Wild Blossom Star and other TBL names

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  1. Yendar Augur

    You can complete 1 trial every 3 days to continue on progression past stratos. T2 loot will be unlocked after completing 1 trial. Each trial will have chest loot of multiple pieces of gear.

    You should atleast do Wending Ways every 3 days to
    Continue on your progression and to be able to farm T2 stuff/missions. Don’t waste time farming T1 gear.
  2. Dayone New Member

    Try gameparse sdps and post your results.
  3. Vaeeldar Augur

    His AC sounds very low. Granted I'm mostly sitting on t3 tbl vis + gmm but I'm still buffing to 7400ac. Without seeing a magelo it's hard to say what the cause is but I'd guess AC augs and trophy/tribute.

    All that said the real issue is dps. Some of the named in TBL require fast dps and wiz mercs just can't help with that.
  4. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    If I'm struggling to complete named mobs in T1, am I realistically going to be able to handle the missions to progress to T2? I heard the missions were even tougher than the stuff in Stratos.
  5. NeverPayForLag Augur

    I take the first RoS mission as a milestone. If you can handle that, then you can handle mobs like Wildblossom. If you cannot handle Cacticii (RoS) then I doubt that you will have fun in TBL progression.

    Wildblossom will be down with 2 adds at around 940k sdps. If your group does minimum damage output for Cacticii Ros Mission (850k) then you perhaps will have 4 adds. If your sdps sucks more, forget Wildblossom and some of the harder TBL named. And I would doubt that you be successful in missions and esp. trials with a box group with a lower dps. TBL is still too hard in my opinion and the trials suck without a good amount of minimum dps.

    Tested that some minutes ago with group tanks on f2p/silver at 5,3-5,7kAC and 230-250kHP (with nearly completed TBL progression, full RoS/EoK, but with T1 TBL and RoS Conflagrant and partly no augments) but with real cleric and no mercs and RoS Conflagrant "stun" weapons ("stun" in TBL makes parts much easier). DI from cleric went off once.

    Shaman/Mage/Sk with T1 TBL/RoS Conflagrant should be able to make 600k - add all 3 mercs as dps then you should be good with max of 2-4 adds.

    1. Share and even out taunt. Sk and Mage Pet get half the damage with that trick
    2. Check if Shaman healing alliance could work with healer merc
    3. Use shaman guardian on tank
    4. Optimize Mage for Volley. Get out all pets/swarms from Sk, Shm, Mage and spam volley and your best nukes
    5. Sk burn with all harm/leech touch and all AA/Lifetap boosts should make half the damage, the Mage the other half.
    6. Shaman should dps-boost (dissident-line) and use all heal-damage-combos
    7. In emergeny try the pushroot (virulent paralysis-line) from shaman to park the adds
    8. if possible try 2H for Sk if you lack on DPS and change to board/sword if adds make it necessary or your taunt-sharing with the second tank goes out of sync
    9. test everything with gameparse and post it for further optimization (!)
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  6. Yendar Augur

    That’s just absolutely not true..

    You can skip the harder trials.. you may have to join groups and run your toons through 1 at a time. Basically every other mission should be doable for you up to the last one (maybe the last 2 doomfire will
    Be hard now that you can’t run by the guardian?). Every partisan and mercenary task you should be able to do. Just because you can’t handle a single namer that spawns adds when you don’t have CC or a lot of dps doesn’t mean those things are needed for the majority of TBL. You should be able to virtually finish the entire expansion and be able to farm full T3 TS gear rather quickly actually. I don’t think this is going to solve he DPS issue as people are saying some things will be a lot easier if you get someone to help.
  7. Morthakia Augur

    Thank you for typing out this reply. Personally, I think your outdated Type 5 augs is crushing you. I’ll explain:

    TBM Type 5 Dex Aug = +32 Dex, +11 to most other stats
    RoS Type 5 Dex Aug = +45 Dex, +22 to most other stats

    That’s a difference of +13 Heroic Dex and +11 Heroic Sta / Agi / Int / Str for pretty much every slot. Over 20 slots, this adds up to +260 Heroic Dex and 220 to all other heroics. That’s a pretty dramatic difference — which is equally pronounced going from Ring of Scale type 5s to The Burning Lands type 5s.

    Now, compare the difference between Conflagrant Armor and T1 TBL armor. Not actually checking myself, I think you’ll find the difference is merely +2 per stat on average. Looking only at heroics, a single upgrade to an ROS Type 5 will be the same heroics-wise as upgrading 5 pieces of armor.

    I recognize there is more to tanking than heroics, but you’re putting yourself at a massive disadvantage by skipping over EOK/RoS type 5 augs. This is a SUPER common mistake that I see people make all the time. Go run some EoK + RoS missions and load up on Scale Touched Proficiencies!

    As for the other stuff, I’d advise you to consider investing the time for DoN progression and some Hero’s Vitality. It may feel like a waste, but it does all add up and will make tanking TBL much more enjoyable. That said, I’m confused how you can not have the time. Time is completely fungible — if you have time to do Stratos, you have time to do Hero’s AAs. Just comes down to how you choose to allocate it.

    Hope this post doesn’t come across as patronizing. Trying to take a data driven approach to helping make TBL fun for you! Good luck!
  8. Yendar Augur

    Upgrading to TBL armor would be significantly faster to do and a larger upgrade than farming old type 5’s. Literally just waiting for rots while you do progression and ask for them in ooc would be a faster way to upgrade gear.
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  9. Conq Augur

    From my personal experience, namers in Stratos were not worth the effort killing at all. I killed them to complete hunters, and haven't been back. Named in Smoke seemed easier than some in Stratos. Some are tougher than others in each zone, but I just avoided Stratos all together, being gravity fluxed off the island just sucked too much. Push through some progression and you can farm Brass Palace for fastest/easiest chests which include the TS muhbis's and Fettered Ifrit Coins to stock up your type 5 augs. This expansion isn't really linear in terms of mob toughness - so they don't get tougher as you access more tiers, sometimes it feels like they're weaker.
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  10. NeverPayForLag Augur

    What of it? He asked about the mission to go to T2 - that are the Trials. Can you handle them without enough DPS with this box? You can drag everybody through everything even naked...

    I don't say you NEED the trials for progression. Sure you can skip them. You can fellowship people beyond the trials and everytime you loose your fellowship you can do that again after a wipe, if you miss rezz somehow with your mercs (which sucks). Then you can try your luck on the T2 named. I did it this way too.If you have Gold then get the T2 gear and weapons and proceed farming Muhbis and do your tradeskill gear (TS). If somebody fellowships his tank into Mearatas then it is easy to get rotting T2 stuff there. Especially the tank needs a bit more love then the rest. This increases the chances for Hunter Achievement and the progression. Sure this is the best way to go. You can even fellowship into Plane of Smoke and make the Hunter there. But your progression will then stop there. Without all trials it is not possible to get the mercenary and partisan in Plane of Smoke. And in some trials no cc works. And some missions are partly as hard as the easier trials.

    If you have ultrarare weapons then they are normally enough and in parts even better than TS (e.g. rogue backstabber). It should be possible to make that DPS check and if you make Wildblossom then the group is good for everything. If not then the group will struggle in parts of the expansion.

    Easiest strat with fellowshipping:

    1. T2 (for T2 and TS gear)
    2. T1 Stratos (for Hunter and progression)
    3. Plane of Smoke (for Hunter and progression)
    4. Trials (for progression)

    With TS gear it is easier but this does not help his config as Shm, Sk, Mage. Wildblossom is a nice checkup for everything and a chance to optimize the group.And if he skipped EoK and RoS then he misses assumingly a good portion of optimizing his group setup. Especially RoS missions started to get a bit messy...
  11. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. My thoughts and some more details:

    1. Regarding time, I'm generally playing "catch up" from a break and never quite get caught up, and this time I'd like to be current in TBL before the next expansion comes out. The time I spend on old content means less time on the new content. I only have X hours per week to play, depending on work and family life. For EoK, I was almost done progression (I was on Methods of Sarnak Destruction I think). I'm not sure it makes sense to farm EoK missions and finish progression for a small bump in stats if I could be close to gearing up in Stratos and then just farming type 5 aug and progression there instead. T1 gear in TBL is such a nice stat bump over what I have that it would be the best bang for the buck. That was my thinking at least.

    2. Regarding fellowship, we don't have a lot of high end players in our guild. Honestly, I'm often PLing other characters or helping them out in my fellowship, so I probably won't get a fellowship into T2 zones. Based on schedule, I will likely never raid or get into a high end guild.

    3. Regarding the economy/gearing, as mentioned above, I could farm EoK missions for better type 5 augs, but the bump from TBL to EoK isn't huge. I did 0 progression in RoS. Backfilling that now would take forever. I'm on FV, so I can buy a lot of gear, including augs, or even T2 TBL gear, but buying krono and then selling for plat to upgrade gear just feels really cheap and cheesy to me. I'm not against using some plat to help catch up a bit, but I don't want to "pay to win" all the way to the Group end game. I do want to progress through the last part, but maybe buying the RoS augs is a good measure until I can earn coin for the TBL Dex augs.

    4. Parsing: I honestly haven't parsed in years. I know EQ is often a min/max, micro-managing, meta-game, but with Inner Space, hotkeys galore, and time spent researching at work (like right now), I've never really used parsers or GINA. I don't want to spend 80% of my time working on my "setup" and 20% of the time playing the game. I also never expect to top any DPS charts and have a dislike of DPS meters from my short time playing WoW (it was all UI and DPS meters for ePeen instead of actually being engaged in the game). Is it really worth it to set up Gameparse?

    5. Armor Class: my actual AC/HPs with merc buffs, shaman buffs (including Pact of Wolf, etc) and combat buffs like Torrent of Suffering and Refute for Power is 6370 AC and 259,000 HPs. It was a little higher AC wise than what I first reported. Once I get a few more visibles, they should add to stats plus the improvement in charm slot.

    6. I've had some success on other named mobs like Glassbeak, Dour, and Silver Eyes. I think I'll avoid Wild Blossom for now until I have more visible slots for all toons (SK mainly) and spell upgrades to rank 2. Hopefully, that's geared enough where I can run missions/trials to get into other zones, which should help both with coins (for stat augs) as well as T2 gear.

  12. Yendar Augur

    He doesn’t need DPS for Wending Ways or Trial of Three does he?

    Why can’t he do one of those every 3 days and farm
    Them for tradeskill
    Muhbis while he continues onto empyr.. I’m sure he can farm
    Some T2 namers for better gear there than in stratos. They aren’t really harder.
  13. Yendar Augur

    You’re fine, you can basically complete the entire expansion with the gear you have. There will be a few namers you have trouble with. You’ll need to ask for help. Wild Blossom is always going to give you trouble without a mezzer for instance. You can skip a couple missions (just like you would have to do in RoS) you can’t beat those without outside help either. It’s not your gear that’s the problem.. it’s that they require more people. You’ll be able to farm the entire expansion with your group and get best in slot group gear for everyone without any outside help though. Just do an easy trial and move onto Empyr.
  14. Daedly Augur

    Just so you know, you don't need T1 visables to make the T2. So, if you take the time out to work progression and get access to Contract of War and Tyrant of Fire. You could farm T2 visables relatively easy. In the both missions, wiping does not create a reset. So you can keep at it until you finish. Tyrant of fire doesn't even have a "boss" mob.
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  15. Gio-Cefalu Elder

    I thought I had to complete the trials in a very specific order. I haven't researched all the details yet, but I thought it was a very specific order that needed to be completed in order to move from zone to zone through TBL. Is that not the case?
  16. Daedly Augur

    Any order you want
  17. Vaeeldar Augur

    You don't even have to finish the trials. I still have one trial left to have done all smoke but I've got full progression. It's actually not a bad suggestion to get progression done and them farm contract of war and tyrant of fire for gear. Wending ways trial is by far the easiest although the trial of 3 (or whatever it's called) is probably the second easiest.
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  18. Petalonyx Elder

    Have you tried earth pet tanking named while SK tank adds? Prebuff it with runes etc, and use pet fort right away while he gets debuffed.

    The earth pet will absorb the spikey quads much more effectively than SK since it has so much more hp.

    My paladin has 300k hp and 7k ac and i still prefer earth pet tanking for tbl named. Just make sure you have good EM (19+).

    Anything you can do AHEAD of engage that reduces the total fight length should be done. I personally have had better results startimg long_duration burn buffs before pulling so i come in with guns blazing immediately.

    Root punt the first add.

    The add-summoners will ramp up, so save your better SK discs for later in fight.

    I'd personally go with two healer mercs instead of one. Set one reactive and one balanced.
  19. NeverPayForLag Augur

    How do you do that?

    I have ALL progression except Plane of Smoke Mercenary! Why?
    Because I don't get any quests in Plane of Smoke. Why?
    Because I miss one single trial! One trial for the Burminator and the Flying Carpet.... o_O

    So how will you have done that part without all trails because the trials are one part of all the group achievements in the progression tab?
    Or do you talk only about the Missions?

    Besides: did they change/weaken this horrible Trial "Ashes of the last Glory" the last 4 months? This trial is the most pita of all....
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  20. Yendar Augur

    Sorry, yes.. you can do everything except mercenary of plane of smoke... as you can’t request those tasks without completing all 5 trials.

    But still the premise is the same, do Wending Ways, zone to empyr and continue progression or hunt namers there... they aren’t much harder than stratos and drop better gear.

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