Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Jakanden, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Urguwno Guest

    I can confirm this, and it's quite annoying when someone in another group gets into a pinch.
    I haven't seen any SOE developers post on this topic, and the functionality is contrary to all other spells like it (wards), so I think it's safe to add to the bug list.
  2. ARCHIVED-Gomora_Toad Guest

    First, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for helping put this list together, and to Jakanden for keeping it all organized. :)

    Now for today's fun find - Immobilize is sharing its recast timer with Boon of the Lifeless and the level 30 training ability Darkbriar's Corpseskin. As soon as either pet buff wears off or is cancelled, Immobilize greys out for the duration of their 25 second recast timer. Likewise, if Immobilize is used, the pet buffs will grey out until its 9 second recast timer is up. I /bugged this in game, but I've no idea when it will be fixed, so I wanted to warn everyone about it here as well.
  3. ARCHIVED-Fwing Guest

    Another small problem with Darkbriar's Corpseskin: Every time someone joins your group the buff drops. A small but annoying bug :)
  4. ARCHIVED-naeldayyan Guest

    Need someone to verify this bug.

    Root something with immobilize, then before it wears off put chains of torment on the mob, now when immoblize wears off chains will still show up on maintained bar but wont actually keep the mob rooted.
  5. ARCHIVED-RixxB Guest

    Level 48 Revivication is Broken

    Only works on Live people. Does not use Essence.

    Rixx, 48 Necromancer AB
  6. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Grim Presence - The spell Grim Presence that is cast by the "Grim" series pets, cancels the water breathing portion of Unliving Eyes.
    Tested twice last night, looks like it's been fixed.
  7. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I have added this but can I get more info. What exactly does it do (Nothing? Heals? etc..)
  8. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Also - other updates have been made based on page 5 =)
  9. ARCHIVED-slyfer Guest

    Also, I don't know if this is a good thing or not. The pets don't really have an attack range. You can send them the whole way across the screen to attack something. But you can not cast a spell that far. I think that the range should be a little restricted. Maybe double the range of a spell but definately not the whole screen.

    Take this as you may, as a good thing or bad thing.

    I think that it is pretty funny to watch it run pass all of these people to go kill something all the way across the screen and here people say lol.
  10. ARCHIVED-slyfer Guest

    I can also confirm the timer on immobilize and the training lvl choice. I chose the Pet at 30. When you cast Boon of the Lifeless and it runs out then Immobilize will go gray and be on the same timer as Boon
  11. ARCHIVED-ThadeDrakshon Guest

    I for one like the no attack range on the pets, I hated the limmited distance you could send pet in eqlive, darkage, and other games. Leave it as it is.

  12. ARCHIVED-RixxB Guest

    Got the Level 48.6 Pet Today. Grim Terror

    Casted the App1, was a skeleton in red flames , im thinking neat :)

    Scribed adept 1, and now its a green-flamed twin to the Grim Corruptor.

    I want red flames back, lol

    Im assuming the Adept III will also be green.

    So far seems moderate on DPS, Will log it later

    Shouldnt this pet be more impressive considering its our last pet?

    Rixx 48 Necromancer, AB
  13. ARCHIVED-RixxB Guest

    whoops, delete this
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  14. ARCHIVED-RixxB Guest

    Would really like our tank pets to have sword and shield. Animation would be nice too.

    Im tired of a naked zombie.

    And why not have different models than Grim Spellbinder, Grim Thulian, and Grim Terror?

    Our other pets should look more impressive at high levels too.

    Group GHOST fluff would be nice too.

    Rixx 49 Necromancer AB
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  15. ARCHIVED--Baz_al-Boa- Guest

    This certainly isn't a game killer. We have much more important issues and maybe I shouldn't complain about it but here goes:

    I bought the fastest horse and my minion can't keep up. I literally run a short distance, start a fight, click the minion attack button, do my thing killing the baddie and 10-20 seconds later my master assassin runs up and starts his dual bladed mayhem. It's nice but ... ahem ... where ya been buddy? Obviously, the farther I run, the farther behind he lags. It's just a little funny but the minion should be able to keep up imo and it can get annoying in some circumstances.

  16. ARCHIVED--Baz_al-Boa- Guest

    I agree wholly.
  17. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    You want your minion to be as fast as the fastest horse? Absolutely not.

    This thread is going to quickly lose its purpose AND appeal if we turn it in to one big "i wish" thread. It's supposed to be a bug list, not a wish list - there is a huge difference. Posts such as "I wish my pet had a shield" and "I wish it would run faster" aren't bugs.
  18. ARCHIVED-thisMoriMori Guest

    Bug of (probably) low importance: the scouts' escape/rescue ability doesn't bring pets.
  19. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    Have you retested this since last Friday? It was reported in the patch notes as fixed and it has since worked for my group a few times that I recall.
  20. ARCHIVED-Chandigar Guest

    Noticed a pet bug yesterday. My ratonga has a strength of 10... so I spend almost all his time slightly overburdened. I got hit by a disease trap which dropped my str to 2 for a half hour (boy that was fun).

    I found that if I try running forward, my pet moves in the same dir at my regular walking speed so runs way ahead of me. If he gets too far ahead of me, he starts behaving very weirdly, vanishing in walls and over mountains (edges of the zone) and such...

    If I ordered to attack something, I'd see it fly towards the mob from the side of the screen (over the mountain) and attack.. but when I tried calling it off once it vanished and the mob charged straight towards me.

    Anyway, in the end I had to dismiss and resummon it.

    PS to the OP, is the first post being updated as issues are addressed and more issues are brought up?
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