Awesome Bonus Items for Purchasing Altar of Malice!

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  1. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    You don't need to pay $100 to get into the game. Hyperbole doesn't help your argument.
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  2. Sturmx New Member

    $40 Adventure pack - $40 Expansion pack - $16 Membership fee .. I'm sorry $96. Maybe even throw freebloods in because their passive damage proc is ridiculous and should be made for pretty much all dps,.
  3. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    The adventure pack is a maybe - I'm going to give you the merc only and that's what, $15? The monthly, if you choose to pay it is $14.95. That's $30.00.

    At level 1, why would you buy the expansion? That is a serious question. I can't see anything in it a new person would use for months at best.
  4. Sturmx New Member

    I seriously just came back and in 3 days I am level 60. You don't level that slow so I don't know where you are getting a month let alone "months".. You are making excuses. It is literally over $100 to unlock the full game.. for an old game with a pretty low pop. Whoever does their free-to-play model sucks.
  5. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    No, I'm not. I left the game in 2006 and came back 2 maybe 3 months ago. I just hit the 92 wall about 2 weeks ago and decided to level crafters. I play daily. I'm talking from my own personal experience.

    If' you've found people to help level you to max level quickly, then fine. I played the game. If all you are interested in is endgame content, then you're almost right - $40 for the expansion, $15 for the merc and $15 for the monthly fee. A whole $5 more than the same would cost you in WoW.
  6. Sturmx New Member

    You're right but WoW doesn't have a free-to-play model and also doesn't take things out of old expansions and call them adventure packs.. If you wanna play beastlord might as well throw $40 down for the adventure pack.
  7. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    Oh, I see you wanted extras. Well, I'm sorry that wasn't made clear. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm going to say that not being able to play a beastlord is not a game breaker for most people. If the free classes were limited, I might agree with you. But with all the free class choices EQ2 has - more than WoW does - I'm not buying that.
  8. Sturmx New Member

    I also said to play the FULL game which is class included. They could atleast throw in the "adventure pack" with the current expansion that is released. Instead they are money hungry and want that $40. I can see you aren't much of an arguer though.. Your point is absolute.
  9. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    Oh, that's it - bring on the personal attacks! Always adds so much to the discussion :)

    This is actually my favorite argument of late - that the game is "incomplete" if you don't have every extra thrown in (and of course at the same low price). Can you not raid/quest/solo/molo? Run every dungeon? Tradeskill to your hearts content? Decorate? If the whole concept of game "completeness" rests on playing the beastlord class then you're right. You will never be happy here without paying for that class. However, I cannot even imagine a world where this would be an absolute requirement for the vast majority of new people to find the game "complete".

    And I just remembered, I forgot to add in the 10% off you get for membership in my original post. So, the entry cost is actually less than WoW.
  10. Sturmx New Member

    You are still comparing a free to play game to a non free to play..
  11. Awkk Well-Known Member

    Do you know how Walmart got to be as big as they are now, in just a few decades? By offering good value.
  12. Bendigeidfran Member

    Whilst I am not surprised, I am disappointed that nothing has been said or done to address any of the constructive comments at least in this thread, I was gobsmacked to receive the following from EQ with regard to purchase of The Darkened Sea:

    Contract of the Lizardman (Mercenary) [IMG] [IMG]
    Metamorph Totem: Ankylosaurus [IMG] [IMG]
    Painting: Speed of Faith [IMG] [IMG]
    Painting: Coastal Brigand [IMG] [IMG]
    Painting: Forgetful Strike [IMG] [IMG]
    Painting: The Darkened Sea [IMG] [IMG]
    Contract of the Arc Worker (Mercenary) [IMG]
    The Wayward Lady (Player House) [IMG]
    Level 85 Heroic Character [IMG]
    Heroic Character Items –
    15,000 Plat, Raptor Mount, Two Big Bags,
    Spells, Full Set of Equipment, Food, Drink,
    Ammo, Bayle Marks [IMG]

    Now, I obviously realise the SE and CE are identically priced to EQ2, but consider the difference in value for money of either version in comparison to the EQ2 alternative!

    I don't begrudge anyone still playing (and supporting) the original game by any means, but rather ask instead: why is the typical EQ2 player so poorly rewarded in relation to EQ?

    Heck, if the rewards for CE had been piled so high, I might've considered the CE for a little longer (although I still think paying $50 for the extras is ridiculous when the basic xpac is only $40, maybe that's a reflection on what a bargain the expac itself is)!

    Can anyone who has purchased the EQ2 CE (when able to, naturally) please confirm whether you've received only what it says on the tin? The 3 gems, the 2 research potions? Is the 'value for money' for EQ2 really as poor as it seems to be?
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  13. Bendigeidfran Member

    aaargh formatting has gone to pot, green arrow = SE, red = CE :oops:
  14. Nesissa Member


    I was half asleep when I got that email from EQ and clicked the link. For stupid (half asleep) reasons I thought I was looking at changes to the EQ2 CE/SE lineup. When I saw all that, I thought: "Wow, SOE actually listened to us!" and I was then willing to pay an extra $50 for the CE. An hour later when I went back to purchase, and saw that it was EQ and not EQ2, I was even more disappointed in the CE/SE for EQ2.

    Now, seeing the forums, and obviously zero listening has happened...... had been debating buying the EQ2 CE.... now, not gonna happen. Would end up feeling like I'd been robbed. When I thought the EQ CE lineup was the EQ2 lineup, was willing to spend $100 to upgrade both my hubby and my accounts...... now that I can read right, it ain't happenin.

    See that SOE? If you had given EQ2 a CE to write home about, you would have gotten another $100 today.
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  15. Gryphon New Member

    Sadly, the Standard Edition costing less than the cost of the previous years expansions isn't true for everyone with an All-Access membership. Due to the move by SoE from charging a flat price for the expansion (previously the A$ price matched the US$ price for an expansion), to a currency conversion model, even with my 10% discount for All-Access membership, I'll actually be paying more for the Standard Edition than I would have payed for previous expansions without the All-Access discount. Not sure how it's working for other currencies with this change, but it makes the discount feel less like a discount, when the price of the expansion is still more with it, than I've payed in previous years without it.
  16. Grundge Active Member

    Makes me wish I could really get back into EQ, but everytime I try to play that game...I just dont feel it anymore. There is so much that has changed but even if I were to study all the nuances needed to play the game well...i have become so used to the superior graphics of EQ2 that I just cannot go back.

    I am not sure why EQ2 got stuck with such a raw deal. Really sad. :( I wont be buying the CE nor the expac and will let my 6 subs drift to F2P. I used to be a big whale here, buying from the SC shop almost every week...but now I will curb my purchases and enjoy the free life. One might say that for me $90 really should be nothing...and yes that is true but I didn't get to where I am by letting people take advantage of me. I just feel that there is a real lack of respect for us as loyal consumers. A full price tag for a lackluster presentation in the CE. Dont get me wrong, I will continue to support SOE and play their games, just I will no longer be doing so financially.
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  17. Arazehl New Member

    I bought the Collector's Edition of Altar of Malice and got one house deed which I redeemed and nothing else as shown if you buy the Collector's Edition. Is it just me? Oh and I don't even see that housing in the list of housing I already have.
  18. Awkk Well-Known Member

    You weren't supposed to get any house deed, unless as a vet reward? Just a house portal item.
  19. Bendigeidfran Member

    Interested to hear from those who purchased the CE version, do you feel the extra $50 'investment' worthwhile? Were the 3 gems across your whole account? Has the new merc proven to be really worth it?

    I've seen a few 'CE' mounts on Splitpaw, and to be fair the mount looks better than that single picture shown before launch indicated.

    Mind you, I've been lucky enough to have the new mount drop, and think that looks better again ;)

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