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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Luziana, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Synistra Active Member

    I never said that all people would find the experience gains intolerable, I said that those who do will leave and that will be less people to buy up whatever they're trying to sell. I don't know why it is that one group of people seems to think their demands should be taken more seriously than the demands of others...no where did I say that or even imply that. I understand completely that some people (for whatever reason I dunno) like slow experience gain and I understand that this is not something that everyone is going to agree on. What I am saying though, is that there needs to be a better common ground than what we currently have because once people leave they rarely come back. I have seen this on the slow exp TLE servers on EQ1 and I witnessed it on Stormhold (though admittedly SH's exp rate while slow wasn't this slow) before KoS even released and that mass exodus happened because of combat.

    It also seems that vitality is not lasting near as long as it has in the past on other servers, I don't have hard numbers to back that up, only the past experience of how many it took me to chug on Stormhold to level my main to 50 and subsequent alts and I would have already surpassed that number if I had kept buying them on FG.

    I have never really cared to shell out extra real life dollars for things in game, but those things were mostly cosmetic and pretty and didn't directly affect how fast or slow I leveled when leveling with the majority of the server was important. I don't mind to support Daybreak and I didn't mind to support Sony or Verant. I do have a problem with how obvious the cash grab is getting though and I have a serious problem with how it directly affects my characters progression on a brand new server. I don't even think the devs are to blame, their hands are probably tied and all of this is coming from up the ladder. I just think with how many times the issue of experience gain has been brought up since beta, they should have known it would be a problem for a lot of people (not all) and done something to adjust it fairly so those who like to level slow still can and those who like to level at a normal rate and play alts can also do that, without having to grab into their wallets for the balance.
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  2. Synistra Active Member

    Untrue for you but maybe not for him. I can't help that you only typed 1 long sentence with a (seemingly) passive aggressive comment at the end without further explanation.

    I didn't realize the server had been out for 3 weeks. It's already been proven through various tests from different people that the experience rates on this server are different than those before it. I don't see how your claim of 3 weeks or less to hit max level at a slow pace can be proven. If people are buying pots and grinding every day I don't consider that a slow pace, do you?

    That's great for them, I don't know if their situation, or yours, or even mine is similar to the guy you typed that 1 sentence to. So again with the addition of the "Nice try". comment it seems pretty passive aggressive and implying that his experience or anyone else's is some how less than compared to yours.

    I don't know how it's an illusion when people have posted hard numbers that show we get less exp per kill than other progression servers.

    Actually the first few weeks/month SH was released there were no potions to be had and people still complained about the slow experience rates. I don't see this as a potion "excuse" and to claim it's an excuse is dismissive of how irritated quite a lot of people feel about their experience gains on FG. Not everyone who came back here wants to rush to max level, I don't and I know quite a few people who don't want to rush to max level, but still the exp rate crawls. It's just a point of life that a lot of people don't have a ton of time to play, should they not get to experience the game in current content like everyone else? What if those people can't be dropping 8 bucks USD every couple of levels to level the playing field for their playtime? Vitality only naturally regens at 0.5% vitality per hour, so every 24 hours a person doesn't gain adventure experience they will regain 12% vitality. What if those people actually can play every day though but only for a couple of hours a day. So they do quests and kill quest mobs and maybe find a group working on a HQ or questing in a dungeon. Their vitality is eaten up daily and they never get to build up enough to make a difference in leveling. Is that fair for them? I mean yea they may be 50 by the time DoF rolls around but what if they wanna get Prismatics and all their HQs done?

    I know it's a lot of "ifs" but these are things that should be taken into consideration. I can play whenever I want currently, I'm financially set and just waiting to get cleared to go back to classes after a car accident. I have no kids and no real restraints on my time so if the experience gains never get adjusted I'll still make it to 50 in plenty of time to raid to get my Prismatic and do all the things I mentioned. So in the end if nothing changes it's whatever for me. It would be nice though to be able to focus on more than 1 class when I'm bored (since we have so many of them to tinker with) and not lose a ton of time on my main.

    You've made many good posts about the experience values on FG and even though you don't see a problem with the rates you've admitted that other people don't agree with you and that everyone should be able to have fun in game and not feel like they're dragging in the mud to get levels. Is it so unheard of for people to be miffed about the cash grab going on with the potions? I don't think so. I know people don't HAVE to buy them, but it's insane that it's the only thing that levels the playing field in a suitable amount of time for those who level slower AND it's slightly insane (imo) to keep them locked to the marketplace when many people have already paid for accounts for years to get those rewards. And yes, my vet rewards were gotten long before they started giving them to free accounts too.
  3. Conifur Well-Known Member

    You are incorrect. If you go fight the same mob at the same level with everything equal on the 3 different servers you will notice the amount of XP for killing said mob on FG is considerably lower, that is not an illusion, that is fact. If you go make an item via TS on those server, you will notice the same. Once again it is not an illusion, it is a fact.

    The issue for a lot of people is not really the slow/low XP, but the fact they are selling items to circumvent that XP reduction but not making those same items available via /claim. They say those items are not available via /claim because of nostalgia, yet still sell them. So what a lot of people see is they made this server XP lower on purpose and disabled /claim to sell potions for increased sales; kind of like what they did on live with Ascension spells. Though I understand it is a business out to make money to me changing they way your product works in an effort to make better sales is borderline fraud. They are not doing this to make the product better. There are items I refuse to buy in a store because they have lowered the amount in the container but left the container and the price the same to make it look "nostalgic".
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  4. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    I am not going to do that, I'm not interested in this kind of comparison. I was talking about speed of killing monsters in my previous message. At level 80 on a live server I and my mercenary can easily kill 50 on-level monsters per minute provided I can pull that many. On Fallen Gate I can more of less easily kill a couple of monsters in a minute, but hardly more than that. As a result I get much less combat experience on Fallen Gate compared to live server.
  5. Conifur Well-Known Member

    You said there is an illusion of lower XP, that is not the case. The amount of XP gained per kill is lower. You are comparing level 80 and a merc on live to no merc and at best level 50 on FG. There is no illusion, you are getting less XP per kill. That is what matters, not that your level 80 and merc can can 50 in a minute on live.Not to mention the XP needed to level from 10 - 11 is lower then say 80 - 81.
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  6. Ratface Member

    You get less experience per mob. Sure the slow kill rate makes it feel even slower, but the base amount per mob is still lower. Less experience per mob isn't an illusion due to killing speed. Although the slower kill rate just makes it even worse.
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  7. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    Let's do the math if you insist. 50/2 = 25. So I get 25 times less combat experience when I'm level 10 compared to level 80 provided that on-level monster contributes about similar percentage of experience independently of level.
    The influence of level difference is much bigger than the one you are talking about.
    Well, of course the numbers that I use are fictional and unreal, but I'm sure you get the picture.
  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    That is a deceptive math 'comparison'.. you're leaving out the part that it takes less xp to go from lvl 10 to lvl 11 then it does from lvl 80 to 81.
    Comparing the xp for killing a lvl 10 monster and a lvl 80 monster is like comparing apples and puppies.

    The point is that killing a lvl x mob on on a lvl x toon on fallen gate yeilds less xp then it does even on Stormhold; and, as people have already noted, xp on Stormhold was too low for some.
    Personally, I found Stormhold acceptable. On stormhold, however, I did not have to run back and forth between qeynos, antonica and new halas just to get to lvl 20 with quests. I did not have to grind and kill the same mobs over and over and over again JUST for xp. I was able to proceed through quest lines in a natural pattern without having the quests get orange on me because the xp from the quests and mobs was so low that they did not keep up with quest progression.
  9. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    Not really. To get from level 10 to level 11 you have to kill 300 level 10 monsters. To get from level 80 to level 81 you have to kill 300 level 80 monsters. Considering that you need 25 times more time to kill 300 level 10 monsters at level 10 than to kill 300 level 80 monsters at level 80, you need 25 times more time to get from 10 to level 11 than to get from level 80 to level 81.

    Why do we need more time? Because we do not have mass killing spells at level 10. We do not have AAs. Our spells are at adept level at best. Our ability reuse speed is about two times slower. Our weapon damage is very low, but that the same on every server (hopefully DBG will fix weapon damage sooner or later).

    I exaggerate of course. The difference is less than 25 times of course. Yet, it is big enough to upset some people that get used to get from level 40 to level 80 on a live server in a couple of hours in agnostic dungeon.
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  10. Xephane Active Member

    Maybe it can, maybe it can't. I believe that with the current experience rate this is likely around how long it will take the general population to get to 50, provided they are playing of course.

    Okay, I get it, I was an *** . Whatever, let it go please. I already pointed out why I said that, the statement that anybody on this server would take 12 weeks to level up one character if they are trying to get experience is simply absurd, anybody who takes that long is either barely playing or not utilizing their time well enough.

    What I meant by illusion isn't that the experience rate is the same, what I meant was that people seem to think that it is impossible to get to 50, especially within a reasonable time, just because the first few levels happen to be slow. Illusion means that people think it is so much slower than it actually is, there are plenty of things you can do as a player to get big bursts of experience. Sure, solo questing can be difficult and you will get outleveled, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to do. While 1-20 does happen to be slow, it isn't impossible, once people get past that curve it becomes far easier to solo level, or grind out instances (people keep pointing out how good exp only comes from contested, untrue.)

    Of course... We've seen it through the entire history of EQ2 that people will find anything to complain about. People had years to get used to regular rule set experience rates and then a new shiny server comes out where it is "back in the day" and people feel like the experience isn't playable because they aren't used to having to adjust to a different play style. People who say it's fine know how to play around it (not counting potions), people who say it isn't possible don't really know what to do.

    This is a topic where I'm very on the line about, while I'm personally not bothered by the rate I feel like all these threads on here aren't going to do anything. Sure, everybody should have fun but we'll have to see next patch if things get adjusted. If it isn't, I don't think it will be. I'm aware the experience is slow and I want you guys to be heard. But I also want you guys to calm down on this topic. Think about it this way, if you did something at your job incorrectly and a bunch of customers got mad at you and started yelling at you for it, you wouldn't really want to deal with it right away. Why? Because people who are only saying something negative do not get listened to. It's just how it is, sure maybe eventually you will get to it, because it's your job. Yet you aren't going to leap on it right away because a few people are poking at you saying "I don't like this... YOU NEED to fix it or I'm leaving." The bad apples are pushed aside, people will deal with something when they wish to in a situation like this, not because people are yelling and screaming at them.

    Saying people will leave isn't an argument that gets listened to, nobody wants to hear about what will happen if they don't do what you say in "x" way. They just want to know what exactly they should do differently, but this leads to another problem... With experience everybody has their own opinion, so what do you really think they are going to do? It's like an auction house right now. "15%!" "45%!" "75%!" "100%!" "200%!"

    Who's the crowd that gets listened to? Think about it.
  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Can we lock this thread now, its turning into a mass throwing of shade in all directions.

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  12. Xephane Active Member

    Agreed, this topic never has any good surrounding it.
  13. Luziana Member

    I dont want my topic to be closed, please.

    It is very interesting how other People see this matter.

    Xephane and Cyrrena dont need to post here or even view it, if they feel pain doing so. Thank you.
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  14. Xephane Active Member

    Interesting or not this is one of those threads that will only go downhill, eventually the thread will be closed anyways, you don't really have a say in that.
  15. Luziana Member

    One of those threads ...
    But you do not really have a say in that either.

    This topic is about items that are sold via Marketplace but not availlaiable via claim.

    You dont see any problem in this or even no need to talk about that.
    You stated this clear.
    But that does not mean that it is irrelevant for others.
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  16. Xephane Active Member

    The point is that regardless of who started what and what this was about it's turned into a very negative thread with people calling each other out and being rude to each other. These threads don't look good to DBG and they tend to close them down before they get too out of hand.
  17. Tcmll24 New Member

    I agree with Luziana. Don't close this thread. DBG bought this game and others to make cash period. My problem is they are getting ALOT greedy. With greed comes demise. I am no longer paying for something I already earned and owned. They take away what I earned I take away my business. Once they drain the population of $$ they will either sell the game or shut it down.
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  18. Xephane Active Member

    Then I hope they get on with it already and sell it to a company that will actually take care of it. SOE needs to take charge of this game again, when DBG took charge the game went on a massive downhill spiral. It needs to stop. Plenty of people complained about SOE but now look at what the new company is doing to the game we all know and love.
  19. Xephane Active Member

    And honestly, I don't think telling the developers to keep the thread open will get the point across any more than it already has. There is nothing more you can say to make your point any more clear than what has already been said. They will do with it what they will, in the meantime we just have to live with it.
  20. Uxtalzon Active Member

    It must be painful trying to defend Daybreak sometimes. Could have just stated it plainly before launch:

    "We understand it may not be a popular choice, but veteran rewards are disabled while marketplace purchases are available. We want to encourage players to spend their time in nostalgia by starting over fresh, but we recognize many players want the option to quicken their adventures and stay ahead of the curve. The marketplace already exists, so it makes sense be included."

    Know what, you appreciate feedback, right?

    Enable veteran rewards on accounts when the player reaches level 50. Now they can level an alt and stay interested longer. Boom.

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