Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Jakanden, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Fwing Guest

    If you can't see the benefits of this spell you're a fool.
    You don't have to cast it on everyone and you don't use it every fight. But it's still a great spell and I for one wouldn't be without it.
  2. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Updates added - thanks for the input fellow necros =)
  3. ARCHIVED-Hektus Guest

    About Skinrot

    Theres nothing at all wrong with this spell. The awesome thing about pestelential blast and skinrot is that they have only a 2 second recast time. I have master Pestelential blast and, at 44, I hit for 200+ most of the time, up to 280+ sometimes. Think about it, 2 second casting time plus 2 second recast; that's about 250 damage every 4 seconds.... that's 62.5dps by just recasting a single spell folks. While my rotting thrall does around 30 to 35dps I'm pushing 100dps by just chain casting a spell and I've still got plenty of recast time to toss on dots.

    What alot of people dont realize is that these wizard/warlock nukers have high damage DD spells but they have long recast times. Personally, I out-dps warlocks and wizards without breaking a sweat.

    I imagine that a master skinrot at level 50 will yeild nukes ranging around 375 to 450 a pop every 4 seconds; that's 93 to 112 dps on that spell alone.

    PS. Remember Neurotoxin? Not the best nuke, but when used correctly it could be turned into a kick [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] dps suplement while we're waiting to refresh dots. Fast nukes are just what a necro needs to stay busy and keep dps up.
  4. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    Thats one I had no way of confirming myself heh. Has been removed =)

    I have not had a chance to look over patch message so I dont know what has been fixed and what hasnt. If anyone is in game and notices some fixes that arent on patch message, please post em here so I can update.
  5. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I am updating it with fixes found in this thread. So far it appears the only things fixed was Breath of the Unearthed and Mend Bones
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  6. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I have added a bug section with the Necromancer Training. I need more info on these =)
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  7. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    More updates. Anything I am missing? (Sorry to keep asking, I just want this thread to be as comprehensive as possible)
  8. ARCHIVED--Baz_al-Boa- Guest

    I took Camtur's Energizing Aura as a training item as well as the dogs ... while the buff dropping has been known, it was previously just pet buffs. When I release the hounds, Camtur's falls off now (i lose the bubble of concentration).

    I love the dogs and can work around the bug, but having to recast camtur's while fighting is bs and a waste of that spell.

  9. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I have update this as well as some other bugs I have found browsing the forums =)
  10. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    A few comments on the Boon of the Lifeless issue:

    First, the recast timer has always been such and it is the same way of Agitation. That was manageable since the trick is to just not ever let them expire. Annoying but not critical. However, post patch, Agitation and Boon share a recast time (even after the mini-patch patch) and you simply cannot keep them both up.

    If neither is running, you can cast them one right after the other. However, if both are running and you want to recharge them you cannot. To verify, cast Boon and Agitation. Let the timers reset. No re-cast either and both are unavailable until it resets. This means you have to choose which you want to keep up until you have a full 45 secs of downtime to recharge them both.

    Also, Essence Shift and Bloody Ritual are still sharing the same timer even post-patch2. Neither are training related so should not share timer.

    I have /bugged both and encourage everyone to do the same.
  11. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I know the recast timer for Boon/Agitation is such and that is why it is listed under annoyances because it is manageable. The point is that we shouldnt HAVE to make sure it doesn't expire. We already wait the recast time when we first cast it and shouldnt be forced to do so again just because it expired =)
  12. ARCHIVED-Xindaiel Guest

    Mheno's Desecration: It's overwritten by blugeoning earth and in addition to that it's a single target dot rather than an AOE dot like B.E. Not that it's all bad actually HAVING a single target dot before lvl 30+ but...
  13. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    I think this is "as intended" as Mheno's Desecration is an upgrade to BE and BE has always been a single-target DoT.
  14. ARCHIVED-Xindaiel Guest

    {edit} Realized you were pointing out that the intended part was it to be a single target dot. Duh moment on my part, confused with seism.
    Still, BE shoulnd't be overwriting the spell if it's an upgrade to it. Especially since most of the other attack/buff upgrades aside from the pet and quasi pet (i.e. rats) spells seem to stack from all i've read on here?
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  15. ARCHIVED-Xindaiel Guest

    I'd like to add something else, and I dunno if it's a Me issue a unique to necromancer issue or a universal issue. When I get a full concentration bar (pet + armor spells + a boon of fallen) I can't recast them. No problem, i cancel one and's still a full bar. I have to cancel all my buffs to get any spots and still i seem to have one or two full with all buffs canceled. Typically it seems it's boon of the fallen but that may be due to my canceling habits?
  16. ARCHIVED-Desaan Guest

    My biggest concern with Necromancer atm is the insane cost of mana to maintain buffs on a pet, it's like casting a power drain DoT on yourself, surely this is an issue ever more than it was before. The drain pre-patch was noticeable but not as horrific as it is now.

    Whats the deal? Its not as if we have an insane amount of mana at our disposal, why not do the same thing to every other class that casts a single target buff?

    Go on I SOE dare you. The forums would heaving with complaints in seconds.
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  17. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    Actually according to the release notes from the patch that explain how training works, a "training" upgrade spell to a regular spell is supposed to NOT stack with it's lesser equivalent:

    The Training options are intended to act as a higher-powered replacement for abilities you are already using. Training is not meant to give you an additional ability; rather, it is meant to act as a significant upgrade to an existing spell or combat art. Since these are free upgrades that are much more potent than the Apprentice I spells you ordinarily receive, they need to share a recast timer in order to maintain game balance.
  18. ARCHIVED-Fwing Guest

    What's the point of stacking more than one pet buff?
    I've never used more than one and can still solo oranges fine.

    And the Level 20 Training DoT is a direct upgrade to BE which is why they share a timer and overwrite.
  19. ARCHIVED-Jakanden Guest

    I stack them and my pet can primary tank in a group in CT at level 40 so it is useful to stack them on occasion =)
  20. ARCHIVED-backyard Guest

    So whats better damage wise, the pet you get at 30 for training or the swarm of dogs, i hear they hit for 100 a piece each tic, can i get some advice on this one?

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