Broken Achievement Reporting

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Gninja, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Raenius Active Member

    Since RTT is (thankfully) dead for good, could you please also remove this events achievement tab from the UI on common servers?
    There is no point to show achievements which you can`t obtain anyway on said servers.
  2. Raenius Active Member

    Shanaira the Prestigious achievement didn`t update - the guild achievement did tho.
  3. Gninja Developer

    Just the regular kill achievement?
  4. Raenius Active Member

    Yes, only the regular one.

    We had one death and a full raid - so I have no idea if the others are working or not.
  5. Dahakon New Member

    Hey was working on achievements and was doing Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum to get the achievement below

    > Can't Fool Me achievement successfully unravel each of Kessatras Sonssiu's illusions

    But it never updated we clicked the right mob at least 4 times just to make sure before he died was a full group of 6 players also
    Just curious is it working or broken and does it have to be more than 4 clicks ?

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