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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Xiao Member

    Dark did you test the PoTC damage reduction? because on fallen gate it didn't work until SF

    Also, even if you made shaman and cleric group casts 3 sec there is still no reason to play them over fury in PvP.

    Not that I care shaman/cleric was always a handicap in PvP in KoS at the start of naggy, but what sucks is these PvP TLE's start in vanilla when there's no help from AA's and that's why there's such a big healer gap.

    Anyway if you someone does pick a shaman or a cleric they are either intentionally handicapping themselves in PvP or they messed up.
  2. Lulu New Member

    Help Please! I can't create character on Beta, just tried it out, but Create Character button is inactive! My membership had been payed and is active now.
  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    Beta for Nagafen ended yesterday. I've seen on Discord where launch is March 19th, but I imagine that could change as they haven't put an official notice up in the Announcements forum here.
  4. Dude Well-Known Member

    KanderToday at 11:50 AM

    Nagafen Seasonal is definitely happening. Announcements soon with launch dates, etc.
  5. Siren Well-Known Member

    Are they still planning on launching as FFA? No plans for Factional PvP with Exiles?
  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    You'll have to ask Kander or Caith.
  7. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I concur with just about everything and would like to add a couple things.

    As far as brawlers being in a good spot though, according to Charm, that only holds true if he meant that they are suppose to be a weaker, less viable class in vanilla. Then yes, they are in a "good" spot, if that's the case. Brawlers could definitely use a little help in vanilla. Capping out at 59% avoidance in defensive stance and then 34% avoid in offensive stance is not acceptable. (Thats with bis items too, since defensive skills were removed from gear). Only moderate damage to compensate.

    As far as the additions I mentioned. The damage cap needs to be looked at for certain classes. Sorcerers in particular should be less penalized by the damage cap, it is their job to do big damage, and if they manage to get a 4 second cast off in pvp, they deserve to do big damage and not be penalized by a 30 or 40% damage cap. Atleast raise the cap.
  8. Gankednshanked Active Member

  9. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure brawlers avoidance plays into the role of being able to "solo heroic content". I dont think that will happen if they are capping at 59% avoidance in defensive.

    I'll be honest, I was probably the most sweaty brawler on beta. Geared out in all 25+ stat gear before the nerf. It took an entire rotation of my ca's including auto attacks and then some, to kill anyone who wasn't a mage, if dev fist was down. My swash and brig were melting people with half their kit, even had no trouble deleting brawlers.

    Dev fist is basically a melee harm touch. I like it and brawlers kinda need it. It's hard to secure a kill without it.

    I really enjoyed brawler and made it work. I probably could still make it work on live but the majority will not enjoy the experience nor will they even try it to begin with given the current circumstances.

    I literally haven't seen one positive review or opinion from anyone who has played or witnessed a brawlers play on beta.
  10. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    Also, their primary cc cure and immunity spell isn't available until DoF but yeah that will help them a lot.
  11. OatsMealz New Member

    Live server will die quick. Devs don't listen to players who are actually good at the game, they just listen to the cry babies.

    Berserker, Bruiser, Monk, Wizard, and Mystic are all out shined by pretty much everything; rework them so they actually counter the "op" classes. i.e. make Berserker godly against CC, give Mystic the ability to have 2 pets out of a various bunch that both perform different tasks, brawlers having abilities that extend enemy recast timers, ect.

    TL;DR Rework trash classes to fulfill certain counter play.
  12. butler New Member

    So they're listening to you intently?
  13. Avenseen228 New Member


    *about CC*
    -hard cc:
    (Dont forget that we have potions, pumices and signets with imunity to cc)
    Now you can just remove stuns from hotbar and nothing will change. Their duration is delusional, like wizard 2s casttime stun lasts for 0.8sec.
    Make cc great again: short cc should be pve duration, but long ccs should be halved (stifles, enchanter's stuns etc).
    For example: Wizard's magma chamber should be 3sec in pvp, same as pve. But Assassin's stifle should be 4sec in pvp, cheap shot should be 2sec.
    -soft cc:
    Root durations are too long, it shouldn't be 30s, but around 10. And slow durations are too short. Slows should be same duration in pvp as well as in pve.
    Mesmerize and fear effects should be also longer.

    *about autoattack and poisons*
    Autoattack is weak rn, should be boosted(even pally have it on dps 6-7position).
    The thing, that makes autoattack looks decent for scouts is op poison, which can proc 2 times from 1 aa(poison always gets 1st position in scout's dps).
    Scouts need aa to be able to do consistent damage, to be able to kill healers, to be not useless in teamfights. Nerf poison, give us autoattack!

    *about ranger and dirge*
    This classes suffering the most from not having good aa, they havent enough dmg to outcleave necro healing even.

    *about rogue offensive stance*
    It takes 2nd spot in rogue dps after poison, thats just incorrect and unfair compare to other scouts stances. Nerf stance, give us autoattack!

    *about brig*
    Debilitate nerfed too much in pvp, 380miti is a joke, swash or even dirge have much better miti debuffs.
    Brig - debuffer king, 60% of pve debuff - strong enough and not op.

    *about necro*
    Lifetap - double healing!? Necro have more than 150hps sometimes in duels(without signet of life) - thats ridiculous.
    Necro isn't godlike, can die, can lose 1v1, but that double healing looks incorrect.

    *about conj*
    Scout pet dmg is too op, especially with blazing avatar - 5k in 5s, i guess everyone noticed this.

    *about sk*
    Its not even about harmtouch, its just op dmg overall, 20%less would be ok.

    *wizard and warlock*
    Their dmg is good, warlock - best group dps class. Dmg boost will make them too strong in group pvp.

    *dmg cap*
    This dmg cap isn't de way, nerf the abilities themselves is de way. Anyway u won't be able to oneshot GOOD GEARED PLAYER.

    ***about expansions***
    I would like to see next expansions for longer, than 1 month. Also would like to see EoF and RoK.
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    Caith! Hi! Now that Nagafen is live, can they PLEASE get their own forum (and not buried at the bottom, either), so we can have our Test forum back? :)

    Thanks. ;->

  16. Dagada Member

    THey have had one for almost 2 weeks.
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  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Excellent! Can we get the red names to move all these entries there and out of the Test forum, since it's gone Live now? ;->

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    There is one PvP thread on test that has been responded to in over a month which happens to be this one, that would have also been a month old until you "refreshed" it.
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