Awesome Bonus Items for Purchasing Altar of Malice!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Afista_DG, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    If you are referring to the collector's edition mount in WoW that I mentioned, here's the poop: they included a new flying mount in the CE (purely cosmetic - mounts don't have stats in WoW), then removed flying from the new zones. Blizzard has said they may add flying back in at some point in the future if they receive overwhelming feedback that people want it, but for the foreseeable future, you're hoofin' it.
  2. Vorvon Member

    Excited about the xpac, going to buy the CE, no question. It looks great, and I love the fact that it includes in-game items that will assist adventuring. I do not care a whit for house items, extra houses, or RL items. I have a feeling that many players feel the same way and simply do not take the time to post here to complain about whatever SOE does. If you come by my house in Freeport, I've laid out a nice spread for all the whiners. Qu'ils mangent de la brioche.
  3. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    Thing is, whilst you personally don't like house stuff, an awful lot of people do. I suspect that those who only care for adventuring would be here in droves being the 'whiners' if this CE mostly contained a house and decorating stuff. People are not 'whiners' when an expensive version of an expac does not contain adequate items seen as valuable for all play styles, in a game that actively encourages them all - decorating, raiding soloing etc. There are an awful lot of decorators out there - just look at the Homeshow thread, the housing leaderboards and the number of external websites devoted to it. All play styles are equally valid and it would be nice to see a full and worthwhile selection in the CE, given the price point SOE are choosing. Having stuff you can't, or don't care about using isn't an issue so long as there there is also plenty of value to you that you can use. This CE is significantly less valuable to decorators than any other has been, and people have a right to comment on that without being accused of whining.
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  4. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    I don't disagree with what you are saying. My question to you would be, is there any other game that provides as much to decorators as EQ2 does? If so, and if there is adventuring as well, how much do their subscriptions/expansions cost?

    I think EQ2 tries to be too many things to too many people. Most games pick one or the other because they both cost time and both money. I think EQ2 is trying to do both at a price point that is unreasonably low.
  5. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Good description of how fool overpricing may sink a company.
  6. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    I can't think of any as good - only ones where it is way more restricted, or stuff like Second Life that isn't really a game. And that is why so many people play this for the decorating. It's also partly what has kept me here all these years - even tho I do adventure, I don't raid (ugh) or even full group much - I'm a decorator and quester.

    Perhaps two versions of the CE, or even better, a pick and choose system by giving an in-game token with CE purchase that people can then buy which bits they like from an in-game vendor (much as the festivals etc use - so not much extra coding would be needed). Giving some furniture from the new zones (ie assets already made) or something could be an option too.

    I disagree on the price, but that is simply because for the last 10 years we have been able to by CE's with way more content suitable for everyone at the pre-order price, so having less for crafters/decorators and then making all pay full price (give or take 10% for all-access) is a big jump and thus disappointing on two counts for a lot of decorating people.

    Given this is pretty much the only game that offers decorating this good, then something decent apart from a dinosaur needed to be in the CE (and yet another painting that is also in the SE), regardless of price.
  7. arturos Active Member

    to be honest i could care less how much they want to over charge or undercharge or whatever this thread is debating

    could someone from sony please weigh in on when we can over pay or underpay or get shafted or get exactly what we need which is the darn xpac?? i would assume its tuesday but will it go up at 12:01 tuesday morning? or some other odd time.
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  8. Madiya New Member

    I am willing to pay the price. I just want to pay and leave my computer running so it can download while i sleep.
  9. Vorvon Member

    Having the option to pick and choose between adventuring and decoration items to receive with the CE is a great idea. I won't get into an entitlement attitude argument with you, but must note that, in my opinion, having so many quests (including collection quests) that give housing items that I immediately delete or run to my basement, drop, and never look at again, runs contrary to the implied argument that certain content has nothing for decorators. Having reviewed the extensive updates provided for crafters by Niami Denmother, it appears that there are many housing/craftable items that will be available in the new xpac. Thus, although the CE might not warrant your purchase because of what you like to do in game, the basic xpac will give you what you want without the added cost. Win for you! And, as with TOV, all of the collection sets I turned in on AOM beta gave me a plushie, which I looked at, then immediately deleted. So there's even more housing-related items for you. I should also note that certain veteran rewards have given us housing, which you might have been excited about, enjoyed and had fun with, but I, for one, have never even claimed. But I didn't immediately run to the EQ2 Forums and complain about it. Saw it, thought I don't give a ---- about it, and moved on.

    My objection to many of the arguments set forth in this thread is to the Dickensian nature of those arguments, and the fact that hyperbole detracts from what may be a valid argument. People are really making the decision between the collector's edition of an online game that requires relatively sophisticated computer equipment to play and food for their children? Really? C'mon. However, just as I have the ability to comment upon those complaints, so too others have the right to make them.
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  10. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    I know plenty of people who are happy with the CE price and content & I'm thrilled you are one of them. I'm quite happy with the price and content of the SE btw, and will be buying it with great excitement. But when an announcement tells me something is AWESOME, I'[m allowed to be disappointed when for me it isn't, and to comment such should feedback be possible.

    It is only the price (the extra $50 is more than the $40 expac itself and all the gear/quests/appearance items/mounts/mercs/plushies/recipes/housing wonders it contains) and contents of the CE I dispute as being good value for everyone. I can afford it, but for me it simply isn't worth it due to lack of stuff for my play style. For me, it is simply that if SOE are asking $90 for the CE, then there should be something desirable and special (that gets people excited and all 'want it I want it') for all play styles in it if they hope everyone will buy it.

    I don't personally mind getting given stuff I can't use or don't care about either. I too just go meh and carry on. Most people are the same. Veteran Awards and similar things are earned for doing nothing, paying nothing extra. These days you don't even have to sub. You don't like em it isn't really a big issue - disappointing sometimes (like the one per account this time) but hey, its free. The number of unusableinappropriate quest rewards I've had is too many to count, but I still got xp or aa, and the fun of the lore and the adventure. But SOE are trying to sell us the CE above and beyond the SE of this xpac, and it isn't unreasonable for some of us to say that the CE isn't worth it to us as our play style has less in it than others. I still think they are silly not to include desirable enticements for as many players as possible, and I am personally disappointed that for the first time in 10 years I won't be buying the CE as it just doesn't have anything for me in it - except the dino and he isn't worth $50.

    It's not entitlement, its commerce - if something isn't appealing then someone won't buy it. Of course I am assuming that SOE want as many players as possible to by the CE, otherwise why bother making it. To sell the most and entice as many people as possible there should be something for everyone, that's literally all I'm saying. I really don't want all Decorating or all Raiding or all Heroic Adventuring content, just something desirable by each play style that feels worth the money (in the case of decorating stuff that would at least be compared to stuff on the Marketplace - I can buy a LOT more than one cool looking house pet for $50 of SC). The merc, mount, gems and research time reducers may well be worth £50 to many, even most, adventurers, but one house-pet and a house teleporter to somewhere we can get to by the bell is not worth $50 to any/most decorators. That's all I am saying. Decorators are allowed to be disappointed this time!

    If all the extra items in the CE were decorating related with one appearance weapon for adventurers (rather than all adventuring related with one housepet), then adventurers would (quite rightly) be saying it wasn't worth the money (and sadly inevitably some grumpy decorators would be here telling everyone else to stop whining because they got what they want).
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  11. Buggabug Active Member

    I wasn't saying I was choosing between the CE and food for the kids, I was giving an example in real life terms what the cost of the CE would look like in my budget. As in a ridiculous amount for the virtual items being loaned out. I'll try to be more clear next time. =)
  12. Thand Well-Known Member

    ncie but u would luse10k ability mod for using that (
  13. Thand Well-Known Member

    Also let teh tower also port you to highhold then it would be worth it
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  14. Drus New Member

    I am so disappointed that SOE did not acknowledge the complaints that have been lodged not only here but under several other forums about the CE, new race and overall nickle and dimming that seems to be occurring with regularity. I really thought they might do some last minute changes of some sort to appease their customers.
  15. Humakt Member

    People fail to realize this is a business. If you do not want to pay for it.. don't buy it.
  16. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    I just purchased the SE. the column next to it is for CE, plus, it is labeled "Best Value". In actuality the best value would be $60, and for those that want to account for inflation, fine, I'll pay $63 max! that is the best value!

    Do you want to make the CE worth $90 SOE? then throw in the new race, and yes, I mean the Noble Aerakyn! and not only that, but throw in a prestige house also, there are a few instances I have seen on Beta that would make fore nice houses.

    If the current CE remains as it currently is, I refuse to buy anything more than the SE, because the CE is not the best value as it currently is!
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  17. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    Yes, and as a business they need their customers, or there is no business. So yes, SOE can do what they like, price what they like, but if customers don't see value they won't buy it - it is a two-way relationship. To be able to charge a lot for something and stay in business, enough customers/potential customers have to perceive it as good value/worth it. It is a balance between an acceptable profit for the company and value for money for the customer.
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  18. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    The SE gives us:

    Extra 5 levels, quests. loot, recipes, raids, house items, titles, collections, achievements, heroic dungeons, gear, spells, mounts, mercs and more, for $40.

    Is one merc, a mount, some research time reducers and armour gems really worth $10 MORE than everything I just listed in the base expansion? I guess to some it is, and that's great, but it just doesn't seem 'Best Value to me' - you get way, way more for the the SE $40 than you get for your extra $50 with the CE. $20 more maybe, but not more than the xpac itself. Last xpac the merc was in the SE too!

    Sad to have bought a SE for the first time ever, but happy to have saved $50. Cheapest xpac ever for my wallet, good for me, not so good for SOE.......
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  19. Idaho Iksar Active Member

    Have bought CE's in the past for the per character perks. Even got Sentinel's Fate CE at Amazon for $16 a while back so any never level alt would have a basic running mount on creation. That was helpful.

    This year, since SOE segregated the new Akeryn race from the expansion I had to consider options more.
    The basic race should of been with the Standard Edition & Noble with the CE. This is the first time I've seen SOE offer two different types of a race. SOE could of added the race to the expansion and allowed for a more elite version upgrade for SC as another option.
    Bought the standard edition & 5K SC - that stung at $81 - way pricey for a standard edition. The only thing that is of any interest (per character) is the Mercenary, maybe the mount for looks - as there are & will be better mounts in the game ... always has been.

    If the CE is offered for a decent upgrade price of $29 I'd consider it, $49, no way. There's nothing worth it save maybe the gems/scrolls - but those aren't per character either, only per account.

    Lost a parent last month, work is more part-time/seasonal. The game's ping/lost packets has been horrible last two months, not improved once; on this end there is no packets lost. Then along came the beta, tried it, although seemed short in content for an expansion, and SOE wants $126 for the CE + Race?? $81 for the basic edition + the new race: that's outrageous. Does SOE really want to attract new players, let alone keeping them? Times are tough, but this is virtual-ware. Only thing pysical we players get is the missing holiday cash to keep up with the EQ2 addiction.
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  20. Sturmx New Member

    If sony was really worried about keeping their game alive.. they would make it so new players didn't have to spend $100 to get into the game.. and just make it so you pay $16 a month to access everything.

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