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    Kander indicated that everyone is overthinking these, to worry about lore after the epic quests are started. He stated these are Archetype quests, to go to your roots, that he gave the key to the city etc... (more info be seen on the EQII Wire forums). Some people are now thinking the old archetype trainers etc, but I don't think that's quite it either, because depending upon when you started the game, some of us bypassed archetypes and picked our main sub class at the starting screen, and we don't have access to Queen's Colony etc from the world bell.
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    Nope, I don't have access to it via world bell or any other route. When I started, I picked Wizard class from the character creation screen and began life in the starter area in Greater Faydark.
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    I started as an Assassin in Timorous Deep. I betrayed to Kelethin at some point. That picture is from the docks in Frostfang Sea.

    edit: All of my other characters of various creation dates and starting locations (including my 100 boost wizard) can see them too.
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    I think the starter islands don't show up in the guild hall travel bell, but do from Freeport/Qeynos... or the other way around, not sure :) I just remember they appear on some bells and not others.
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    Comes up for me at Frostfang Sea. Not sure why it doesn't at GH world bell or any of the others I've used. Thx.
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    Hey all...I've posted this in another thread, thought I'd share it here too. There appear to be archetype-specific hidden caches scatter around (fighter one in BB near Unrest, priest one in Nek), and the key to making it visible might be the city/archetype questline.

    Quoting myself:
    After Kander's mention of archetypes and going back to the beginning, a guildy mentioned the city questline with an archetype sub-questline and they wondered if that was related.

    I went back and finished it tonight (on my fighter). Check the hidden cache: boom, it's there for me now. I'm interested in seeing if others can corroborate.

    Questline for baddies: The City of Freeport Timeline
    Questline for good folks: The City of Qeynos Timeline

    Be sure to do the full line, including the archetype sub-questline.
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    i have done all the Questlines when they came out. I'm running around since a week in Qeynos and all the accessible Suburbs, Thalumbra and Obulus Frontier... with my old Epic equipped.
    I also have an extra Chat Tab with alle the Chit-Chat NPCs say, Narrative Say, Explanations that NPCs give...
    So far, nothing.
    I'm inclined to just wait until someone finds the starter, but i fear that i don't have the desire to do it anymore when it is finally found.

    Whelp, i go and Play some Deus Ex or Star Citizen...
    (Frustrated. It's the first time since i started playing, which was in the Beta. Yes. I don't want to look for a quest anymore)

    The Quest itself will be half as Long as i searched for the starter, i fear.

    And another Thing which boogles my mind:

    How does my Character now? I mean... i know that there's a new epic, right there, it's in the patchnotes.
    But my Character? It's not like Najena told him "Hey pet, you've advanced so much, how about you go and
    look for a weapon which can hold all your power?".

    Regards, theriatis.
  9. Xerikton Active Member

    edited after I read another forum.

    it appears the caches lead you to the quest giver. I think there are four but am not sure.
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    Based on earlier clues from Kander regarding the four members of the X'aphon family, where they are located, and where the first of the priest and fighter caches were found, I suspect that the first of the mage and scout caches will be found in the zones where the other two X'aphon family members appear, provided one has the other prereqs to see them.
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    Was wandering around Dark Light Woods and found Quardrin Y'kenund, could not target her, but she was on my screen and on my track. Had my swashy friend come look, he could not even see her. Loc is -552, -56, 138. Still no luck on finding a cache of any sort.
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    Kirstinian X'aphon is in Nektropos Castle, Kanos X'aphon is in North Freeport, and Atira X'aphon is in Kunzar Jungle, there is no 4th, if you go read back through Kander's transcript at the end of the how many can you find in EQ2 (said 3) is tacked on.
  13. Shadowscale Active Member

    there is a 4th, but only shows up during the dark mail gauntlets questline
  14. Shadowscale Active Member

    also i think was ruled about everything kander said in that post was just messing with us and nothing to do with the quests
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    True true, don't see the 4th because I did that quest back in 2013 =(
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    If someone could post from a Log who and where that NPCsay or Narrative Chat say is, which would have been pointing us in the Direction to find the Starter, that would be nice.
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    Think I may have found something. In Nek Castle: Tribulation, the Tome of Sunder in the library (behind the move-able bookshelf) has the following dialog: "The original scribe has been deported to the Deathtoll Bell Tower. Password reset is pending." This tome is involved in an earlier quest I had done some years ago with different text.
    Deathtoll Tower is in Obol. Running the heroic and in the basement is one of the Everlings..just to the left of where she is first encountered there appears to be a passage in the wall that at this point I can see but can't open. Will update if I find out more.
  18. Shadowscale Active Member

    its always said that, and deathtoll bell tower is where you fight drinall
  19. Shadowscale Active Member

    wandering chest in fens, field of bone area. wants a sorcerer's stone, enchanter's scroll, and a summoner's blade to open.
  20. Indy Member

    I was able to see and interact with this. Also, sorcerer's stone was disco'd last night: http://u.eq2wire.com/item/index/2295110403