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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Nizard, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Indy Member

    I haven't been able to run it as yet. I did molo the Siren's Grotto heroics and challenge heroic and nothing there. My other thought would be Zek heroic because of the Maiden's Scream.
  2. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    Those have been tried with no results. However the current thinking is that it may be a rare drop from one of the ToT dungeons. May as well run the ones you can to see if you find anything. Hopefully someone finds it soon. It stinks to take time away from guildies to search kind of randomly for something.
  3. Heck62 Active Member

    I will not be surprised when epic updates of buffs go for sale for DBC.
  4. Xerikton Active Member

    after this long I doubt it is just a drop. in the past when ever it takes a long time like this a flag is needed to get the item. I bet there is a old quest or questline somewhere we need to do to get flagged.
  5. Jrox Well-Known Member

    OK so what Heritage or Sig lines have anything to do with Sirens, Gnomes and have something in the way of sound and or crystals involved?
  6. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    There's a HQ in Siren's Grotto by the entrance in one of the waterfalls. I did it on my main at the time but not my main now that I'm working the epic on.. Will do that when I get home I suppose and see if that unlocks anything in Siren's

    Correction: I have done it on both toons.. so I guess that's not it
  7. Xellium Active Member

    Shimmering Citadel -287, 185, -71
    A lamp - Polish it - Must speak Uruvian to talk to the Djinn.

    We need to find a magic harp in a lamp.
    That's all the info he gives.

    Credit: Deathwalks and Puppets who heard it from someone on discord.
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  8. Xerikton Active Member

    bring a full group to chardok. might want to bring more. mage has to tag it for others to see mob.

    each mage in the group gets the update. at least both of us did.

    leave group when zoning into the secret instance as it can bug you and you have to wait 90mins to reset. think it happened to us because we killed something before everyone got kicked.

    didn't kill name because it wouldn't drop loot ( bugged) but I did get hit for 9mil . named is a necro.

    thank you OUTLAWS for my update.
  9. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    So.. did you or did you not kill it? I don't quite understand what you mean.

    I ask cuz it hit me like a mac truck and I didn't even scratch his health from 100% even with ascension abilities
  10. Xerikton Active Member

    on instance named I didn't kill it. just wanted to see what it did. lasted until a big hitting nuke went off.
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  11. Lhotse New Member

    Ok so how many times do i have to kill Xoth, the Ever Rending to get the Sigil to drop. I'm up to over 20 kills atm all solo, so come on DBG the drop rate needs to be adjusted please.
  12. Ellimist Active Member

    don't forget its a body drop. 20 sounds really high. but possible I guess. It is rare. It took me about 15.
  13. Lhotse New Member

    Well i'm up to over 30 kills now on Xoth and no sigil. Its freakin laughable now and a lil ridiculous. I think i have every piece of loot on the table from that zone. I don't usually quit anything but i think this may be my cue to say so long to eq2 and Daybroke Games.
  14. Xerikton Active Member

    my xoth sigal drop was in a chest.

    are you doing the heroic zone?
  15. Minxy I am my own man forever and ever!

    has any class besides summoners defeated the cube I am wizard and having trouble dealing damage to it the bottle of endless courage does 20% to the cube but as I cycle thru my spells the cube health does not go down it regens 4% a tick and as the reuse timer of the bottle pops back up the cube regens back up to full... just want to know if any other classes besides necro or conjys has defeated the cube? Is it all physical damage? my ascension class is elementalist maybe its immune to cold damage I am at a lost here. if any has any suggestions please feel free to comment.
  16. busca New Member

    I am an illusionist, and I killed the cube. It was an extremely long fight. I am etherealist level 8. I only made progress when I used my etherealist grandmaster spells.
  17. Minxy I am my own man forever and ever!

    ok thanks my elementalist spells are adept and journeyman maybe I am just **** :(
  18. busca New Member

    Mages quest in "Isle of Vul" is much too hard for me. The first mob kills me instantly with "crush" damage. I can not kite him around. I can only get him down to 97%. I wish it was a heroic zone.
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  19. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Same, my ward works for a few hits but I get it down to about 90 and go splat
  20. Feef New Member

    i'm illy i got the trash down but name name is no go on isle of vul they eather need to tone that zone down or let us bring grp in there
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