Necromancer Spell/Pet Issues (Consolidated)

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    This is not the thread for that, but I have the dogs and they hit for aroud 100 yes, so they come in very handy soloing, but not in groups with the current debuffs.
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    Not sure if this is a bug or intended but:

    DoT's of same type will NOT stack when applied from different characters.

    I'm not sure what all spells are involved.. but Swarm of Rats line of spells is definatly involved. If one necro in group casts when another necro in group has them up, the 1st set is 'canceled', they disappear totally.

    It could be related to the canceling of all DoT's and everything else with Swarm of Rats, BUT I also noticed that if 2 Necros are in a group, only ONE of us may use our 'passive' group buffs at a time.

    If one casts, the other is 'canceled' and turned off. (not sure if intedned, but if so makes 2 Necros in group have like 2 spells + pet)
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    Updated more stuffs =)
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    I think they do it so 6 necros wont group and totaly overcome anything in their path. Can you imagine 6 necros grouping with every buff and pet on one mob, i think it would be possible to take something down 10 lvls higher. But like everyone else i dont know. As i grow in the ranks and learn how to use my spells more affective i notice how much damage i do and what im capible of, group wise i put some wizzards to shame with my combo's. After reading all this i gues ill go with the currupter, i cant afford to remove buffs at higher levels or anyone else for that matter. SoE did a good thing with the training pets and in time i do feel they will buff out all the dings that came with the patch. Most pet issues can be over come just with a little time of messing around, it reminds me when i was in the enchanted lands and a yellow++ Bettle attacked me, my fallen hero tanked it for 10 minutes not taking any damage and i did kill it getting an adept drop. Not all bugs are bad, it just takes a little getting use to if they are bugs at all. I think the whole rat thing is just a little something they threw in to make us think harder, although the other spells i cant comment on because i dont have them yet. When i hit 30 which should be this week ill give some more feedback.
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    Grim Corruptor does not out of encounter AoE:

    After many hours of running with the grim corruptor, I have not seen him use a single out of encounter skill. I spent many hours over the weekend in Runnyeye with him in the smith room etc. and never once was one of those annoying little non-agro lizards added to a fight. I have logged two levels of using the corruptor exclusively and have never seen him agro anything not in the current encounter.

    I believe this should be removed from the bug list.

    Shadowy Stalkers damage output and hitpoints are not inline with the level attained:

    Less than 15 DPS for a level 32 pet? This doesn't seem correct considering that he is not intended to replace any of our pets but seems to me to be a middleground between a grims damage and a UA's hitpoints. As it stands the damage is worse than the UA and hp's are about the same as the grim. The only time I can see a use for the stalker is against highly noxious resistant mobs... in that case I would just use my undying adherant.

    I believe this should be added to the bug list.
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    Thanks for the info =)

    I chose the 30 pet buff so I had no way of confirming the Non AOE spell for Grim Corruptor. It has been removed

    I have the Adept I version of shadow stalker and while I agree his damage output is less than desirable, for me it is more than the app IV Grim Thulian (Level 34 pet) and more than Adept I UA. I am pulling around 30 dps with him at level 40 (Sometimes more). The Thrall (38 pet) however puts him to shame so I really have no reason to bring him out.

    Not sure if I would consider this a bug, more like a disappointment.
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    Perhaps I should have stated I thought it should be added to pet annoyances/bugs. The scaling of that pet just doesn't look right to me, especially with a parse of 14.87 at 32. I am inclined to believe that the rotting thrall has scaled properly, whereas the stalker/thulian have not.

    I will run a parse tonight when I get home from work between my app3 UA and adept1 SS. The SS may do a little bit more DPS for me since I'll be comparing adept to app but think the difference will be negligable.
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    I am not sure why your DPS is that low. Even when I first got it my DPS was in the mid 20s to mid 30s. In fact I had a couple of people actually comment (Them running statlyzer on thier own) how much damage SS was doing.
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    More turtle testing...

    adept1 shadowy stalker:

    fight 1:

    DPS: 15.47

    fight 2:

    DPS: 17.15

    app3 undying adherant:

    fight 1:

    DPS: 12.66

    Perhaps the turtles have a high ac which would account for low numbers... those seem quite low still for an assassin pet. Sure doesn't look like a big difference in damage output between the two.
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    Awsome!! Perhaps I can now get a copy =)
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    ok, one more time about the whole BE overwriting desecration thing, I can grasp that it's in the same line and one or the other. fine, BUT the description as i recall said desecration was on par as an adept 2, if so they should set it so that it's not overwritten by adept 1 spells. I've had it written over by be (or so it seemed, may simply be timeing issues) from other necros/summoners as well. on the same timer, fine, on the same line, fine but going beyond that i'd like to see tier matter more in terms of training lines. Especially since desecrations decrease in noxious resistance has proven (10 more pts damage on average double on some hits) essentially a pet buff for my grim's attacks.

    Also, if the same line == no using both of them rule applies over the whole spectrum, the training armor spell that i chose for my 10th lvl line is allowing itself to be stacked.

    anyway, enough wasting time with this particular niusance.
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    If the Stalker is tanking it can't backstab which might be quite a chunk of its DPS in a normal group situation?
    I parsed my App4 Adherent buffed with Darkbriar's corpsekin versus turtles (random selection L31-34 salt and sand) at level 31 and over 20 fights it averaged 15.898dps.
    I'm going to do a more scientific comparison of App4 Adherent vs Adept1 Stalker today.
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    Another funny pet issue, Kobeber is not escaping with the group. Last time, Kobeber /tell me he prefers to stay near Nektropos for playing with friends :p
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    Latest parse info from me:

    App4 Undying Adherent (Zombie/Warrior, L24 spell), at level 33, buffed with L30 training buff, versus L34 Sand Snappers:
    Average DPS: 12.545

    Adept1 Shadowy Stalker (Rogue, L32 spell), as above:
    Average DPS: 14.394.
    Stalker took about 50% more healing than the zombie and used 80% of his power per fight versus the Zombie's 50%.

    It'll be interesting to see how the L34 skeleton stacks up against these. Personally I think these figures need some dev attention. It seems odd that pets over such a large level (of spell) difference have similar outputs when the L30 Training Pet is far superior and the L38 pet suddenly hikes up the DPS drastically. Though as I've said elsewhere the rogue pet is going to suffer DPS-wise when tanking as it has no access to Backstab which I would assume is quite an important feature in its damage output.
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    I was under the impression that the stalker couldn't backstab... I'll run him grouped tonight and see if I can get some decent parses. Corruptor didn't do as well as I may like in RE last night so don't think my DPS will go down too dramatically.

    Everyone assumes our DPS is garbage anyways, may as well let the groups assassin take top dog honors for one night.
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    Ok i added the SS under Pet annyoances since multiple people seem to be having problems with it =)
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    Another problem along those lines...
    Sometimes my group will finish killing a group of mobs, but everyone will stay in attack mode even after the last mob in the group is killed. (Yes, all mobs are dead. Experienced gained and trasure looted. Pets are standing around normally.) Everyone will continue to be in attack mode even if another encounter is completed. If a rogue-type escapes the party, everyone is still in combat mode after 'zoning'.
    As soon as all pets are released, our party immediately comes out of combat mode. This happens a lot.
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    I've seen that a couple times too, Urguwno... I certainly haven't seen it happen alot but I have seen it.
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    Updated with more information from page 3 of posts.

    I would also like to thank everyone for thier input and keeping this thread constructive and clean. I also would like to thank all the Necros who sent me tells in game giving me information and feedback =)
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