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  1. Twyla Well-Known Member

    The Newsies Backpack is a quest reward for doing a guide quest. Look in the guide listing below for someone looking for lost spirits. You run all over Norrath freeing spirits then go to Ethernere and get the backpack. As for the Collectors Edition pre-purchase items that has been brought up a lot. I agree, it would be nice for those to be on the marketplace after, oh I don't know, maybe 4 expansions.
  2. Sheyn Member

    Yes Twyla, and I've given up on Guide Quests

    Only seen the backpack ONCE, on a Guide, during a fluff Guide Quest in Antonica about a year ago.

    The Guide from that event told me to keep an eye out on the Forums ... so I ...

    1. I posted on Guide Forums asking for information re: the backpack ... specifically "I don't know what to look for here on the forums"
    2. I asked so I could take time off of work for whenever the quest is gonna happen
    - but no Guide posted "what I was to look for" .... i.e.: "someone looking for lost spirits"
    3. The Nebulous Newsies Guide Quest happened like a week or two AFTER I made that Guide Request

    But no backpack ... because I had no idea what to look out for!

    Fast forward to this Tinkerfest and NOW that there's a POPULATION IN GAME ... I ask again about the backpack ... and people were all too forthcoming with what the quest is and what it's called etc.

    And /General responded with ... "They ran the Nebulous Newsies Guide Quest last week"

    Well I wish I knew what to look out for so I could take that time off of work (it was like on a Monday or something at 3 pm??)

    So yea, no Backpack for me


    Add to this.

    1. Quest about two months ago had a Guide protecting some children in Kylong Plains
    - Was there for an Hour and a Half ... was participating and following the kids around
    - After all that I wait patiently (I can't stand those that are agressive when it comes to Guide Quests)
    - The guide runs out of rewards and has to go get more
    - Myself and another person who were there since the beginning were there the longest and had to wait the longest
    - So I bailed. F*k it.

    2. Quest about two weeks ago had a Guide in Enchanted Lands writing songs and working with Notebooks
    - Despite being early, sitting, dismissing all pets etc..... being a good participant
    - I was literally standing in the same spot from listening to Guide's spiel (sp?) and had the notebooks in hand as soon as we learned we needed 5 of them
    - Lack of organization and bullish players, combined with the labor of the Guide, made it a bad experience
    - So I bailed. F*k it.


    If it's that bad of an experience I'd rather just BUY these things and skip the Guide Experience

    And please know I was a HUGE proponent of Guide Quests and got my sister playing EQ through Guide Quests and she was smitten.

    Shame they changed my opinion of the program.

    The Marketplace is a LOT more easier to work with :) Just let me buy it and be done with this Guide Nonsense.
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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    What helps me is that there's only a few Guide Quests on Public Test that require actual human beings, and the population there is so low, even when a human is required, you don't have to fight your way through a ginormous gaggle of fellow players and their entourages in order to get somewhere (and yep, there's a forum for Public Test guide events, too). And the Wiki articles on them do help, on occasion. I learned quite a bit doing the NPC Guide Quests and looking up on Wiki for the ones I was interested in; I have tons of saved .txt files (and some I even remember to actually format said files and strip out all the HTML hoo-ha before I try to participate in the quests...) in my EQ2 supplemental directories.

    But it can be a PitA as well, even for the Guides, I would think; if it were possible to put an impregnable dome around them like Santa Glug has nowadays, I wouldn't mind it, even/especially if we didn't get flung away like a catapult shot after we were done getting the quest from them. :-/

    Or force the unruly mobs, once within a certain radius, to dismount and dismiss their vanity pets, combat pets, familiars, mercs, etc., etc., etc., that might help matters considerably. X-P

    Heh! How's this for a Marketplace item: Guide Shield! The first one to arrive at a Guide gets to defend them against anyone else getting too close (limit is communication range), especially with an entourage... :)

    only half-kidding... :-/

    P.S. Or: update the Guide rule book... "I won't talk to ANYONE who's being rude and crowding me and others. I'll wait until you can all learn to behave."
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  4. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    pm sent. And thanks.
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  5. Twyla Well-Known Member

    You're very welcome.
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  6. Twyla Well-Known Member

    Oh as an added note since I write these long after I've logged for day, you can search home and house, I honestly don't remember what one it is.
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  7. Sheyn Member

    In addition to Merc Appearances being Paid to Unlock (#1 priority) ...

    I'd LOVE to see a Nostalgia Series; wish the player studio was still active I'd be all over this!

    Two ideas:

    Petamorph Wands / Fluff pets that are Newbie Zone Mobs from EQ1
    1. A Petamorph Wand: Pendril's Animation from EQ1 ... literally a 2 polygon sword and board on an Aery Hunter model that's been opacity to 0
    2. Fluff Pets: a snake, a rat, a skeleton (basic newb model), etc. ... Fluff Pets from EQ1 Nostalgia zones (the models are in game already)
    3. Despite the Gods' current situation ... a 6th Diety Quest that rewards an Appearance Only Spell Effect Animation
    3. A. i.e. Marr could have Glowing Lion Ears; Karana could have Water Bubbles coming from their hand; an evil one could have a Glowing Purple Skull flying around their head, etc.
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  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That's 3+ ideas; unless you're combining #1 and 2... ;->

    who's not nostalgic at all, but the ideas are intriguing
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  9. Twyla Well-Known Member

    No, notice that there is a 3 and a 3A (subset...additional note)
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  10. Sheyn Member

    D'oh, ya got me. Guess in my mind #3 and subset #3A aren't really Marketplace suggestion ideas but just threw it in there as a nostalgia-centric idea to go with the rest.
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  11. Twyla Well-Known Member

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  12. Laughing Owl Active Member

    Combine the two requests....

    Guide quests can be obtained per schedule for free...

    Guide quests starter token can be BOUGHT in store anytime....

    Doesn't add anything new... but allows those that schedules make it hard for them to be on when guide quests are, to still participate.. and is source of income.
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  13. Laughing Owl Active Member

    1) mercenary appearance slots

    2) (if one done): A buyable merc (appearance) that is functions like a house actor (i.e. we can create pretty much any 'player character' appearance into a merc.
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  14. Sheyn Member

    ^^^^^^^ This all day every day

    Merc Appearances + Let us use Mercs as House Actors

    We've worked hard and spent lots of money on these mercs ... let us retain some value from them (and make more money by selling an "unlock merc appearance slot")

    Win win for everybody

    And ...

    I hate to think about this but ONE DAY (which I hope never comes) ... there will be a point when EQ2 shrinks and the player base disappears, save for die hard fans. Guide Quests STOP because there are no more players to volunteer.

    How are the Guide Collection Quests going to be resolved. Ever?

    When that day comes ... I hope they have the foresight to create an NPC that sells "Guide Reward Items" so the players that do remain, can finish something.

    - Sheyn
  15. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    YES!!! Please?
    I have several really cool looking, but too underpowered mercs, that I'd love to convert to house actors simply for lack of use. There is one with a unique backstory that should have even been given his own quest series (I forget his name but is a knight turned into a monster seeking a cure). If nothing else, he'd make a great deco at this point in the game, LOL>
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  16. Nunja Well-Known Member

    Or converts like mounts do to house items would be cool.
  17. Athenia Well-Known Member

    After going back and forth with a buddy who's even more obsessed with appearance gear than I am, well, yeah. Anything appearance. Casual clothes, armour, whatever will make our characters look amazing.

    I specifically would like to see outfits pertaining to different cultures around Norrath (Kunark, Neriak, Kelethin, etc) but really anything goes.
  18. Athenia Well-Known Member

    Going through and looking at backpacks, I'm actually surprised there's no crafter's backpack! Some kind of apothecary backpack would be cool to see, too.
  19. Celestia Well-Known Member


    I agree, I would love to see a crafters outfit too. Like a robe with bottles and jars hanging from it. Make it look like you have been gathering in the woods. And a crafter outfit with your personal crafting hanging on it. Carpenter and woodworker will have a saw and small hammer, tailor would have a bag of needles and a ball of yarn, etc etc. The possibilities!
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  20. Evilary Well-Known Member

    My carpenter would love having logs or lumber of some sort hanging from his backpack. Though I have to admit, he has wings and most cloaks and bags don't show when you have the wings on your character.:oops: