When will the next Progressionserver start? :)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Druidika, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. an_ogre_monk00 Elder

    Agnarr die in 6 months. Ogre think something new replace then. Agnarr has good (XP, pick zone, instance), Agnarr has bad (took too long to find Velious place, expect to find moon place too soon).

    Ogre never want start in classic again. Not fun play in min/max world with bot and farmer. Good time to join now if can accept 6 month play before end of all things.
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  2. Accipiter Augur

    It means the TLP concept is brilliant.
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  3. LarsBars New Member

    What this guy needs is Tiered Progression Servers (what they should have done from the start). You have a server at original, kunark, velious, luclin, PoP, etc and simply allow people to graduate themselves whenever they're done with the content. They'd also be done creating new servers forever. It just makes sense.
  4. snailish Augur

    Full ladder would be a series of ghost servers. Don't get me wrong, I like the ladder concept I just don't think 24+ single expansion servers are viable. Original by itself isn't viable... it's fun for a bit with a mass rush of population... terrible to be alone in after the curve.

    Agnarr is sort-of a test drive of the ladder concept. If Agnarr maintains population into the lock then maybe we get a second locked server. The logical (to me) way to do this is start it from original (yawn I know, but that is the $$$$ rush and they roll these servers to make $) and lock it at OoW --but allow free transfers up from Agnarr once GoD opens. This gives locked server #2 at least a short-term burst. Then you have to see if both of them remain viable.

    If they do... then maybe you can do an earlier lock but allow it to jump up to Agnarr. This could probably be Velious or Luclin but doubtful on both ever (have to pick 1). If that works, after OoW I think you can lock at TSS [last full to cap expansion, without mercs], with the massive assumption that any of these servers remain viable into their locks. That's 4 servers on the ladder and the absolute max I think has even the slimmest chance of being playable with others.

    Having said that... they make more $ doing Phinny 2.0 in 2019.
  5. Kolani Augur

    Hopefully no time soon. Ring of Scale is a buggy expansion that needs developer attention more than a new progression server. Empires of Kunark was relatively bug-free, but The Broken Mirror before it was a buggy mess. Because TBM launched during the Phinny launch window, it's obvious that resources were diverted to Phinny because of how long major bugs remained in TBM.
  6. Machentoo Augur

    This wouldn't give him what he wants, because he'd be the only person starting there right now. He might as well start on Agnarr or Phinny or Ragefire, it would be the same experience but with a far better end game result.
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  7. Vlerg Augur

    Thing is, that day 1 experience really don't last long (some would even say one day).

    You'll be XP'ing in crushbone, camping emperor Crush, getting your fill of nostalgia and remembering how classic EQ involve an amazingly large amount of ''Sit on your butt waiting for mana/respawn''... then you'll see some odd message like this

    ''Serverwide Announcement: Everyone please congratulate Bob (Bob's Guild) in vanquishing Lord Nagafen!''

    You'll pause for a moment, wondering how someone got that high level in such a short amount of time... and your nostalgic feel will take a suddent hit when you realize you still haven't reached lvl 20, but there's group(s) keeping PoFear / PoHate down, killing mob as soon as they respawn. Unrest is filled with low-level toons getting PL'd by their lvl 50 box, a single group can keep Lord-frenzy-magus down in Lguk and so on.

    So... if you want to experience early everquest... just go in now. it's not too late.
  8. kenmei Journeyman

    The next TLP should be both True Box and non-krono. Kronos would also not be allowed onto the server.
    That my friends, would end much of the plague of problems facing the current TLPs. Boxxers don't pay for their accounts with actual money, they only use kronos. Take this away from them, they have no incentive to play on that server.

    (*note* when the term boxxer is used nowadays, this doesn't refer to people who actually pay for multiple accounts and play on multiple physical comps. This refers to the people who are playing 6+ accounts on 1 computer, using 3rd part software to do so, and 3rd party software to circumvent the EULA. They forcefully take camps sometimes entire zones, bully the playerbase, sell PLevels, Raid Loot etc for trade in krono. They destroy server economies and then server populations left and right.
    So a huge difference between the two kinds of players.)
  9. jeskola Augur

    This again? enough already. This isn't a charity, it is a for-profit business. stop it already. or, they could use your idea as a way to "sunset" Everquest.
  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Though I love the speculation and ideas, we don't currently have any plans laid out for another Progression Server. There isn't a particular cadence we're following for releasing them, and there's always the question of how players are most interested in playing when another server springs up. When the time comes, there will definitely be a discussion on what the new server's goal is, and we'll likely go from there.
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  11. oldkracow Augur

    Only way I'm considering to leave Agnarr is if it see some form of the following options available on a new TLP:

    • FV style loot rules
    • No more Multi - Questing of items
    • Bazaar from the get go
    • Turn off that MOTM on old stuff after 2 expansions
    • Start banning folks who clearly only play to RMT and the bot folks
  12. Brutalis-trak New Member

    id love to play on those servers but the true box code keeps me from doing so, im not going to run 3 computers to do what i can and should be able to do on one , true-box code didn't do much to stop the boxers so imho its flawed . non-bot code maybe but even that's a stretch since folks are using other 3rd party programs to automate, just not the big one we don't mention here. i will say gmk seem to try to remove them when they find them for the most part , good for them .
  13. Boze Augur

    You realize this would attract more RMT right? People selling loot rights would just turn into people selling the gear, and it'd be easier to sell.
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  14. snailish Augur

    Yes, every change ripples into other things.

    Likely not a popular idea, but a 1-character per account limit combined with free-trade loot does drop the value (and length of market) for items.

    Then you have the ripple of anyone that likes alts won't play there. Once lowbie population peters out, lots of twink items would lose value huge too.

    Depends on the goals for the ruleset. Better to set the goals first, then shape the rules?
  15. Jaybizzer Journeyman

    Everything has been done except for a PVP Progression Server. DAYBREAK, ITS' TIME!
  16. Kolani Augur

    No. There's no way that this can be implemented without affecting Live servers. TLP has screwed up enough on Live as it is.
  17. Vanishin Journeyman

    Actually the truebox code has been doing its job just fine. Eq can run on a very low quality computer, just because you see someone boxing more than 3 toons, doesn't mean it isn't on physical hardware.
  18. an_ogre_monk00 Elder

    Ogre not sure what will happen on Agnarr after PoP if no where to go. Think DBG lose many Ogre and food persons. When time-beast die, many players go away.
  19. Corilleous Journeyman

    You could always transfer your PoP geared toons to Live and be totally useless compared to others at the same level......

    I was on Agnaar, leveled multiple toons to cap and did their epics. It was fun, I will admit it. I then thought about what will eventually happen and decided to go back to Live. IMO Live is more fun anyways, have fun on Agnaar!
  20. an_ogre_monk00 Elder

    Not allowed, agree with idea. Would prefer transfer Phinny, would miss some places, but best of bad option. On live can always be hero. Lost hero, but hero. Ogre not sure what to do on live. Anyway, already have pop gear on live, is trash now!

    Consider also start over on Phinny, but very painful. Most player do not play young Ogre game, hang out with old people, grow up very fast. Take too long to grow up on Phinny as it is. Not sure can suffer (slow) experience again.

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