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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Luziana, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Xephane Active Member

    While I do agree with your last point, as that is actually a GREAT idea for anybody who wishes to level up alts, I don't appreciate you taking what a developer says completely out of context. This just goes to show people really do only hear what they want to hear.
  2. Uxtalzon Active Member

    You took my post out of context, argued with practically everyone in the thread, and wanted the thread locked. Do you not see the irony in your last sentence?

    I didn't twist RadarX's words, I suggested (in bold) a better way of informing players why veteran rewards are disabled, but marketplace purchases are promoted. Please read again. I was trying to help.

    His response is a vague mix of words that explains almost nothing while avoiding the reason the thread was made. "12 year old accounts with veteran rewards = no extra revenue present day. Potions in marketplace = quick cash grab. That's why." is what most players can conclude.
  3. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    I've read this entire thread and all of you are forgetting a very very important point , as per the EULA , You don't OWN anything in this game, not your characters and not in anyway do you own a daybreak given reward, such as the veteran rewards. I can honestly say that removing the access to the vet rewards and then selling the same items for cash does indeed look petty. But daybreak owns the bat the ball the field and the umpire , when you play here you do so with that understanding , period.
    so for now I will "play it where it lays" and do so with a smile.
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  4. CowKiller Member

    Vanilla eq1 - Vanilla eq2 player here payed over 2,000- 3000$ and yet my claims are turned off. why ? = money grab by daybreak . is this ok by me ? Yes
    reason they need the funds to keep operation . they posted that there now hiring and this is good news it mean new content
    the server have been full if you check server status
    yes there's bugs
    yes there (afk bots will report all i see ) and ( multy boxers- don't mind )
    yes crafting it taking a royal hit do to market place been usable
    there NO event in game yet city fest was for a city nobody could get to
    tinker fest is going to be a no go do to no tinkering do to no BBM
    the dev team going to need to add new or release events before long to keep the burn out down
    a happy event gamer is one that stays a un happy faming 6-8 hrs just to grinding 2-4 trade skills = burn out
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  5. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    Don't let the white knight trolls get you down. We pay to play this game and we are entitled to give negative feedback if we are unhappy with the product/services we are paying for. If this were a charity and we were given everything for free, then we would have no right to complain.
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  6. Alenna Well-Known Member

    not to mention quest rewards you can't use because your level is to low for the item just doing new halas. I should mention that I had no trouble myself with going to Qeynos when quests started going orange on I had friends in qeynos and we are now questing in Antonica together before I and my other friend go back to New Halas to finish the questline there for the mount. but i can understand others now wanting to have to. but I do understand your point.
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  7. Alenna Well-Known Member

    actually it was a Russian investment company that bought DBG which used to be called SOE but other then that yes the investment company bought ti to make money and are probably pressuring the higher levels of DBG to make money quickly.
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  8. Xephane Active Member

    You quoted him and then made your own quote mocking what he says with something completely different. You can call it what you wish but I'm sure people will read it as they will, regardless of what you say. I argue because all you people like to do is complain and make the developers feel bad when they try to give us something good because you feel it isn't good enough when one thing you don't agree with exists. I want(ed) the thread locked because as pointed out, this is a massive "throwing of shade" and it is STILL going on even after locking the thread was suggested.

    Besides, you do realize that the developers are SUPPOSED to be vague right? It's a common quality amongst every single dev, so you'd think it's part of the job description or something. Be lucky he said anything at all.

    Cash grab or not, people will play how they want to, you can either buy the potions or you wont. That's your choice and the choice of everyone else. I'm just here trying to tell everybody to shut up and enjoy the game, whether it's an argument or not can't you at least see the underlying point? I don't want to see people here complaining all the time, it sets a negative vibe. Most people don't even care about the experience until SOMEBODY else points it out. I had somebody who claimed to be a 12 year vet drop a guild I'm in because it took him a week to get to level 7 and he has no clue what to do, yet the new players love the experience rate and are headed towards level 20 ish... Brand new.

    This thread needs to be closed because the point HAS BEEN MADE already, and all players are doing is agitating each other, this thread has no real reason to be up anymore.
  9. Luziana Member

    Xephane, the only complaints and negativity i can spot is yours.

    It seems that you read negativity into the posts that i am unable to see.
    The other people that were posting here did so in a friendly and respectfull manner, as far as i can see.

    You even wrote, that you are here to tell everybody to shut up.
    Is this positive? Is this in any way respectful?
    I dont think so.

    I was thinking about reporting you for trolling this thread tbh.
    But i am a person that likes to respect EVERY opinion.
    Because this is a community and communication including controverse discussions are important.
    Reading about other peoples point of view often helped me to see things in a new light.
    Or it helped me to understand things better.

    But back to Topic:
    So far i could spot different points of view about the matter.
    This shows me that there is not only one point that has been made.
    I bet this community has many more points to express. :)
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  10. Uxtalzon Active Member



    When the level cap is raised and more expansions unlocked, could there be a small trickle of veteran benefits (so as to avoid huge advantages) so new players don't have such a mountain to climb? It's like that on Live right now. Can get to 100 easily, but there begins the huge grind gap of solo ability to minimal group resolve and stats.

    And to note, I'm fine with no veteran benefits and marketplace potions. Everyone starts as a newb, with the exception of people who want to level faster purely as an option. Even if vet rewards were available, I'd shun them in favor of nostalgia (headbanging at docks). The only issue is that it wasn't disclosed in the FAQ which may seem like deception to some.

    I don't think I've claimed any veteran rewards on Live, either, come to think of it. I'm such a freaking hoarder.
  11. Xephane Active Member

    I never said that I acted perfectly, the point is though, what I can see here is I have a positive intent, with a negative manner of display. I'm not going to deny that, what I said came off pretty harsh. Yet others here have a completely negative view on this topic, as do you because you are the one who posted the thread, yet it is just worded in a way that doesn't come off too harsh, for the most part. In case you haven't seen it, I have been targeted by pretty much everybody in this thread, if that isn't "negative" then what is it? You just said that I said "I am here to tell everybody to shut up" yet you and many others have ignored the multiple times I told everybody to have fun and be positive, because even though you do not want to see it, and claim that you can't, this is a negative thread.

    What other opinions do you want? There are only 2 ways to view something like this. You either see it is "I want potions in claim because they are on marketplace" or "I don't care how it is, just play."
    There are 2 crowds. One that says "I want..." or "We should have..." and then there is "The game is fine."
    I happen to be part of crowd 2, but as stated, I didn't word it properly, to be fair I should have stopped talking long ago but I figured if I made a good point people wouldn't still be attacking me. Yet to this moment they still are, this is where I stop because there is no point in continuing. Don't even bother quoting anything in this, because arguing (which is negative BTW) is pointless and I'm done doing it here.
  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    'I believe things would be better with change' does not equate to 'I want'.
    Explaining why you think the change would be beneficial and giving suggestions for how to implement that change is not 'negativity'.

    People are not required to 'be silent and accept' just because things are unlikely to change.
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  13. Mazcote Yarquest Active Member

    Talk about "Missing The Point"....
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  14. Gnomesandhairyfrogloks Active Member

    I'd also like to point out that the Billy doll for 500SC is far too high a price to sell us the vet reward we've already earned
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  15. Flossie Member

    The experience on FG isn't too low. It's too fast in my opinion. There's no AA's to grind. All you need is level 50, it's simple. If you quit over the xp rate than you wouldn't have made it far regardless.
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  16. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Funny. 13 years playing this game is not far I guess. Well good luck though.
  17. Conifur Well-Known Member

    I own the the most important thing, the CC that used to be used to pay for my sub. They can have my pixels, but they won't have my cash.
  18. Flossie Member

    If you've been playing for 13 years than you should have no issues with the xp rates. You should rememver exactly how slow it was back then.
  19. Flossie Member

    This is a good suggestion and compromise.
  20. Conifur Well-Known Member

    It was never this slow. I never, ever out quested my level. Don't even try to say it was this bad, it never was.
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