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  1. Xephane Active Member

    If you are going to say that, you could at least provide examples of such. But you also need to think you could just be misreading something or missing the point. I'm not going to provide any specific examples, but you have done that before.
  2. Xephane Active Member

    Also, you aren't even quoting something from the same thread. Which was displaying a completely different point from the conversation right now. You cannot argue a current conversation by bringing in points from another. Props for the effort though.
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I didn't realize that your views expressed in one thread were completely and totally irrelevant to your views expressed in a different thread.
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  4. Xephane Active Member

    It's a similar topic, but a different point. You still have failed to prove your point. Allow me to back up a bit.

    "If you are going to say that, you could at least provide examples of such. But you also need to think you could just be misreading something or missing the point."

    In other words, please provide examples of behavior where I spoke in support of one but opposition with the other, but also have an open mind that you may be making a mistake somewhere.
  5. Xephane Active Member

    The point of that thread was people were saying that they feel forced to buy experience potions,which isn't true. You quoting me was in reply to that.
    In this thread it is about people saying that things like potions shouldn't be available through the marketplace, if they are not available through claim as well. Which is true to an extent.
  6. Xephane Active Member

    Before anybody continues to flame me or completely disagree, take this into account. I'm not exactly FOR experience potions only available through marketplace, but that doesn't mean I think they should be removed either.
    Don't take that out of context. In no way do I think that one method is better than another in terms of this, but I think with a mindset of "It is what it is." Everybody should be able to play however they want to enjoy it most, some want to pay to go faster, some don't. But we all end up at the same spot at the end.

    If you read some of my other posts you will see me say plenty of things like "Just try to enjoy the game" "Stop focusing on other people" "Try a new mindset" and "Have fun."
    These comments seem to be what people ignore because all they see is the negative, which is exactly what I am trying to steer people away from.
    Here's another thing I've said before,
    "Love the game, don't hate it because of one thing you don't like."

    You are only bringing your attitude down if you focus on the negative and you aren't having fun, which is what games are intended for.
  7. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    ^^^ THIS ^^^ I really wish I could like this post 1 million times or more :)
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  8. Xephane Active Member

    That quotation was a misquote though. nobody in any way, shape, or form said that one should be better than the other, she just tends to jump straight to conclusions. It would be a good point, if it was in reply to something legitimate.
  9. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    Advantage in game is not the same as an advantage in a competition in my opinion. Advantage in competition gives you the opportunity to win easier and earn a nice prize. Advantage in game gives you the opportunity to reach end of the game quicker, which is not very logical considering that we pay money per hour of fun. :)
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  10. Xephane Active Member

    Aye, if people wish to pay money for more fun, I don't really see too much harm in that. I've pointed out many times that the game is still more than playable. Yet I still feel like saying this will lead to somebody is using it as a misquote again in the future :rolleyes:

    People can play how they want, just as long as they are having fun doing it. Never paid a dime out of my pocket on potions, still having a blast and getting to 30, one step at a time.
  11. Mazcote Yarquest Active Member

    I must agree with this.
    If the exact same item can be "purchased" for real life money then I should be allowed to claim it as my vet reward as long as it is available to me.
  12. Tcmll24 New Member

    Fallen Gate is nickel and dime server. All the veteran items are taken away as for any LoN items you have too for you to buy them again. I have spent $100 on pots/vitality for two level characters that took me to 27/25. Its like they slowed down the XP rate slower than Stormhold. Hmmm I wander why. I have been a player for 11 years and my account is set to run out in September. I can't afford to play this expensive game. Without pots it would take you more than 12 weeks to hit 50 at this rate.
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  13. Xephane Active Member

    1 week and I'm 31, still have yet to spend a dime on potions, and i still mentor often. Nice try.
  14. Synistra Active Member

    So because your experience is different than his then obviously he's wrong and you're right - as implied with the "Nice try." comment. He isn't wrong and you know it. There's 0 reason for those potions to be on the marketplace yet we can't claim the veteran ones we have. The experience is too low, people are going to stop playing because of it and then those people won't be around to buy whatever they're shelling out this week in hopes for a quick buck. Don't like it, don't play doesn't work in a game this old, with this many glaring issues, and this many complaints. People wanted to come back to play on this server to go through old content again, some work on HQs for live rewards, some because their friends are here. What a lot of people agree on as witnessed on the forums and in game is that the experience gains need to be increased. People don't want to feel cornered into buying potions, and with this experience rate they do.

    We already pay 15.00 a month to play on this server, that same 15.00 in other games can get you way more for your money. It also includes not feeling like you should/must/have to pay more to keep up with everyone else. You say that people don't have to spend money on potions and you're right, they don't. But we all know what happens after the server population dwindles, there are less people to group with and the people 50 already who shelled out the mega bucks to get there fast aren't going to want to do it again on an alt, so they probably won't make one for a while. Then what? We can talk in circles all night long but the fact remains that if everyone here left this server who hates the experience penalty, you'd have a hell of a lot less people playing. That helps how?

    Week 1 - I'm 21 on my mystic, 22 carpenter. It's a chore to play here but I do it because I have friends here but I can tell you that I'll not be spending another dime on my credit card to these people until something changes. 12 years of vet rewards and I know that we can't claim them here, but it makes not sense not to be able to when they're selling a lot of the same things in the marketplace. I've already put my time in for them and if they're going to nickle and dime me to death by waving exp potion carrots in my face, while at the same time slogging the exp rates then yea..I'm gonna be miffed about it.
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  15. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    Some people will find experience gain rate too low. Some other people find experience gain rate OK and yet some other people find experience gain rate too fast. Why is it always that one group of people starts to think that their demands should be taken more seriously that demands of other people?
  16. Ratface Member

    $150 to level one toon to 50 in a week, on a new server where krono are selling for a couple of plat. The cynical part of me would say the 2 groups of people are in it for different reasons.
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  17. Mazcote Yarquest Active Member

    Over the years I have been a pretty big supporter of DBGs efforts to operate as a business. They aren't doing this because they "like" us and want us to have something to waste our time on, they're doing this to make money. That's great and and I applaud them for their effort and success.
    This issue however, is a a tad over the line. I cannot defend them prohibiting my usage of items which I already own and then selling those same items to me for real money. I own 12 slot bags already and I own XP gain potions and I own all sorts of stuff via the /claim window yet I am prohibited from using those items. If I couldn't purchase these same items for RL $ it would be a non issue.
    This does leave me with a bit of a sour taste, am I going to cancel my account, no, not immediately, but this is the kind of stuff which will drive loyal customers away.I feel like its very important to remember that I/We are under no obligation to continue giving DBG money and it is their best interest to make sure I don't have the "desire" to look elsewhere for my online entertainment.
  18. Xephane Active Member

    That isn't actually what I said, or implied. I was more commenting on the fact that he stated that it would take the ENTIRE VANILLA CONTENT and more to hit max level on one character, which is simply untrue.

    ^ Directly taken from his post which is what I was replying to. I apologize for not snipping exactly what I meant to respond to, but I'm sure you get the point now. Based on my own personal experience, and that of many others it is more than possible to hit max level in 3 weeks or less, at a slow pace. I have folks in my guild who only get to play 2 or 3 hours a day and are already over 20 having no issues with experience, many of them amongst that crowd also roll alts as well.

    Slow experience is honestly just an illusion at this point, people believe the experience is slower than it actually is, mostly because potions are available and people level way faster with them. What if the potions were never made available in the first place? People hug to their potion excuse to talk about slow experience, but if everybody had the same experience rate (meaning potions don't even exist) you wouldn't see nearly as many complaints about it.
  19. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    It is OK to look elsewhere. Look at other MMO's, make comparison and... keep playing Everquest 2 :)
  20. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    At level 10 a fight with monster takes about 5 times longer than when you are at level 100, simply because you have limited number of spells and abilities and ability reuse speed at level 10 is way too low compared to level 100 toon. It "slows down" the fight giving you an illusion of slow experience gain. You can't pull a group of 5 monster and click Mass Destroy because you do not have mighty AoE spells at low level.
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