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    figured I would put this here and see if anyone has any ideas on the starter for the epic 2 weapon quest.
  2. Dithmir Active Member

    I would love to tell you but then of course, I'd have to kill you
  3. Bawkan New Member

    Im down to die where it @?
  4. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    is there any kind of game wide channel for the epic 2.0 or the conjy 2.0 to join to try and figure something out?
  5. Veta Well-Known Member

    Would make sense to have one. Although, I feel what will happen will end up being the same as the channeler epic. For some time people will not find it and the Devs will drop a hint.
  6. Beee Well-Known Member

    The one thing we know: Ascendion lv5 required :)
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  8. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    okay anything besides having have yet another program on the computer to deal with? I've no interest in joining the discord thing
  9. Schro New Member

    Nick (Schreaux) - 12:39 omg omg omg if Innoruuk is dead he would have gone to the ethernere like cazic or rallos when drinal got corrupted and he is pissed the **** off and wants to kill Lanys soooooooooooooo maybe Innoruuk is inolved in the epic 2.0 quest and is the starter so have you guys scoured obol plains looking for traces of Inny? talked to Firiona Vie?

    Kander - 12:48 Nick is a smart guy. For sure.
  10. Schro New Member

    Kander - 11:55 Ok, I will give you a hint. Look for the toilet made of solid gold at the end of he rainbow.

    Kander - 12:17 My true name is Lord Kanos X'aphon of the Thexians.

    Kander - 12:18 My Sister was Kirstiana X'aphon, HIgh Priestess of Treachery.

    Kander - 12:19 Challenge, How many X'aphon can you find in EQ2. (said 3)

    Kander - 12:26 Hamster, 1 is dead. Dead, dead. (i said 4)

    Kander - 12:29 oh crap. I forgot about my son, Zadkiel... oops

    Kander - 12:30 gold doubloons people, giving you gold doubloons.

    Kander - 12:36 Let's do the time warp again!!!!

    Kander - 12:51 hint, somewhere in all the stuff I said tonight, there was an actual clue. Peace all. Good night.
  11. Shadowscale Active Member

    is Atira X'aphon in kunzar jungle. but says nothing new. is the 4th that kander dident mention thogh.
  12. Warriousalexis New Member

    No traces of Inny in either OP or EJ. Also, hailed every NPC I could find in both and nothing. Even Cleared out the Dredcutter and Drinals Tower, nothing. Been using track as well and nothing. The riddle given by Kander seems to point to Rivervale, went there same thing nothing. /tired now hehe.
  13. Shadowscale Active Member

    following the lead of X'aphon found a new item added to vendor in the circle of unseen hands base.

    gods are not suposed to be able to enter ethernere, with drinal back i think has returned to being the case.

    the lyrics to time warp remind me of shadowmen,

    toilet made of solid gold at end of the rainbow... i cant tell if suposed to mean anything or just random misdirection... anyone know of golden thrones near something multicolored? did think of throne of the pirsmatic but dont think kerafym had a throne... could mean place of rule as well i guess.

    gold doubloons reminds me of pirates for some reason... but might also be a mislead

    was also this given later on

    Kander: What always runs, but never walks, often murmurs, but never talks, has a bed, but never sleeps and has a mounth but never eats.
    Answer: River
    Kander: I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation and I surround every place. What am I?
    Answer: The letter e. End, timE, spacE, Every placE.

    and well... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_E
  14. Chillispike Active Member

    The rumors say there are 4 starts (1 for each archtype) Kander said somewhere that he check 4 starters on the live servers and they worked. He didn't say that there are only 4 Starters, he only said he checked 4.

    About on the hints:
    Kander - 12:19 Challenge, How many X'aphon can you find in EQ2. (said 3)
    Ppl guessed how many they could find, Hamster said 4 that's why the response is:
    Kander - 12:26 Hamster, 1 is dead. Dead, dead. (i said 4)
    So it can be a clue about the X'aphon or can'T be. If i remember right that name was related with one for the first chars Kander played. A SK named Xaphon .. so maybe not a clue
  15. Chillispike Active Member

    At the end of a Rainbow you "normaly" can find a pot of gold. which does exsist in Rivervale.
    The akward thing now is that the Message of the day: "Welcome to Kunark Ascending! Disabling NPCSay and Narrative chat channels would be a mistake of epic proportions." got changed. i wonder if one of the channels may has infos ..
  16. Shadowscale Active Member

    have checked around rivervale multiple times, is possable missed something but dont want to go back there unless someone finds more.
  17. Firi Member

    The Question is all these Hint are onyl for Scout?!

    All Hints for 1 NPC or all 4 iam searching and searrching but find nothing.

    All X'aphon dont talk with me.... Epic 2.0 doenst online hhmmmm?!
  18. Chillispike Active Member

    It's for sure that the starters are there, but we haven't found them yet.
    Kander checked 4 of them on a live server and they where there, but he didn't say that there are only 4 .. he just checked 4 of them.
    => we don't know if there are 4 or 26 starters for sure, till we find them.

    In epic 1.0 we ain't got clues from the devs, so i wouldn't count the info from Kander from discord chat as "high value" nor as only source. I'm sure somewhere in norrath are other clues too.
    Yes he said there are hints in it. but he didn't say the hints where for the Epic 2.0 at all.

    I wonder more how did Miragul and Najena came to Obulus Frontier?

    Atm 2 npc's from Obulus Frontier got out of there:
    the goblin that was in nurga

    Maybe others got out of there too and we need to recover the minds of them
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