Berserker KOS Armor?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Khalad, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    On 2nd thought, for those berserkers who want to trully excel at DPS, I wish they would create us a 'DPS' chest, something with stats that are perfect for dpsing, maybe give it say 30% haste, but only 400-450 mitigation (t7 fabled chests will be around 500-550 mit, and have like +128 vs all types of incoming dmg.

    Oops, forgot to add that this chest would give the bare-chested look, lol. They could also design a graphic to overlay on the model, but the main point would be to show off your hulky flesh =)

    I'm just going to wait to see the female woodelf berserkers in their bare-chested gear.... does that make me a freak? lololol
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  2. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    I chose a DPS class, and when I spec my AAs properly, I will be a DPS. Not sure if you noticed this, but there is only one totally new skill for berserkers, might wanna check it out, it makes clear that SOE is giving us options. Won't find to many raid tanks using juggernaut while their tanking.

    Since you must not be in beta, you don't realize how much crit'ing is for dps. When I hit normally for 200-350 with a dual wield, I will crit for 1200-1500. With group crit buffs, and my self buffs, plus using the juggernaut skill, I can crit 85% of my attacks. This is litterally a 400-450% increase in DPS. And, I will still be able to tank =)

    Also want to add that reading your comments over and over again, it's obvious you have very little MMO experience, this is why people don't respect your opinions, and why Mods tell you to tone down the personal attacks.
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    I dont beleive anyone has come up with any valid arguements. Until you qouting Blackguard with regards to Shaman/druids wearing
    animal hide helms. Everything before that was pure speculation, including the screenshots of what people said was a warden.

    Wardens are associated with Wolves. Mystics are associated with Bears, as are berserkers. Mostly the above arguements were all
    based of speculation, as i stated multiply times. We still have not seen who gets this helm with the Beta NDA lifted.

    I certainly hope this hat is given to Mystics, since that would actually be a class it would make sense with. Unfortunately SoE has
    only given up art that leads us to think it'll be worn by Berserkers.

    What really gets me laughing is in this post is how people expected us to be demoted down to leather armor for T7. Suddenly KoS
    comes out, i install it. I log in and all my T6 fabled plate falls off. That entire arguement really had me laughing.

    Fact is: We still have no garunteed evidence to say 100% one way or another. Yes, we have vague references from a dev, thats
    hardly concrete. Qouting a dev on a vague statement, while may lend to an arguement, it is still hearsay.

    I certainly hope we dont get stuck with that helm. Until someone takes a screenshot with their character class displayed and that rug
    on their head, i'm going to continue to pray we get a helm with a plate theme. Everything up-until that screenshot is speculation.
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    Laugh all you want... What about SWG players, they literally logged into the game and their profession was gone with no warning. They found out the day it went live, you get to pick one of the 9 professions, we got rid of the other 23. I'm laughing at how you guys fail to realize the SOE tag line: 'Your in OUR world now'
    It's ok, just shows your lack of MMO experience. Drastic changes occur thru out the life of every MMO, but it's understandable when you don't have that MMO experience, you wouldn't know or understand that until it actually happened to ya.
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  5. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    "I chose a DPS class"

    I disagree. And so does SOE. That's all that really matters.

    "when I spec my AAs properly, I will be a DPS."

    Oh really? I would think again about that. Don't forget that Guardians are getting all the same exact AA options that we are. So in that case I guess they can be uber DPS now too if they do all their AAs exactly same as you are planning? ROFL

    By the way, I have not forgotten how you INSISTED that Guardians were going to get all defensive options in their AAs that let them be better at tanking and we were going to get all offensive ones to make us better at DPS instead. That is exactly what you said. And come to find out we are getting all the same choices after all. HAHA. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm rubbing it in but you seem to be avoiding that subject. Time to fess up and admit that you were wrong.

    "Not sure if you noticed this, but there is only one totally new skill for berserkers, might wanna check it out, it makes clear that SOE is giving us options."

    Yeah I did notice it actually. You know what I think? It looks like it's going to be a lot similar to Rampage and Open Wounds in that it only lasts for a few seconds and can only be used every 3 minutes except instead of just being some really nice AOE ability that's cherished by all Berserkers in the game like the first two this thing comes with a huge nerf to mitigation, resists, and health. How exciting! That hardly makes you into a DPS class, more like a super gimped tank trying way too hard to be one.

    Also, if you are thinking about taking the full STR path (which gives you a good hate bonus) and then using this Juggernaught thing in raids all the time then GFL not insta-peeling aggro and getting one-shotted every 3 minutes. =D

    "Won't find to many raid tanks using juggernaut while their tanking."

    That's right and I don't think any Berserkers are going to be using it while they are doing any kind of tanking at all for that matter. In which case it's going to be useless 99% of the time, just like a Zerker trying to be top DPS in raids (hint hint). And I kind of doubt the extra DPS it does give you for that short amount of time and considering the retimer on it in comparison is going to make anyone really want you as a DPS class as much as any Sorcs and Preds, which we all know is what you really want and you're just never going to get with this class no matter how much you whine about it. Have you even looked at any of the AAs for any of the real DPS classes yet? Hmm, I wonder what kind of things they are getting that will make them even more uber at DPS and how you expect this Juggernaught ability to compete with that. Kind if like your little theory on how Guardians were going to be getting all defensive AAs that would make them "far better tanks than us" except this one actually hold some water. The DPS classes are still be able to out-DPS us by a long shot. Imagine that!

    "What about SWG players...Drastic changes occur thru out the life of every MMO, but it's understandable when you don't have that MMO experience, you wouldn't know or understand that until it actually happened to ya."

    Actually we understand just fine and the whole point is we don't want them pulling that kind of crap in this game and ruining it like they have done with games in the past. And you actually do. You are even begging them to do it! And your "excuse" is this past game that is now defuct because of stupid decisions just like that. Like that is an excuse?? You somehow expect everyone to just suck it up if you get your way and keep playing the game if our class gets nerfed the way you want it...for what? Just to keep you company? Well I wouldn't count on it and I would rather expect the same thing that happened to SWG will happen all over again in this game and you will wind up being all alone with your stupid bearskin hat. Have fun!

    "Also want to add that reading your comments over and over again, it's obvious you have very little MMO experience, this is why people don't respect your opinions, and why Mods tell you to tone down the personal attacks."

    No one needs to have prior MMO experience tp play this game. Not sure where you get that idea. If you play this game long enough then you should learn how this game works. That's all that matters here. Furthermore, the Mod only came on here after someone else starting throwing personal attacks at me. I have never once peronally attacked anyone on this board, not even you. Saying that someone is wrong and that they made a mistake and don't know how to play their class right is not the same as a personal attack. It's just an observation.
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  6. ARCHIVED-DaTreno Guest

    It's inappropriate for people to be claiming to speak for SOE, the only people who can speak for SOE are SOE. You should have said, I disagree and IN MY HUMBLE OPINION so does SOE. That would be more accurate.

    Secondly, AA's are very similar to WoW's talent system. It allows all classes to spec three different ways, so that classes that are "traditionally" tanking, healing or utility can break away from the traditional mold and become more specialized classes, eg whatever the player who plays them wants them to be.

    So for you to say that AA's shared between Guardian and Berserker proves that Berserkers are NOT dps is as inaccurate as someone saying Berserkers are for pure dps based on the same AA. It depends on what the player wants. SOE has repeatedly said that the purpose of AA's is to make classes less cookie cutter and this surely flies against the desires of people like yourself who demands pigeonholing and a kind of "freeze at birth" scenario where the class that YOU thought YOU rolled in the beginning should be the same forever and FOR EVERYONE.

    I concur with earlier posts that you have relatively little experience in MMO's because you cannot seem to pick up on obvious design implications and directions. That is not a personal attack but rather an observation based on your posts. You should learn to differentiate between the two.
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  7. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    Please point out where I stated guardians were getting totally defensive, and berserkers totally offensive. I actually knew they got the same AAs, I have both characters in beta. I did seriously think there would be different lines for both our classes before I was in beta, but I found out quickly there wouldn't be. But then I realized I got EVERYTHING I wanted. Berserkers have the ability to increase their DPS and make themselves better tanks, it's your choice... Me I'm going full str and partial agility. And I love how you say SOE TOTALLY AGREES WITH YOU, and then say how the Juggernaut is a complete waste of skill... looks like somebody tells observations only when it sides with their view. My entire point throughout this threads is Berserkers should be able to be the best tanks or awesome DPS, and I guarantee you that SOE has given us the choices. You chose your route, I'll chose mine. Once you catch up to me in levels we can compare.
  8. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    Well looks like we got a little to heated in this thread, several posts have been removed =(

    Guys... at the end of the day, Berserkers are an awesome class, and you can play your class however you want to play it. Be the best raid tank you can and want to be, if you want to be great DPS, you can do that too.
  9. ARCHIVED-Kyriel Guest

    with all this barechested armor talk...

    makes me wonder what i'll look like im a female beserker :smileyvery-happy:
  10. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest


    no comment
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  11. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    On that thread I posted a link to earlier that Blackguard made in the Graphics and Art forum about the profession hats, someone asked what hat Berserkers were getting. Someone else repiled that we are getting one exactly like the one for Paladins:


    except the wings are going to be red instead of white. Not sure how true that is, but that's what was said. Just FYI.
  12. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    Hmm, i cant see the pic. Ogaming is blocked at work, /shrug.

    If we get the paladin helm, that'll be several steps up from the bear skin hat. I imagine that'll be until they design a more "berserkery" helm. Hopefully not including dead animals :p

    I'm a fan of the paladin helm.
  13. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    I'm not a fan of the paladin helm... I think it looks goofy =( So that kind of sux0rs to me... hehe. I really don't even draw the comparison honestly, when I see the paladin helm, I think of a Pegasus horse with it's wings, and I can see a paladin riding a horse like that so it kind of works... but Berserkers with red wings? Sounds a little reaching to me and I think SOE needs to make us a more unique or fitting helm. I know some of ya'll didn't like the bear helm, but to me the bear helm meant more animalistic... I think of berserkers as wild and crazy animals on the battlefield, so for me it actually fit.
  14. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    SoE intends to create a Berserker specific helm, eventually. If the person mentioning we get a paladin helm is right, then we'll simply be sharing that helm model while they develop a "berserkerish" helm.

    A metalic helm, shaped like a dragon, or perhaps bear, or something, as long as its plate. And preferably never breathed. :p

    edit: i'm not refering to Infernus as the person, but the Person in the link Infernus refered to :)
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  15. ARCHIVED-Mogthol Guest

    How about a horned Viking style helm? I would wear that.
  16. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    "Hmm, i cant see the pic. Ogaming is blocked at work, /shrug."

    It's just a screenshot from someone on the beta server of a gnome in a full set of leather armor wearing the exact same bearskin hat that has been shown in the previous pictures on this thread. Nothing more. I just thought it was kind of interesting.

    I personally don't care much for the Paladin helm either, but I will take it over that bearskin pos any day. I actually don't mind the helmet itself that much, it's the wings on the side that ruin it for me though. It makes sense for a Pally but not a Zerker even if the wings are red. But on a positive note, at least it's plate-looking.

    "I imagine that'll be until they design a more "berserkery" helm."

    Right, Blackguard did say that they were supposed to be working on adding more distinct headpieces for each class in the future. Of course we all know how that goes. I wouldn't be holding my breath for it. Anyway, if we do start out with the Wingled Helm or some close variation of it like someone said we are then I think it's pretty much guaranteed that we are not going to get stuck with any animal skin hat in the future. Actually, I think that's already pretty much guaranteed since Blackguard already said that the animal skin hat (and there is only one) is going to Druids and Shamans. Not Berserkers.
    In any case, I will probably wind keeping my headpiece hidden just as I always have regardless of whatever we get as a profession hat. I actually rather doubt they are going to be able to come up with anything that's actually cool enough for me bother hiding my face all the time. It's just the principle of the matter here.
  17. ARCHIVED-Mjollnyr Guest

    Novel idea:

    Qeynos fighters get the Winged helm.

    Freeport fighters get the Skull helm.

    This would of course be temporary until that classes helm is complete and implemented on live servers.
  18. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

    Horned Viking helm 4tw! lol. That would rock, I also prefer a more open face helm so I would actually wear it took. I also keep the showhood command off ingame because I had how my face is completely locked up in there... lol if you can make out my face from that screenshot I posted above, you'd see how I like my berserker looking crazy in my SOGA model. I got the fire red hair with it flaming back at an angle....

    Anyways, I would prefer a helm that was maybe made out of dragon scales, or barbaric-looking. A viking helm sounds kick @$$, but I agree with infernous, do keep the metal looking in there. I'm still not against the bear helm, it is just a helm and even if it looks leathery, it doesn't scare me, lol. But I definitely want a helm that shows my face along with adds definition to my character.
  19. ARCHIVED-Khalad Guest

    Casting Juggernaut gives you a horned viking helm looking thing over your head.
  20. ARCHIVED-Silelwen Guest

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