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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Norika, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Aurawynd Guide

    **UPCOMMING EVENT **** Something exciting is about to happen in Freeport At approx 5PM PT on February 12th! You won't want to miss it - and I am sure the Overlord will not be happy!
  2. Guide Norika Guide

    Friday the 13th --- not sure what the place is called, I cannot remember, but we will get that straightened out when I get there.

    I need to get permission for an idea that I have about notebooks. Just be patient with me. *smiling*
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  3. Guide Norika Guide

    Oh Spurn, don't worry about me! Being there to hear you all read your stories will a total joy for me. Believe me, I hold all your stories deep in my memory and in my heart.

    /em just loves all the people for their love and support of the Guides.
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  4. grlnxtdr Active Member

    The story time will take place at Hissstory's latest house, to be Published under the name of Arendrell's Journey. It is the Continued story of Arendrell, the Lonely Yeti, and Cindel, a Young Gnome who is Under a spell! Those of you who would Like to Visit the location of the Original Story may view Islands of Frostfell Wonder under Hall of Fame (I forget which number it is Currently) before joining us for the story time.
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  5. Seefar Well-Known Member

    When I was in Norrath yesterday there were no houses (or dungeons) showing in the listings -- even though 'published'. I hope whatever this glitch is has been fixed before your event.

    I myself may not be able to attend the event as I have to go elsewhere this evening (my evening, which I think is your non-evening)... as always, my timing sucks. I hope you have fun!
  6. Guide Norika Guide

    Seefar, the solution is simple. Move closer. :D
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  7. Snivel Member

    Is there any news as to whether or not "The Nebulous Newsies" may be offered again for those folks who may have missed it the first time?
  8. Aurawynd Guide

    **UPCOMMING EVENT*** Sunday February 15th at approx 5PM PT there will be someone in the area of Obol Plains looking for help in the new world! If you are brave, and like adventure this is the place to be !
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  9. Snivel Member

    Just been to Obol Plains. Thank you Zakelle for coming, it is most appreciated.
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  10. Aurawynd Guide

    **UPCOMMING EVENT*** Feb 17th at approx 7PM PT there will be someone seeking assistance with a plot (evil grin) in the area of Halas! If you have an issue with the overlord of Freeport, or just like to be involved in plots... this is where you need to be!
  11. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Well there was quite a turn out for the Guide Quest in the New World areas ty Zakelle for the fun!!
  12. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Greetings and Happy Erollisi Day to all !!
    Let me tell yous the Guides did it again, yep, there was just the bestest Erollisi Day party hosted by our dear Guide's in New Halas last evening.
    Wow what a fine bunch of adventurers turned out to have fun and take part in Norrath's day of love.
    Guides Norika and Aurawynd of Guk and Guide Penthesalea Rigas of Permafrost were in attendance to issue out the fun.
    Norika in top storytelling form wove a wonderful tale befitting of the holiday.
    We were treated to some fine food and drink to enjoy whilst we listened. Everyone got to take part in the storytelling. Also our favorite soothsayer Jahhara appeared to tell the party goers fortunes, What fun!! We then had a couple of different Erollisi themed events to take part in. One involving a seperated couple Kreoun and Brycea trying to rekindle their love and another helping Rhomi who is still trying to lure that man from Enchanted Lands to her side.
    It was great fun indeed!! See some screenshots of the activites at the link provided here >>Erollisi Day Photos
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  13. Aurawynd Guide

    ~Friggawitch you've done it again with fabulous screenies! You truely have a talent with the way you post on events and the pictures you take<3 I LOVE reading /seeing them =)
    I have said it before but will more then willingly say it again you guys make us want to do these things, we have so much fun with you all and look forward to any events we can possibly participate in with you! You guys truely make being a Guide one of the best things we get to do within this game! Thank You all for comming and making it a great night for us all, and I can't wait for our next event ;) But between now and then, we'll be seeing you ingame!
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  14. Guide Norika Guide

    Friggawitch, your pictures made me smile so much. I got to relive the fun, just looking at your pictures.

    I echo Aurawynd's words. You all make it fun and we do what we do because of you!

    My heart is with you all!
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  15. Guide Norika Guide

    Hello everyone,

    I am terribly sorry, but I will have to miss the Book Sharing. It's quite all right though, happy things are going on in the world outside of Norrath. I will be back as soon as I can. Please take care of each other and I cannot wait to hear about your adventures when I get back!
  16. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Geez Norika sorry you won't be able to make the book sharing gathering, but I am glad it's because of good things happening!! Yay!! Iam wondering if in your absence another guide is gonna host the book sharing? I have it marked as being on the 28th at 2pm pst Hope to see you soon <hugs>
  17. Guide Norika Guide

    OH what a nice idea, Friggawitch! I will ask around and see if someone can fill in for me. Thank you for the wonderful idea.
  18. Penthesalea Guide

    I so wish I could be of help with this. I looked and my home of Permafrost is holding their Crown Ball that day and at that time! Would it be possible to postpone this and I can come then to help? Just a thought!
  19. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Sorry I am posting this a little late but Apprentice Guide Rhexia was out and about on the Halas Docks with Guide Penthesalea and the caption is too good not to share. It really makes me happy to be a part of a community that is soooo much fun to spend time with.
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  20. Penthesalea Guide

    Hi all. I am not sure Norika had time to post before her LOA. She wont be able to make your book sharing. If you would like to postpone it till she returns that would be OK. If you want to still do it without her that would be OK too. When I chatted with her she was good with either option you wanted to go with. If you do it I hope you will post here so she will know it was a success!

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