Deathtouching non fighters

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  1. Fairin Active Member

    Raids: Mechanics
    Many of the bosses in the Planes have the ability to deathtouch their main target if that target is not a fighter. This isn’t always the case and it doesn’t happen instantly in most cases, but the majority are set up this way. This makes threat management all that much more important, so you may want to go easy on the huge ascension abilities on pull or even large spikes in damage without letting your tank know its coming. Unless you want a date with death; just a suggestion!

    remove this, for the love of all that is good in eq2. out of raids, and out of heroics. - there should be no need for this in raids, as bosses should practically one shot non fighters in the first place (heres lookin at you trak slappin random conj pet aggro for 130+million)

    waitin for a fighter to tank heroics is possibly the least fun thing in ANY game.

    slowly removing MY verison of fun from the game is not making me a happy paying customer. if i want to tank heroics AND raids on my scout / mage / healer, then by all means if i can manage to accomplish it i should be able to do it. without script-death mechanics.
  2. Earar Well-Known Member

    well I'm happy

    maybe people will start playing fighters again :)

    then why some fighters cannot be played as just dps ?

    why some classes like priests and fighters be limited in dps while other could just tank easily ?

    you want it one way, then as a paying customer I want it my way too !!

    but then make all classes equal .. that way no problem :)
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  3. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Many games I play do this, I think they are trying to combat the fact that fighters were completely irrelevant last xpac.

    There was simply no need for fighters at all.

    Long story short, if you want to tank, then roll a tank. Or at the very least, let those scouts in defense stance qualify for the "fighter" check.
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  4. Fairin Active Member

    scouts cant tank teris (nightmare scenario dmg proc on non fighters)
    at least 1 fighter is needed for trak (ports)
    Xalgoz required scripted classes of course...

    thanks for reminding me of the other scouts defensive stances, hopefully that will be the case. i do not wish to force people to play alts just so we can do a damn zone...
  5. Earar Well-Known Member

    but bards don't have def stances

    so fairin would be screwed anyway on his troub :)

    anyway .. way too little tanks were really needed this xpac ...

    if u lower the need of tanks, they'll disappear and that's no good
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  6. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    If you really expect to be able to do raid zones with 0 tanks then it's just deluded really. Why not have mobs that do 0 damage so you dont need healers. Lets just dps it.

    The post in no way mentions heroic zones.
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  7. Vunder Well-Known Member

    I have never played a bard.

    My scout is a brigand, and I tanked frequently on him last xpac. (and many xpacs before that).

    I was mainly referring to heroic/expert content. As for raids, I have been spoiled as I only have ever really healed Guards.
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  8. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    considering that 100% of raid forces have tanks, this will not be an issue. if you find yourself pulling aggro, i would consider fixing this, because even without the deathtouch mechanic, you are likely going to die and/or cause a raid wipe if you pull and maintain aggro off of a tank.
    the title also says "raids:mechanics", so anyone who thinks this will change heroic zones is either delusional, or needs reading glasses.
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  9. Kodimus New Member

    I can't think of a single worthwhile game that still utilizes death touch mechanics.
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  10. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Wait, are you saying that even Heroic Bosses do so? So it means: on a half deserted server in the game with very low population we have to sit and wait for the tank simply because of a road block ability?

    Are you saying that I won't be able to solo heroics later in the expansion and get a bit of fun and collections to sell? Simply because of one scripted stupid ability? When a brawler or crusader will do it easily?

    One less reason to play the game. It seems the purpouse of the last and the new expansion is to make people quite. Loyal people, those who have been playing the game for 13 years, who are used to doing things the certain way. Just need the anouncement of anohter PG round. To be certain that half of the population will drop for sure.
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  11. Fairin Active Member

    i have had raid nights where only one tank shows up, i surmise in less populated raid groups they could miss out all together.
    and that dirty word (alts) cant hack it. so the only option now is to call it cause the fighters didnt show up.

    Many heroic bosses also feature the fighter requirement in beta.

    yes we do,

    having higher stress\responsibility on tanks makes people want to play them -less-

    cause you know, we're swimming in people wanting responsibility.
  12. Believe New Member

    Sounds like you have couple options;

    Re-roll a tank, think how popular you be tanking all zones instead of waiting around

    Or say screw it Tank the new content heroic & raid on your Troub and mage, whats the worst that could happen

    Or just play your troub or mage a conventional troub or conventional mage and a let tank worry about the tanking
  13. olleran Active Member

    Firstly, just from a pure game perspective it is about time dps learnt how to control aggro , with shaman heals dps basically think they are invulnerable and some do not even have a threat meter running, some do not even know one exists.

    Secondly you might want to ask yourself why you have to wait for a tank ?

    Lastly you talk about fun, do you think it is *fun* for a tank to continually have aggro ripped from them especially when they are just pulling a mob ?
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  14. Fairin Active Member

    i do, enjoy freedom of choice. however i do not like being placed in a box and saying thats all you'll ever be is support. not dps. not healer. not tank, just sit there and auto attack afk because your a troub and no one expects anything from you.
  15. Datoon Active Member

    Spank the tank, am a tanky girl, my disposition is a guard, which in a group situation is essential, As a guard with all my aa's on threat, not only can I take the named of the main tank... I can also pull the whole zone, to serveral ney sayers detriment.

    I actually got a compliment in game last week for my tanking in the PQ's, that's a first for me in this game, but then I have had a bit of practice 8) Love you all EQ'ers big and small, even the trolls can be amusing at times..
  16. Yado Active Member

    Classes are just that classes. you have your tank, healer, caster, and scout. All classes have there own strengths and weaknesses but each has a job to do. When the game became easy mode and allowed certain classes to out heal healers or out tank tanks or out power the power givers the game needed resetting. I am all for specific roles playing their assigned role. you don't like that role make a toon that supports the roll you like.
  17. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    I remember when it was important that DPS controlled their aggro. I am not opposed to making DPS keep track of where they are. Good DPS won't have a problem with this, bad DPS will complain. If you are really struggling, have your tank call out what the next highest threat is every 20 seconds or so. If it starts to get 85% or so, and you know that you're one of the highest DPSers, back the heck off. It's really not hard.
  18. Jumjumbandito Active Member

    You understand why MMO's have classes and multiple character slots, right?*

    *hint: it's not so broken mechanics can let you do a job you aren't designed for, and then whine when they fix it.

    And that "Not in a box" ship might have already sailed...

    Plus side: think of the song you could write about it!
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  19. Justmeagain Member

    Should have two versions of this spell. One for heroics that is more forgiving and one for raids that is not. Just my 2 cents.
  20. Earar Well-Known Member

    yeah if u want a not in a box MMo .; there ESO .. or others where u have no predefined roles