest. I don't get out much so that's all I can test.
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    This was already on the list from a previous post =)
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    Yes more updates =)
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    Good list of Necromancer issues, folks. Keep it coming!
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    WOOWOO! Thanks for posting Blackguard. You just made me glad I keep this thread updated =)
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    Wow :)
    Thanks Jak and everyone for keeping this list comprehensive and constructive. I guess it was worth the effort :D
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    Yay we finally got a Dev looking at our issues. Hopefully this will mean changes are coming. I would just like to add this is the most organized issues thread and so easy to read.
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    Sweet. I think we'll see our fortunes turn around over the next few weeks. That's why a good constructive list like this is important. Great job!
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    As far as the annoyance of casting AoE's and the target dying, I think you should have to click on another member of the target encounter and it will just transfer to them instead of the dead mob. If it automatically went to another member of the encounter, I could see some problems crop up.
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    When using Invisibility to explore I found that if you want to recast invis, the first time you hit the casting button the invis spell is canceled instead and the 30 second cooldown for the spell is then put into effect.

    This means that even if you are paying attention to the spell duration and want to recast to keep the spell active, you are forced into that 30 second cooldown. I figure this is probably a function of casting a spell causing Invis to break.

    I think the only way to fix it would be to have the cooldown timer apply only to when a spell is cast and not to both when it is cast and when it wears off. Pet buffs also seem to run afoul of the double timer issue, but you can keep ahead of it with the pet buff because casting the buff does not break the spell at the beginning of casting.
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    *snuggles his warm fuzzy blanket*
    see just made my week! :smileyvery-happy:
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    Lol - I totally forgot to put this invis issue on there and it was on my original list of things to add. Thanks for the reminder. The pet buff issue WAS already on there however under each spell in the bugs section, but for some reason I removed it and I cannot fathom why heh.

    EDIT - Found them. They were under the annoyances section. I re-arranged things a bit to make it easier to find.
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  16. ARCHIVED-Chandigar Guest

    I'm quite sure the invis thing is intentional. You can't cast any spells while invis, and the timer resets whenever invis breaks.

    Trying to cast invis again breaks the spell, setting off the timer.

    I highly doubt that they'll make it so you can refresh invis indefinitely, its already way better than invis in EQ1 or in most other games (ie widely random duration). It would probably be better to put this as a minor graphical glitch and just ask for it to remain greyed out while the spell is active like some of our maintained buffs.
  17. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I can quite often recast invis without breaking the timer. I can also quite often re-summon a pet and stay invis =)
  18. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    Actually it depends on the pet for breaking invis. It looks like the caster/tank pets don't break invis when you cast them. However, I think the stalker does (haven't tested recently so don't quote me on it). It also seems that if you're invis'd and you recast invis you can avoid breaking the timer (although it seems to be a sometimes thing).... but if you drop invis you need to wait.
    It's also amusing that the stalker pet uses a different refresh timer than the rest of the pets. Definately a bug in our favor atm... but the pet is near worthless so not even worth waiting the cast time... but I guess a good filler when you're pet drops in a group and you need some DPS while you're waiting on caster pet refresh.
  19. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    I take advantage of this if I lose a caster pet to barrage, call up the stalker and power tap him to death, then call a new caster... handy for those really long fights where you're burning all your power trying to drop a named. Only problem with this tactic is it will generally drop debuffs/DoT's on the mob, just like the rats (I can't be sure it always happens but it does happen). It's ok to use this tactic when everyone is pretty much OOP and the debuffs have run their course, just have to be very careful with it... don't want to drop all those spells early in the fight. I'd say the refresh thing is a bug since it would allow necro's to pet zerg most anything... if the stalker wasn't such a bad pet.
  20. ARCHIVED-Desaan Guest

    Just hit lvl 40 and duh chose the training spell that doesn't work (Raveus's Clinging Stench). Cant't believe they haven't even fixed training option spells :(

    Every spell I've got for the last few levels, doesnt work at all or doesnt work the way it should.

    When are we gonna get some FIXING love dev team??