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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Nizard, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Can anyone confirm you need to have done the city timeline to see the quest starter? I read that the fighter epic does but wondered if that applies to all classes? Seems like a lazy way or trying to slow people down.
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    so why do the scouts get their epic fixed immediately and mages get to stand here an hope that mo'lthaf might drop the sigil, can't you at least make it 100% drop til you move it to an instance?
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    Will be done by the next patch.. in the meantime you can grind 50k faction @ Zou'Lidelas and Bastion of Tranquil :eek:
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    This is so painful. The devs must sit around and think what is the most pointless faction we can make them have to suffer?
    I know they can kill 12 slugs 70 times in a row. Or even better kill 10 wurms once a day for 30 days !
    Lazy, lazy quest writing.
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    Bastion of the Tranquil Faction.
    Are the Devs going to fix the repeatable daily quest?
    Or is it going to take most of us over a month to get enough faction to progress?
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    I did all of the othmir quests and now have to grind like 100 quests to reach the faction needed .... so why are these repeatables not updated to give more faction.... if we are going to have to grind faction quests.. some of these faction amounts need to be increased....
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    You in a rush? You've got at least a week, probably more. Suck it up and grind
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    Hello i think io wont do the Epic 2.0 if they leave the conditions like they are now.

    50k Faction from tow Folks wich out of the stonage of EQ2 were most of us and many old players never played.
    We need to to do a rolback to T3 than jump to T7/ T8 content for a Timeline which is quiet T10 or may be T11 not realy.

    Haw could it be an idea to put those rubbish stuff in a timeline for a new addon??? Isnt the word NEW new enough for doing something new something better something were every EQ2 player must say What they have done thier ist genius and pretty , no DB did the completly oposide they are to layzy to do new contetnt,
    they reheat old and long time over "best before" date stuff and say thats your new food player eat it or die ???.

    To Grind the faction and do the other used stuff for this EPIC **** will take us month for only haveing finished the recomandings.
    And than we could start the Timeline with only 1 Chararcter and everyone knows thier are recently played 3 or more toons by one player.

    And if your not playing EQ2 24/7 because thier must be some real life too , we will be ready with the EPIC 2.0 until NOV 2017 right before next and we will HOPE NEW addon ???.

    For Me, new games / addons include new storrys / new Stuff / new happennings new graphics / new features but never a hard rollback like they did here.
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    i'm a little biased here... on the one hand, i hate grinding old faction (even more so if it can only be done via one daily quest) for just one thing - on the other hand, i LOVE revisiting old content.
    You know, i helped all those people all over Norrath at one time or the other, and i absolutely love when i can come back and they say, "Hey, Mandragore, nice to see you again after all these years; as it turns out, i can help you with your current quest, you just need to *insert "Doing things" here* and you're good!".
    So, if i would need to do a questline which i was missing (...) to advance my Epic, ok, but grinding faction... well...

    Regards, theriatis.
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    Nope no rush.. done done and done... but if there is more faction grinding.. even new players or returning players are going to get put off .. I've been around a long time..
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    LOL 'everyone is over-thinking these' and yet one of the first quest updates was a small sword in a tiny tent in the middle of nowhere...And to start it, I needed to do my city questline from start to finish. I actually had gone and did the Arcane hall quests, because yes THAT makes sense. But doing the city questline to be able to see a chest wandering around a tower in fens? What? how does that make any sense?

    regardless, THANK YOU to those who have put the effort in to find out these clues. I, for one, would never have an epic weapon without your guidance.

    Also to add to the prereqs: At least in my experience with it, you have to do the entire Sundered Frontier questlineS to even SEE the bastion of tranquil repeatable. 2 days of questing adding more than 100 quests to my total quests completed and I'm almost done.

    So it's actually 2 50k factions, both starting around -18k
    2 or 3 full/mostly full quest lines with a TON of quests in Sundered Frontier that are not on a stream, meaning you have to figure out which people to speak to next in order to get it moving forward. By figure out, I mean chrono down so you can see yellow feathers and do every single one, or use the wiki and still do almost every single one.

    And btw, this is just so you can purchase an item/talk to a person for an update.

    I'm not complaining here, I'm just explaining for those who are going to do this.

    My only complaint is that without a wiki page and the dedication of others, most people would never ever ever see these quests/weapons. They went way overboard with how obscure they are.
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    Agreed! I am utterly disappointed with these epics. The amount of old content and mindless faction grinds is pointless. I can live with a few hours of mindless pre-reqs, but if you didn't do these old quests, its several hundreds of old quests and tens of thousands of faction where you have to rely on daily repeatables or some other mindless grind. Some of these pre-reqs date back to content over 6 years ago (e.g. Hua and Bastion faction) and even longer if you consider the City questlines. And the requirement for 100 level artisan puts even more mindless grinding. I never seen a game make such pointless requirements. Daybreak's direction is very confusing to me and I do not enjoy being forced to do outdated content that is not longer relevant to the game. You can argue I can skip the epic 2.0 and you will be right as I intend to do just that. But if the epic 2.0 rewards are differentiating, like last summer's ethereal runes, than I know its the end for me. I just can not see myself spending weeks, if not, months grinding old content just to play new content. That is not fun and not worthy of my commitment to this game anymore.
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    Chill out people. Seriously. Its an epic quest which means you go find stuff all over norrath to do it. these are supposed to be worse than the worst of the HQs for travelling,

    The faction thing will be fixed in the next patch so its repeatable immediately. But don't worry the mobs will be down forever with all of us trying to do it lol.

    Also you don't have to mentor down to see the old quests you can enable the outlevelled quests feature in the UI to show them at any level. They show up as white feathers then and flash on your map. SF was fairly linear for following a questline though.

    Most older players and toons already have alot of these questlines done and the epic is really intended as a journey for your character that you have been following presumably since the beginning of the game. Its a long story. enjoy it.
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    It is easy to recommend chilling out ;) but as epic 2.0 is one of the major expectations from this expansion for many players this is frustrating.
    Keep in mind that not only the contested farming (due to a not-implemented part) is a major roadblock for many players, the once-a-day faction grind is just another one right behind, making it impossible to even get the first item (while others already have the second). With these items being really good it should be understandable that people want those rather sooner than later. Especially as scouts with a bug where helped out quickly, mages didnt get anything so far - and the promised patch for yesterday is now delayed to tomorrow, probably even friday for EU players. And the next blocker is coming up, the VERY limited amount of Toxxulia mobs on long respawn which everone will need.
    Some may do it for the story, i expect most players doing it for the item rewards ( including me ) or finding stuff and solving riddles first. That said, trailing behind other classes will annoy players - especially compared to other ones.
    Just add in several other issues that may cause issues for your progress (buggy scrolls) where those affected got just nothing to catch up with others which were not affected adds to frustration. (And no, the 4 scrolls were no compensation as those unaffected still have the advantage)

    And i still detest the (even the changed one) system of ascension levelling as you are penalized if not being able to log in as close to the 22 hour timer as possible. People with jobs, on vacation and many others trail behind. One person being in hospital for 3 weeks will probably have to sit around at some point waiting for his ascension xp while others will be able to raid and there is 0 possibility to catch up. Tough luck, dont get run over by a truck or you will be not raiding for a while. I dont remember any time in this game where it was so impossible to make up with time lost. Anyone who might think about joining now should just forget about it as he wont be able to get even close to raiding T4 mobs before the next xpac will be live. There is NO way to catch up, not by effort, grinding or even DC payments (not to get ahead of anyone, be reminded i am only talking about catching up). I seriously question this being a wise business decision but after all its not my money and subscriptions lost.

    So i dont expect any free stuff. Just a more balanced way and requirements for the classes to progress. Keep promises that are made for the fixes and dont just replace one roadblock with another.
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    First off, thank you for locating and reporting some of these quest updates and locations. I appreciate it.

    However, I would be fine with doing old quest lines if it didn't include the faction. Starting at -14k faction AFTER completing the entire SF line and then having 1k (2k?) faction per LONG daily of flying all over the frontier...well that's not fun nor does it do ANYTHING to add to lore or whatever you want to call it that would make the epic feel more special. It is a time sink. I didn't mind doing the quest line. I do mind grinding the faction. It was a bad decision on their part to require this. I helped out the bastion and the entire frontier through the quests. Requiring faction is overkill.

    Not to mention what I said before, which is that no one who is a new player would ever have found these epic quests if it wasn't for people like you, who I am thankful for, but I do not feel these quests should be hidden behind old content.
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    Why dont they just customize this game for YOU>>>LOL! As far as the guy in the hospital...if he was in the hospital for a year...would you expect the game to be put on hold while he recovers?...sure thing...lol! Sounds like you want this to be WOW! where eventually you just login for end game gear...get it in the mail. One reason a lot of players even play EQ2 is because EQ2 has not gotten as bad a WOW...as far as easy mode and letting the game just give you stuff...for doing nothing..really
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    Why don't they just customize this game for YOU>>>LOL! As far as the guy in the hospital...if he was in the hospital for a year...would you expect the game to be put on hold while he recovers?...sure thing...lol! Sounds like you want this to be WOW! where eventually you just login for end game gear...get it in the mail. One reason a lot of players even play EQ2 is because EQ2 has not gotten as bad a WOW...as far as easy mode and letting the game just give you stuff...for doing nothing..really
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    i did not ask for a personal customization and if you read feedback on epics at least a large number of other posters share my view. But it does not necessarily have to be your view.
    Neither did i ask for free stuff, putting anything on hold or WOW. If you try to read my post, i was writing about possibilities to catch up (with effort required!) for people who do have RL stuff that keeps them from the game. But you are welcome to have a different view, keep on loling ;)