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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Luziana, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Luziana Member

    I wonder why i cannot claim my Veteran XP potions but the marketplace offers them.

    If you really did not want XP potions beeing available on the FG Server, why can people buy them?
    Is the only reasoning to disable my veteran claims the intent that you want me to buy things that i already earned via continous gameplay and beeing a long time paying customer?

    Same goes for the 1 day reward which was up from day 1 btw, the 12 Slot bag.
    But selling overpriced bags on the marketplace is ok.

    There was no marketplace when this game started.
    So i cannot accept if you say that this Server is about Progression and doing things like when EQ2 came out.

    My opinion is that disabling Veteran claims while all the stuff is available via marketplace, is making the Server pay to win.
    And this cannot be healthy for the playerbase, server and the game.
  2. RadarX Community Manager

    We certainly appreciate the feedback. No claimable rewards outside of what was previously available on Stormhold have been made available for Fallen Gate.

    Fallen Gate is not a replica of launch EverQuest 2 and was never really meant to be. The goal was to provide a very similar experience and allow players to relive some of the nostalgia it provided. For some that's early tradeskills and others it's spending hours in Antonica or the Commonlands.

    The journey isn't going to be identical but we hope it's fun regardless.
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  3. Mathafern Well-Known Member

    Bah! ;) Tradeskills aren't even remotely like what they were at launch. Back then you needed one of each crafter just to make sure you could craft any given item- because first you needed alchemy items, then you could make the nails and studs and straps, and THEN maybe you could make a box, if you had the right sort of wood handy.

    This easymode stuff is weak craft-fu.
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  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Most of the KA claim items are available on Fallen Gate.
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  5. RadarX Community Manager

    The KA claim items were designed with Stormhold in mind. While not not necessarily "vanilla," their impact was designed to have minimal advantage but be useful. The broker items are really useful, beyond that you are talking about a house and mounts you can't use until level 30 (and even at that point can't fly). That's off the top of my head though, so if there is an item I'm missing please let me know.
  6. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Then why are some of the items from the Vet Rewards like potions and even the Mystic Moppet doll available for purchase on the store? If those items meet the nostalgia requirement to be sold, why are they not included as Vet awards?
  7. Xephane Active Member

    claimable potions would give vets an advantage over new players. If anything it would have to be made so they are claimable based on weeks, or months, in an acceptable time limit, so say vet rewards of 8 years or such can only be claimed during DoV or w/e
  8. Xephane Active Member

    Accessories would make sense to be claimable, but any sort of legitimate advantage doesn't.
  9. Mosharie New Member

    Consider what the Community Manager stated "Fallen Gate is not a replica of launch EverQuest 2 and was never really meant to be.". So, I believe in the mind of a reasonable person, restricting the use of veteran rewards while offering them in the DBG store does seem like an effort to increase revenue in perhaps a too opportunistic manner. I am all for DBG making as much money as possible and I have personally bought and spent DBG cash. I enjoy this very low cost hobby and want the company to be successful and able to offer their product to me and others going forward. Veteran rewards are to recognize the loyalty of long term customers and the ability to level faster or other perks really doesn't impact balance in terms of groups, raids and what have you. To encapsulate I believe this decision impacts the reputation of DBG (the level of the reputation impact is certainly debatable).
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  10. Xephane Active Member

    Maybe this server should have it's own specific veteran rewards?
  11. Xephane Active Member

    If this server had it's own veteran rewards, I believe it would be a good system, like research. You can buy the potions if you want to, or you can wait a little while and get them for free, then everybody is happy. Everybody is equal, but there's an element of instant gratification if you pay money for it. Then nobody can say that it isn't "fair" because there is another way to get the items we all want.
  12. Conifur Well-Known Member

    While I don't disagree with that, one of the items they allowed is actually really unfair IMHO, the sales crate with 0 commission - that has server wide ramifications and actually affects people; a person leveling fast does nothing to others.

    I find it hard and really don't believe it was anything other then an opportunity to pick up fast, easy cash - it had nothing to do with nostalgia.
  13. Xephane Active Member

    Yeah, in that case it's even more unfair because most people don't even have the crate, me included.
  14. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Giving advantage to people who have more disposable income is okay, but not to people who have played for longer?
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  15. Xephane Active Member

    Tell me one part of that sentence where I said that buying potions > claiming them.

    I said they should be available in an acceptable time limit, but still available to buy if people want to
  16. Xephane Active Member

    There should be a win-win for everybody, not for one party or another.
  17. Mermut Well-Known Member

    You seem perfectly okay with the xp/vitality potions.
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  18. Xephane Active Member


    That is how you see it, no I don't support the method of how they are going about making money, but I do support them making money. Because money is what keeps this game running, this just happens to be what they are currently using.

    Also, in nowhere in that post did I say "I fully support exp/vit pots" I said there is so much more to this game than just adventure experience gained, so sitting here and putting your focus on one thing is only ruining the experience to you. You can continue splitting hairs, or you can look at the big picture.
  19. Mermut Well-Known Member

    You spoke in support of one and in opposition to the other. I'm not sure how you could be much clearer in your views.
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  20. Xephane Active Member

    If you aren't having fun, you don't have to play, but sitting here on the forums wasting your time is not going to make the game better for you or for anybody else. You can provide your feedback, but that doesn't mean that you are the boss and get to decide what's best for the game/company.

    Besides, as stated there is so much to do in this game that what the rate of experience is right now doesn't matter as much as people think it does. The game is playable, sure it can suck sometimes trying to level especially when solo, but there's always something that can be done. In no way are people "forced" to buy anything in this game other than a subscription to log in. That is it. You can play and hit 50 without ever spending a time. It's going to suck, yes, but it's supposed to. But can't you look at yourself and say "Wow I did all of this without spending any more than I needed to" instead of looking at people who buy potions and saying "Wow... Nice pay to win." or looking at the developers of this great server and saying "Wow, nice milking server."

    Enjoy your game time. Don't waste it because you don't like something. I MENTOR guildies to help them level and I still gain levels myself with hardly any issue. It takes a while but I barely pay attention to it, it just happens to come by. I got 25% experience in a couple hours with an 85 % MENTOR REDUCTION. And that is also counting the time that we spent just standing around waiting for power, respawns, talking, or afk.

    Just play, or don't. Nobody is forcing you to do anything here. Have fun, it's a good opportunity, you don't have to cloud your vision of something great because of one thing.
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