Wild Blossom Star and other TBL names

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  1. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    I am doing most of this already.
    Prep work: Geomantra, Scourge Skin, Defiant Stance, Tylix's skin. Incapacitate and Roar from Shm. I will add Tribute to this step going forward.
    Immediately before pull: Impenitent disc and epic 2.0. Then Terror to pull the mob.

    Engaging other toons:
    Shaman: /xtar to assist SK. Malo AA, slow/cripple AA. Send in Pet.
    Mage: /xtar to assist SK. send in pet. chaotic fire. Nuke AA. Remorseless (the 110 version) servant.

    SK: lifetap if needed, cycle terrors (I mem 2 versions) to proc rune AA. Cast Torrent and Refute of power to boost AC.

    Shaman: hotkey for DoT burn (spire + DoT AA).
    Mage: hotkey for spire, fire based DD plus a few others I can't remember right now.

    Shaman: hotkey for DoTs. Does combo DoT plus disease based DoT plus Ergo magic based DoT. Sends emote so I know it's done.
    Mage: Nuke hotkey. Goes through my strongest nukes plus the Nuke AA.

    SK: Hopefully we're "under control" for a minute, I start the burn on my SK. DoT boost AA, then Harm Touch (I will move this later in my rotation based on latest feedback). Second spire (will change to first), Visage of Death, Clarent Blade, Tylix's Strike. Then, swarm pets and cloth cap swarm pets.

    Shm: swarm pets and cloth cap swarm pets.

    Mage: cloth cap swarm pets, then swarm pets, then "Of the Many" nuke, pause, and repeat the nuke.

    Shm: ice/poison nukes, the Dissent roar for DPS boost and HoT on the tank.

    SK: keep cycling terrors, make sure Tylix's skin, Defiant, Torrent, Refute are up. Lifetap as needed.

    Shm + mage: keep nuking/Dissenting. DoT with Shm when they fall off.

    SK: keep cycling terrors, lifetap as needed. Use 1 disc and 1 leech ability until they all wear out.

    Player: keep praying that: all this is working, I don't get a big damage spike or AE that kills me, my mercs don't go on strike, and my shaman is not mid-macro when I need to fire off a heal to save the group. Also pray I don't get bugged, which seems to happen to me a bunch. I was killing Mischief in Empyr last night, and I was owning him until he feared my mage and shaman, who ended up underneath the world, unable to move or cast. Wiped. Lovely.
  2. Whulfgar Augur

    I had thought Sk's had the capability to basically go unkillable for up to 2 min's stacking all their stuff ?
  3. Petalonyx Elder

    What EM is your mage? Have you tried earth pet tanking? I completed Empyr hunter with mage pet tank exclusively and 2 healer mercs. The reason you are dying seems to be spike dmg. Mage earth pets have a ton of hp to absorb that. They can start out with pet fort while things get debuffed.
  4. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    I have EM 24 on the mage. There are some situations where even the air pet surprises me, as if it's out-tanking the SK, and then other times the mage pet dies in a few hits (granted, I don't use Earth pet very much, so that's mainly the air pet).
  5. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    I wish! Sure, I can run in GMM, gather up a bunch of weak mobs, and tank all of them using discs and leech abilities, but I'm definitely not unkillable, especially against tough named mobs. I have way too many deaths on my record to prove that, heh.
  6. Petalonyx Elder

    You might be surprised how well the earth pet handles the spikes. They are a bag of flesh nearing 400k when buffed i think. Just make sure to buff him and treat him well. Have a buffed back-up suspended.
    I have only EM 21, for reference.
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  7. Brohg Augur

    Setup hasn't mentioned Concordant Defiance?

    SK terror plan is bad plan. Lifetaps aren't "if needed", they're all-day-erry-day-double-on-Sunday. The rune from Terror is small and unreliable, healing from taps is neither of those things.

    Shm burn doesn't mention Fleeting Spirit? is 'uge. Instead of one hotkey to send all four dots out, maybe use two keys. Each one to do FrostbittenGift-targeting-tank, Spiritual Squall, /assist (to target the mob), two of the dots, /assist (back to the tank, so you're set to heal). They'll take a bit longer to apply like that, but you'll be getting a PILE of healing on top of the damage, and that'll take away time you might spend nuking, which is a good thing. Because Shm nukes are pretty bad nukes. They can be skipped entirely besides the Frostbitten Gift+Spiritual Squall combo.
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  8. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    If I'm at max life, and i lifetap, I'm now still at max life, but I have a cooldown on that lifetap that can't be used.

    I use 3 lifetaps memmed: Dissident Fang, Touch of T'Vem, and Dire Testimony. If I fire off all 3 when full on life, and THEN I get smashed for 200K, I have nothing available to help get my life back. I'd rather wait until I take a hit or two to cast a lifetap, and then save the next one for the next hit, and then finally Dissident (generally because it's the biggest lifetap). I just don't see why I should spam them whenever they are available if it means I'm more likely to die because they aren't available when I need them.

    I don't use Concordant very often because it will aggro other mobs around you, even if you aren't KOS to them. I was dying in certain areas because of it, so I don't keep it part of my normal rotation, but I still have it on my spell list.

    For the shaman, I am using Fleeting spirit. I was just calling it DoT AA because I couldn't remember the name of it. I use the nukes after that because the mob is already loaded up with DoTs, so re-casting DoTs at that point doesn't make much sense.
  9. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    Also, why not use Terror? It procs (18% chance) Cascading Theft of Defense AA, which creates a 50K rune (10k per hit, up to 1 minute). That's a lot of damage reduction.
  10. Brohg Augur

    18% chance per cast means that over time, per-cast, you're expecting 18% of that 50k rune. 9k. That's (intentionally by developers) remarkably coincident with the number considered such a forgettable gimme that it happens randomly from autoattacking, as a proc from your weapon. Cascading Theft of Defense isn't a strategy, it's a minor payback for not doing something way better (like casting some spell that's not Terror)

    Terrors are a wonderful but very specialized tool, for when an SK needs to build hate, instantly (as when the SK is running) and without causing damage (as when one doesn't want to make the enemy summon). In other words, they're for kiting.

    oop, there's a problem. You should also have Touch of Lutzen & Insidious Denial loaded, too. If you set up a multibind with Spear-Dire-Insidious-Touch-Touch-Dissident-Bite, then you never run out of spells to cast. A multibind is like this:


    There's wizard spells in that screenshot, but the idea is that tapping Q button (or whatever button you choose) casts whichever spell is ready, without you having to track cool downs. With Spear-Dire-Insidious-Touch-Touch-Dissident-Bite lined up, you can cast 20 spells a minute (depending on lag), 17 of them lifetaps, just tappytapping Q.

    If you're in a risky area with adds then [there's probably a better spot, but] you drag Insidious off the bar & dip into Touch of Falsin, Touch of Hemofax to fill up cast time.
  11. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    Thanks. I'm familiar with multi-bind. I've been doing since the Kunark days with my monk. I put the epic fists on a hotbar and bound the same key as flying kick so I'd always have the clicky haste, but I digress.

    I've replaced the terrors and added the two lifetaps you suggested. I'm not sure I'll multi-bind all those just yet, particularly because I have 3 instances of the game running off the same client, and that would make things really messy, but I may go that route eventually.
  12. Brohg Augur

    I find that potential complication to be very close to a feature when multi-boxing, since nearly all classes can use a multibind for "something". Your magician, for instance, could use that keybind for Servant-Many-Chaotic-Spear with a social for ForceofElement+FireboundOrb, and shaman for Gift-Squall-Lion-Reckless110-Reckless105-Recourse with SpiritGuardian+epic.
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  13. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    It's because I'm using a single client, which means a single EQ.ini across all characters. If I make Q a multi-bind (staying congruent with your example), on 5 different hotbar slots, then it needs to match perfectly across across all 3 characters. Otherwise, I need to install EQ 2 more times, which triples the storage footprint and means I have to keep up with separate EQ.ini files and makes other things more difficult, like copying a UI layout that I've adjusted from account 1 to account 3. I get what you're saying, but it would be too messy for me right now. Additionally, I would need a lot of practice playing like that before I could do anything meaningful with it. So much muscle memory to relearn, etc.

    On a side note, I'm doing Brass Palace, and this Silent Sun mob is OWNING me so hard. He has a 146K DD, and he hits so hard and so fast. In one second, he hit me for 93K. He then hit me for another 180K a few seconds later. I didn't even have a chance to heal or lifetap. It was just instant death. Someone had mentioned farming this mission for gear now that I've finally completed the progression to get here, but I can't even get past this first step because this mob hits so hard.
  14. Daedly Augur

    So, what you do is use Hotbar 1 and maybe hotbar 2 as well for your multibind across all your characters. Same thing for initial engage macros and burn macros.
  15. Morthakia Augur

    I don’t see “Spurn” in your SK line-up. This is a ridiculously useful spell for tanking. The rune makes a huge difference!! You can use it at full health to absorb a few swings or you can wait until you take a spike and then hit it to buy time for a heal.

    Also, your SK lineup didn’t seem to include using your Epic 2.0 or other lifetap-from-melee items. Please tell me you have your 2.0? It is pretty fundamental to SK survivability on tough fights.
  16. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    It's in there. I have a macro that I spam constantly that does the following:
    /disc Spurn Rk. II
    /disc Wounding Blade Rk. II
    /disc Reflexive Revulsion Rk. II
    /alt activate 825 (vicious bite of chaos)

    I didn't mention it because it's not specific to named mobs. I'm just spamming that constantly in between other activities in every fight.

    I did mention above that I use one disc and one life leech ability at a time.
    I.E.-Impenitent + epic 2.0, then Krell Mantle + Anguish BP, then Guardian + current breastplate, then diplomatic papers + blood drinker's. I throw in Deflection and Shield Flash for "oh ****" moments when I need a heal to land on me or I'm trying to get a lifetap off. I don't try to "stack" the mitigation discs or abilities because I know a bunch of them don't stack, and I don't want to waste any of them.

    With Torrent and Refute up, my AC is 6672 (6855 with Tribute), and my HPs are 270K (275K with tribute). Figured I'd update that since I've received a few new upgrades after I started this thread.
  17. Morthakia Augur

    Spell / ability lineup looks pretty good to me. Do you have a magelo? That may be the key here ...
  18. Qbert Augur

    Shm's alliance should be on the tank at a minimum. If you put it on other toons that may take damage and receive heals, it will only increase the potential ae heals from the merc. If healing is truly the issue, you can drop call of the ancients before engaging the named also.
  19. Brohg Augur

    Yep, that's right. That's definitely what I do. The multibind hotbar is the multibind hotbar on all characters. Notice in the screenshot that's set up on Hotbar 11, which will never "oops" its way into any character's existing setup
  20. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    For you SKs and shammies out there, do you gear up your pet?

    I've been adding a full set of gear for both my SK and Shaman pets, but it's so time consuming every time I summon a new pet (which seems frequent given how much I've been dying lately), and I'm wondering if it's even worth it to put jewelry and armor on the pets. I think the weapons and haste mask make sense for added DPS, but just curious what others do for summoned jewelry/armor.

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