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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Norika, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Aurawynd Guide

    ** UPCOMMING EVENT *** January 29th at approx 6PM PT in the area of Mara, you will find a wanderer who is looking for advice on a very important subject! If you are good at giving advice, this is the place to be ! Good luck!
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  2. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the fun event out on the Isle of Mara. It's always fun talking about tradeskilling and meeting other adventures for a chat!! I hope you like the water color painting of the scene. <hugs>
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  3. Aurawynd Guide

    ** UPCOMMING EVENT *** Feb 3rd at approx 4PM PT in the area of Mara, you will find a young lady in need of assistance! But she also has a wonderful surprise in store for those who come to help!
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  4. Aurawynd Guide

    ** UPCOMMING EVENT *** Feb 6th at approx 4PM PT in the area of the Commonlands there will be chaos and pandemonium! It is rumored the situation can only be corrected with YOUR assistance! Drop by and lend a hand!
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  5. Aurawynd Guide

    Friggawitch thank you for posting the water color painting, it is awesome!
  6. Guide Norika Guide

    Wow! Love the effect you put on this, Firggawitch! It looks like a painting... how cool is that????
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  7. Guide Norika Guide

    Who: Everyone who wants!

    What: Home Tours are a'coming!

    When: Tuesday, February 10th, at 4 PM PT

    Where: Guk Server Homes and Guild Halls

    How: I log on and give General channel a "Hello, everyone!" People respond and let me know that they would like to show their Home/Guild Hall. We visit in the order that I receive the notifications. We go from home to home/guild hall to guild hall and keep everyone in the loop as to where we are going next.

    Why: FUN! Learning. Ideas. Ooohhh's and Ahhhhhh's. Applause. Camaraderie. Feeling of community. And FUN!

    Love y'all!
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  8. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Oh yes home tours are always a good time!! Looks like I published Tinker's Paradise just in time! I hope I am able to be there to travel around Norrath to see all the pretty homes and decorations. Thanks Norika and Aurawynd for keeping us posted on upcoming events:)
    Oh is there any new information on the possiblity of an Erollisi day get together?
    And glad yous like the water color tratment of the screenshot think I may do more of those in the future.
  9. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Well the first day of Erollisi what could be more exciting? Any news on any party plans? Will Guides be out to do the Erollisi day Guide quests?
  10. Guide Norika Guide

    Hello there, everyone!

    Keeping you all informed as to some happenings.....

    No word yet on the Erollisi Day Celebration. Please be patient with me. I will let you know as soon as I know what's what!

    On the other hand, I would like to have a Book Sharing. I wouldn't be able to scribe any notebooks, or accept any of your written books, but you could share them with each other. And you could "read" them to me! Wouldn't that be just so cool? I cannot wait to hear you all's stories. The last day in February should give everyone that wants to, enough time to learn saging high enough to make notebooks, or purchase some notebooks, write stories, and/or learn to scribe. All I ask, is that the stories be kept PG-13 for purposes of sharing. I put it on my calendar for February 28th, a Saturday, starting at 2 PM PT.

    Thank you all for the opportunity to bring you some fun!
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  11. Spurn Member

    No books for Norika? How sad! How will you grow your library?


  12. Encori Active Member

    If a mystic were to be in obol plains, what channel might they be using?
  13. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    LoL the mystic channel or maybe norrathian geographic?
  14. Badhealer Active Member

    Wish I could join you for the home tour, sadly I don't get home from work until 6ish pt. Please post screen shots of your favorites, You have an open invite to visit our guild's hall in New Halas, Crimson Rose. It's still under construction, but we have done some nice things.
  15. Seefar Well-Known Member

    With reference to Norika's recent announcement about the Book Sharing event on 28Feb2015:


    Check the broker (advanced search for 'Player-written book') for my 'Clueless Bard's Musings on Scribblings' tome, which gives some (hopefully helpful) hints about the arcane craft of scribing books in Norrath.

    Or send me a Norrathian Express to request your very own FREE* copy :)

    * While stocks last **
    ** Probably forever. Yep, I can't even give the things away...

  16. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Hey Norika is it acceptable to gift the Guides blank notebooks for their use? I hope so cuz I have been collecting books from sages around the shattered lands for your use.:)
  17. Snivel Member

    Just wondered.

    Are there any plans for the "Nebulous Newsies" quest in Obol Plains to be offered again by a Guide?
  18. Guide Norika Guide

    I have an idea, Friggawitch, I have to pass it by the Powers That Be, to see if it will fly. Hang in there, and thank you for all your loving support!
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  19. Guide Norika Guide

    Friday, the 13th.... quite auspicious, don't you think?

    Anyways, at 6:30 PM PT, we're going to resume a story about a lonely Yeti. I think the plan is to retell what we already know, and then add more.

    Hope to see you there.
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  20. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Ah this may be a silly question but on Friday the 13th where is there exactly? I can not for the life of me remember the Yeti story, I guess I was never there to hear the story from the beginning , which kinda makes me sad. I'll keep my eyes peeled on the general chat channel on Friday so's I don't miss out.
    I hope yous Guides can make use of those notebook I would like to thank a couple of good Sage friends Chapereuse and Chameleon for helping me with the book gathering I can't thank you enough.

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