Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Jakanden, Jan 4, 2005.

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    I tested this last night and the pet still came to my "Rescue" even when on /pet follow (Just for fyi) =)
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    Blackguard posted in this thread about Conjuring issues and asked if any other classes suffered from DoT stacking issues. I helpfully pointed him to this thread =)

    EDIT - Helps if the link works lol
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    And today's patch notes:

    - L22 Blight: Spell will show in the maintained window.
    - L30 Breath of the Unearthed: Will now only affect members of the target encounter, and deals disease damage and heals the Necromancer over time.
    - L31 Withering Affliction: Will now show in the maintained window.
    - L38 Rotting Thrall: Fixed description; it summons a zombie to do the Necromancer's bidding
    - L44 Accursed Cloud: Will now only affect members of the target encounter, and deals disease damage and heals the Necromancer over time.
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    Stupid meaningless bug that isn't important:

    The level 20 pet, Grim Spellbinder, casts a group buff. I have the adept 1 version (don't know if that's relevant). I had the pet up for about 10 minutes and the guy with whom I was grouped at the time STILL has the icon for the buff on him several days and deaths later. He doesn't have to be grouped with me or in the same zone as me or logged in at the same time as me. We didn't check before the buff went on, so we don't know if he's still getting benefits for it or just the icon. If I recast the pet, the timer on his buff icon resets to 12 hrs.
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    Someone confirm these changes for me so I can update the thread =)
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    1. DoT spells from differant casters should stack 100% of the time. Direct damage spells from differant casters do, and the disadvantage of DoTs was (I thought/assumed) that it was more damage at the cost of taking more time. Please, let them stack! Its a bit disenheartening to be grouped with another necromancer and have the conversation "Ok, which of us uses wihch DoTs?"

    2. I am really tired of having my group buffs drop when I group with other casters. I don't mind that they don't stack, but I do mind that they are dropping in the first place. Cancelling them should be my choice, not automatic. Furthermore, I have been in a group with another necromancer (guildmate) who was a level lower than me using the same grade/rank of spell (app3 at the time) cast his and cancelled mine. I would have expected the higher level buff to take precedence if they are going to cancel one another and so should block. Personally, let us each cast them, then just have the best applicable one work.

    3. Pet dance bug sucks, compelte agreeance

    4. DPS for the Grim Spellbinder is rather anemic. I assumed it was higher and then I parsed it and was very disappointed. For a pet that is pure offense and very little in the way of being a good CC tool, offtanking, etc., its DPS is weak. In a group with an enchanter, or doing single-mob or low-mob-count encounters, I would have expected the caster pet to be very strong in its single-target direct-damage spells. As it stands, if I can't use my AEs in a group, my DPS takes a major hit. Needless to say, enchanters are not my favorite class to group with.

    5. I would KILL to have a summoner/* training that effectively was "Stay on that mob until I say otherwise or its dead" (wishlist)

    6. I would KILL to have a summoner/* training that effectively was /pet hold (wishlist)

    7. I would love it if in multi-mob solo encounters, the other mobs in the encounter other than the one your pet attacks, didn't come rushing at you. (wishlist)

    8. The swarm of rats/dogs/spiders stripping buffs needs to stop.(bugfix)

    9. Allow us to filter our pets hits and misses and damage taken seperately from others. (wishlist)
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    I would hate to see them implement basic pet control as a 'training' option. That seems like a total copout.

    They should simply...
    1) Remove pet AI. (No aggro list for pets.)
    2) Implement only "Attack" and "Back Off" buttons for pet control. (No other options)

    Pets should only attack what they are told to attack and should back off when ordered. The rest of the time they should be on auto-follow. (not guard)
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    Thought I would actually verify those of these that I could. I am a lvl 32 so some I cannot.
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    No way! The "guard here" command is the most important command if your pet is tanking. I don't want him pulling. I want him where I tell him to stay. I pull, he tanks.
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    OK :)
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    I think the "Guard Here" command will only be useful so long as "pet dancing" exists.

    Even with the two basic pet commands, you could still pull and pick exactly where your pet will fight the mob. That really isn't much of a concern, though, since pets do not attract aggro from nearby mobs.
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    Awsome Seeko - thanks. I have updated the thread. Cannot wait to get home and play with BoE =)
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    Last night in Varsoons I noticed that Grisly Brace would quickly evaporate from anyone I put it on aside from myself. Also, Static Pulse seems to just randomly drop around half way thru.
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    Ghastly Brace is a rune - it has 3 minutes BUT is only good for X number of hit points absorbed. For example, if that number is 450 and you are fighting a mob that hits for 45 then you have 10 hits absorbed over quite a bit of time. However, if the mob hits for 500, then it is gone instantly and the person wearing the rune gets the extra 50 points of damage.
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    Zarvon (40 Training Aoe LT) is still broken =(
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    Modified some more things based on newest patch. While the LT works perfectly, it does not show up in maintained spells window so we cannot cancel it. ALso the Pet Evac issue has been fixed (Verified last night through testing)
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    While raiding you can not cast Grisley Brace on raidmembers NOT in your group.
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    Not a bug.
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    How is this not a bug?

    A shaman can ward other people in the raid outside the group, clerics can heal others in the raid outside the group?

    Please explain your logic.