Berserker KOS Armor?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Khalad, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    I would not mind a metallic Viking-ish helm. I would take that over the Pally thing in a heartbeat.
  2. ARCHIVED-Kyriel Guest

    If only you could wear the hat while in bear form... but actually be wearing a bearhat cap ontop of your head while you are a bear :)
  3. ARCHIVED-Doodmar Guest


    This is a screenshot from the game "Asheron's Call". It shows a low polygon warrior with a Plate / Viking Helmet. It know it's hard to tell, but it has a set of horns on the sides, and the open face look as seen on Brigandine helms in EQ2.

    I personally think a helmet like this would be very cool!
  4. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    Yes, some kind of plate Viking helm with horns would be nice for us I think.
  5. ARCHIVED-Mogthol Guest

    I was thinking something like this:
    (Edit: Just roughly. No need for the straps I think. Symetrical horns would probably look better too.)
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  6. ARCHIVED-LegacyofUnrest Guest

    Look more like a sex toy than a fierce barbarian helm..
  7. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    I think a good helm for us that would be pretty easy for them to make too would be just like one of those dropped helmets that's already in the game with the t-section open face but with horns on the side and maybe some spikes on the top as well. Maybe they could do the horns kind of like demon horns too where they curve around to the front a little instead of standind straight up.
  8. ARCHIVED-Mogthol Guest

    Yeah that sounds good. I can visualise that.
  9. ARCHIVED-Sivar Ossage Guest

    How about a Helm of Pure Platimum WIth gold and silver script imbeded in the helm , that glow and fade, the script would read "Fool be ye that comes within reach of this blade". and we wear no armor, we are totaly naked, the helm provides all the ac we ever need. Equivelant to allt he ac added up and stats ont he other pc armor for tanks.
  10. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest


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