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  1. Ellimist Active Member

    I already had the thalumbra faction because I did it when ToT was current. I was slack in SF otherwise I would have had that faction done as well.

    At the end of the day an epic quest is going to require faction with people. Now it might have been nice to know ahead of the game as a pre req and I actually /feedbacked the faction item saying that it should be visible to people but not buyable at least because otherwise we grind random factions until we hit the right one.

    at some point we have to accept that these quests require alot more work than a normal quest and they are supposed to. Look at the claymore line or the peacock club or the original epics. they are hard, long and require some annoying faction grinds. Proof in the pudding is another classic example.

    This is how these quests work and what they are supposed to be so get in and get it done. Thats what i've been doing while I wait. I've run the quest once a day to get the faction going at least.
  2. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    Just because this is one way that the devs want them to be doesn't mean it makes sense or that it is fun. To me, why make a game less fun? I don't understand that at all. The sundered frontier faction grind is completely pointless to a current player as is thalumbra faction, though that one is far less tedious to complete.

    I feel that epic 2.0 should have been something that is entertaining to complete. Something we could have helped each other with rather than fighting each other over mob kills etc or grinding factions that take us away from time helping our guild or having fun. Let me kill 100 solo bosses for update 1. 100 heroic bosses for update 2. Something that is natural in progression that we would already be doing. But instead, I'm going back in time to do a quest that is more flying than anything else with a small number of dinosaurs that other people are also currently farming. Just for one update.

    Anyway, you're right in that there's no sense in complaining about it. If i was home rather than work, I would never even visit a forum unless I needed some information on something. But just because something 'is what it is' doesn't mean we should be ok with it if it is terrible. Perhaps epic 3.0 will take some of our issues into consideration and it will put emphasis on FUN rather than WORK.
  3. Heck62 Active Member

    With the lack of content with this last xpac This pointless grind of tired old content should be no surprise.Much cheaper that putting out new stuff,and still pull down as much or more for an xpac with lots of new content.
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  4. Discoee Member

    I believe they do not have the number of developers, or employees in general, to support this game like they did years ago. They probably have a lot more work to do for same or less pay, while product quality goes downhill.
  5. Xerikton Active Member

    can confirm the sigil instance is the heroic temple. last name xoth.. it is a chest drop and a fabled item. so if no exquisite chest no droppy. you get the actual sigil and not the clicky.

    good luck.
  6. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    Ok, so to make sure I have this right for in a few weeks when I finish my faction grind,

    Kralet temple heroic is the thing to run for this and it is in a regular chest as a drop? Do we know if it drops from any other of the kralet final bosses? Thanks everyone for keeping us all in the loop so we can eventually work towards this hopefully spectacular item.
  7. Warriousalexis New Member

    Below is the other way to obtain the item needed for this step:
    Kill Mo'Ithraf in Kralet Penumbra [Contested] and loot from his body Aberrant Cipher (Not guaranteed drop, 1 per kill max, not group update.).
    Until patch in new year, this is only way to get the update. Intended for mob to be in an instance. (71.32, -2.87, 230.88).
    -Credit (Error)
  8. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I was able to get it from the final boss in Temple. Took 4 tries, but was nice and easy to solo.
  9. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Speak for yourself =P hehe

    Now someone figure out this Askashic Neverthere step cuz I'm at a loss of where to look or what it even means
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  10. Groote New Member

    With the quest "Curse of the Magic Thief" and seek "a Blackscale rune cube", did the devs get around to moving it out of Deathtoll Fabled. Been off work for a week sick, so I've missed a bit.
  11. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    The patch notes said they did, however I've already completed that step and haven't started the quest on my other toon(if I even decide to do it at all on another), so unfortunately I don't know where it would have been moved to :(
  12. Observing Active Member

    Maybe the non-fabled version?
  13. Lunshea Member

    This; is this true?

    I was hoping they introduced these time wall mechanics now so people that play 24/7 won't get too far ahead of "regular gamers", and that they as - the expansion ages - will open up bit by bit to let "late starters" have a chance to catch up in one or another way? This is at least common practise in many other mmo's.

    I have just returned to Norrath myself after a break since late AoM, late starter indeed :) This "catchup" issue sounds like it's a too stupid progression mechanic to be true.

    LOL if you have played WoW like that, I understand why you don't like it :) First thing, WoW never "gives" away high end raid gear (f.i. mythic level raid gear) while it's appropriate for progressing. It's more like they meet late starters half way and gives a fair chance to catch up and be competetive if they join their friends for raiding in the middle of an expansion. You see, in WoW you actually have to kill the raid bosses to loot the gear, you can't just buy it through SLR auctions if you got the plat.

    I assume DBG will introduce some kind of catchup mechanism at some time, after all time logged in > skills should never be true :)
  14. Chillispike Active Member

    Actually an alternative location has been added. so either fabled DT or ??
  15. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    I know there was an alternative loc.. I was just simply stating that since I've done it already with fabled(I'm already on quest 2 and stuck on the Neverthere update), I don't know where it'd be
  16. kilcan New Member

    Anyone find the alternative location yet?
  17. Groote New Member

    thankyou for replying :) I have been looking, but to no avail. If someone does know they are keeping it quiet. :(
  18. Earar Well-Known Member

    the peacock and claymore lines were long .. because quests started from begining till raid and lasted the whole expac

    but all grinding was done from the expac. mostly .. except maybe learn to speak dragon ... but at that time they were the first 2 expacs so most people had already done the important stuff and if not it was fast coz there was less content overall.

    now after more than 10 years the game is up .. lots more content and people haven't stayed around the whole 10 years. people stopped.
    grinding ToT faction is understandible coz it's just a expac away ... but SF faction or rimes, .. killing grey stuff is boring ... it doesn't even give u much xp for the ascension either. so it's really killing grey for killing grrey .. and that's the boring part.

    while claymore and peacock weren't as boring
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  19. Skulls Member

    Ok mages heres what I found today after looking for 10 hours
    I started by going back and doing the Shield of the Magi quest the new item they stuck on the shady swashbuckler
    1. Do that quest if you haven't youll need it
    2. after you have the shield of magi return to the antonica tombstone at the tower and speak again with the ghost
    3. the Ghost will tell you if you can find his scroll chest it contains the akashic neverthere
    4. the ghosts scroll chest in next to Fethinal in greater feydark you will know where he is if you have done the shield of magi quest
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  20. Mandoblast Active Member

    Thanks dude.....you have no idea how long I have looked for that update
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