Awesome Bonus Items for Purchasing Altar of Malice!

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  1. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    Fantastic adventures are not the only things on the way with EverQuest 2’s 11th expansion. Players will also receive some incredible new items just for purchasing Altar of Malice! There will be both a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition of Altar of Malice available and each version will contain bonus gifts with purchase.

    Standard Edition
    The Standard Edition of Altar of Malice will be available for $39.99 and include a special bonus item.

    Altar of Malice on Canvas


    Enhance the style of your home with this portrait of Lanys T'Vyl. What Norrathian doesn’t want the Daughter of Hate gracing their walls? Each character on your account will be able to claim this painting.

    Collector’s Edition
    The Collector’s Edition of Altar of Malice will be available for $89.99. It will include the painting from the Standard Edition, plus the following:

    Elite Battle-Mystic Mercenary


    Let Kluuron V’Lorn, the battle-mystic mercenary, do your bidding in the Shattered Seas. Gain access to this exiled Cultist of Primordial Malice who will fight alongside you for coin. Each character on your account will be able to hire this fearsome mercenary.

    Mage Tower Mirage



    Bring a piece of the Isle of Refuge into your own home with the Mage Tower Mirage. This unique magic house object provides teleportation to the Isle of Refuge in the Altar of Malice expansion. You can change the appearance of this tower from the original to the destroyed version by interacting with the object when it’s placed in your home. Each character on your account will be able to claim and use this item.

    Striped Savage Pterodon Mount


    Let the strong wings of this prehistoric pteradon carry you into battle. Fly across the seas on this tamed, winged beast. Each level 85 character on your account will be eligible to use this flying mount. This mount can be placed as a house object too!

    Striped Savage Pterodon Mount <STATS>
    Each level 85 character on your account will be eligible to use this flying mount which grants 100% ground speed and 150% flying speed. At level 95 this mount will give its rider the following benefits:
    +20% Crit Bonus
    +20% Potency
    +115 Crit Chance
    +3000 Power
    +10,000 Max Health
    +3000 vs. arcane, noxious, and elemental damage

    Prehistoric House Pet


    Say hello to your new little friend, the tyrannodon! This prehistoric house pet might need a bit of time to adjust to life in the cities. We tried to train it, but… well, it’s yours now! Each character on your account will be able to claim this house pet.

    Three Gems of Armor Advancement
    Each magically forged gem upgrades one Level 100 armor item up one tier which improves the item attributes. This item can be applied to any level 100 Advanced Solo, Heroic, or Tier 1 Raid armor. (Two gems can’t be used on the same item.) This item is awarded as three gems per account.

    Eighty Days of Spell Research
    Get two 40-day spell research potions. For example, one potion can be applied to a Level 100 Master spell to increase it towards Grandmaster. Each potion is applied only once. Unused research time does not carry over, so use it wisely! This item is awarded as two research potions per account.

    These items are waiting for you when you purchase Altar of Malice! The expansion launches on November 25, 2014. All-Access members get 10% OFF expansion purchases, and they can purchase and play this expansion two weeks early, starting on Tuesday, November 11, 2014! Are you ready to fly your new pterodon across the seas or head straight into combat with your new battle-mystic mercenary?
  2. Honika New Member

    Please give us plenty of warning as to when the expansion is going on sale! Some folks have to plan their budgets a month or more in advance.
  3. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    There is no pre-order timeframe this year. All-Access Members will be able to purchase and play AoM on November 11, 2014. Free-to-Play members will be able to purchase and play AoM on November 25, 2014.
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  4. fizzlewizzles New Member

    what are the stats on the mount please?
  5. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    There was no mention of how much the Collectors Edition will cost if you attended SOE Live. Will there be a discount to upgrade the standard edition for SOE Live attendees?
  6. ladyj New Member

    as I have had a lot of trouble with accessing beta, will I get my money back if this expansion doesn't work or are you hoping all will be fixed?
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  7. Freyja Member

    LOVE the CE goodies! Also love the write up. Good details and good sense of humor )) Thank to the writer(s) for the info.

    Hope you are planning a couple of extra commerce servers for at least a week to handle any overload.
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  8. Caela Well-Known Member

    In addition, will All Access, SOE Live attendees be able to upgrade on Nov 11th? Or will we have to wait?

    And I do think the collectors edition is pretty high compared to the standard edition - it's over twice as much. Usually collector editions are not that big of an increase over the standard.
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  9. Foretold Well-Known Member

    That price hike is painful, but for three armor advancement gems, 80 days of research, a house pet, a house item, a mount and a merc... I think I can't pass it up. On my main account. Account two will have to settle for the standard edition.

    Loving that mount...
  10. Cinnamon Active Member

    Could we please get a limited time discount for collector's edition for the period of the 11th to the 24 at 69.99 pretty please? In the past we had one for a limited time and that made the difference to buy or not buy the collector's edition.

    If not, how about adding some more too it, like maybe another heroic token or a couple more of AA baubles? I sure could us the AA ones for sure, since you guys have been encouraging us to level are armies of alts with all the bonus exp weekends for the subscribed veteran players. :D
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  11. Ozien New Member

    Yup, no pre-order discount means I will be passing on CE this time around. I know many of my guildies feel the same way. You give me a chance to pre-order the CE for $59.99 and I'd do it, but not for $89.99 sorry.
  12. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Since there is no preorder discount, will all-access members get a 10% discount on the price? Also, can we use station cash for the purchase?
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  13. Caela Well-Known Member

    Looking back over my purchase history - I've paid $59.99 for the collector's editions since Destiny of Velious.

    Pretty disappointed in the pricing for AoM CE. In fact, I'm not sure I'll buy it.
  14. Irish Active Member

    No , you cannot use station cash.
    Yes, you will get the ten percent all access discount.
    SOE Live upgrade to Collectors is 50.00.
  15. Valzen Well-Known Member

    Geeze! 90 bucks and no pre-order. Way higher than previous collector expacs (at pre-order) If I buy, it looks like it will only be the standard this time, guys. That is, IF I buy at all. Tried beta and it was just "eh" for me. With Christmas coming and all, maybe a break is in order. Still love EQ2, though, and always will.
  16. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I am the same. Usually I buy two Collector Editions on pre order discount. Not sure I can justify dropping $180...
  17. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    The lower price for CE's in the past was always for pre-orders. Since the marketing model changed from pre-orders we are stuck with the full price as was charged after the pre-order period was over.
  18. corruptbiker Member

    Dear SOE I have a suggestion, since there are no more preorders why not simple say that on nov 11 AOM CE will be on sale for 59.99 for both All-access and free-to-play, for that day only then have the price go back up to 89.99. That way people who buy lot's copies don't feel they are paying too much and those that talk about needing to time to balance their budget around will have 22 days to do so. seems like a win win for parties
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  19. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    Perhaps CE is a bit pricey, and though I do not know what justifies such a price elevation, they really are making it hard to resist, so I think I will be purchasing it.
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  20. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    But I would suggest making the CE worth the $90 sacrifice by including the Aeryken race in the CE package
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