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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Sphynx_CT_SR, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    I am curious if there is any reason that Warlord's Grasp is receiving such a massive nerf in today's patch.

    Warlord's grasp specifically had a level cap built into the ability and in my opinion, is a vital tool to assist warriors in the raid game as well as the group game and it is not only getting reduced in power, it is also getting reduced in level cap by 6?

    Has anyone seen any posts of any reason for these changes?
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  2. Repthor Augur

    its got reduced in lvls becoz it worked on raid mobs. and they think we pull with it, and im sure some ppl did (not sure why but ppl how their reason i sopose)
    but the change was to get it in line with the nerf to moveing mountains and divine call and hates attraction and bard gather whatever its called. its all inspired by the fling nerf

    no dev response on the as to why for that ability by itself however
  3. Forsaken_Ruler Journeyman

    What I ask the Devs is as follows:

    If Warlord's Grasp is being nerfed as a pulling tool specifically, then might Warriors be given the option to completely opt out of fade to gain the original level cap back?

    Allow the warrior to toggle off the fade AA as a usable ability. While the fade is inactive we would have access to our normal Warlord's Grasp. Toggle "Howl of the Warlord" back on as a usable ability and we would have the lower level restriction placed back on Warlord's Grasp and have to wait out the cool down on Howl.

    The ability was already iffy at best for pulling, being that it was a mid-ranged gravity tool rather than a long range flip tool like the others (SK, MNK). Also, warrior's do not have FD. This means that, with the new nerf bats hitting Howl, we cant really use this fade very effectively anyway. I personally don't mind returning to the warrior mind set "tank 'em all or die trying" instead of trying to fancy-fade my way out of it.

    Tanking is the Warrior's job, hands down. Fade does not help me do this. But warlord's grasp pulling a mob off a NEARBY ally in group or raid..., this is my job. This is aggro control and ally protection.

    Please please please just let us opt out of fade, to regain full use of our aggro/ally-protection TANK TOOL (while simultaneously making "fade splitting" impossible)

    ~Quickfang Ironcoat of Cazic-Thule
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  4. Forsaken_Ruler Journeyman

    Actually, an easier solution for everybody (devs and players alike) would just to have Howl of the Warlord go on cooldown for whenever Warlord's Grasp is on cooldown.

    Pull nerfed, grasp intact. Done.
  5. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    Warlord's Grasp is an important tool used for helping to position mobs, helping to aggro mobs off of people that the mob shouldn't be on. This nerf is going to have major impacts on warriors and not at all with the pulling aspects that they were attempting to address.
  6. Repthor Augur

    - Warrior - Modified Warlord's Grasp so that the improved taunt portion of the ability will continue to function even if the target is immune to the gravity portion of the ability

    the taunt function will still work. just not the gravitate effect. so rather then flying to you they will run normaly now
  7. Belkar_OotS Augur

    Agreed with Repthor ^^

    The taunt remains unchanged they said. Honestly, the dragging around of the mob was kind of hazardous anyway since the mob always ended BEHIND me... which I hated. I do well enough on agro that I can usually move a mob without issue, and use Press The Attack and Grapple to position mobs as needed.

    The time it really comes as an issue is when other people are fighting me for agro, or I let a pet have higher agro then me. This particular change doesn't really get to me.

    Losing my fast cast invisibility via howl will have a stronger impact on my daily play. Good thing for invisibility clickies! Not looking forward to having it wear off at bad times again with me causing a few more accidental trains though LOL. Contrary to some of the opinions here, I use our fade regularly during tank swaps on raids. It was a nice way to save my bacon from the lesser skilled tanks who apparently find getting a successful taunt to be really hard.
  8. Forsaken_Ruler Journeyman

    The positioning was possible for a warrior even when something else was attempting to dominate aggro. (Such as someone's pet) ... The patch is making Warlord's Grasp nothing but another "Blast of Anger"

    The mid ranged gravity effect is still an important tool as Sphynx already stated for the obvious reasons.

    Again, this helps us control aggro and mob position to protect the group.


    As for using the fade in tank swaps. You can still do that with my above suggestion. Put fade on cooldown with Warlord's Grasp's CD. Thus allowing you to fade in tank swaps, and use WG as a positioning and aggro tool. This nerfs ONLY the grasp/fade trick.

    ^ Everybody wins
  9. Makavien Augur

    I agree that this nerf to warlord's grasp was not needed it was not a pulling tool and people using it as such are not going to group with others in the first place.

    This was a positioning tool made specifically so we could move a npc when a pet was on the top of the hate list or it was rooted by someone that thought they knew what they was doing. This exact situation the taunt portion won't matter anyway we already have undivided attention we didn't need another unbroken attention button.

    This along with the other 4 nerfs warriors received today is putting us back in cotf tier 1b power wise.

    Quit taking stuff away from us without adjusting the over powered heroic strikethrough and other junk you have in the game.

    With this patch you enabled the pet problem to pop up again when it was finally mostly gone. You lowered rage of the forsaken and took away the only big range(if you consider 150ish units big) positioning tool the one class that needs it has along with removing the lure of the siren's song ability from play when it was used specifically to pile npc up so the bards short range aoe mezz would hit them.

    Whoever changed all this stuff was like that person I mentioned above rooting .
  10. Makavien Augur

    I hope you took into account that you need to lower firiona vie and galenth's aggro and other stupid chain taunting npcs in arx that make you instant fail events when they die. Grasp was one of the only ways to get the mobs off of these npc because they run around like chickens with their head 's cut off chain taunting things when they shouldn't even be involved in the event in the first place.
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  11. Coronay Augur

    After messing around with it some I really like the changes. It basically does the same thing it just does not put the mob right on top of you.
  12. Triconix Augur

    That was the best part of the ability...
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  13. Forsaken_Ruler Journeyman

    Truth, makes the ability unique and not just another taunt.
  14. Coronay Augur

    It's better now. I have a unflinching attention button on a fast cool down timer basically.
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  15. Triconix Augur

    And in return we lost our best positioning tool for dragging mobs in. I don't want that as a trade off.
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  16. Coronay Augur

    I didn't like it for positioning as it just put the mob on my head, now it positions the mob to melee range. For me it did not lose its positioning ability. I guess for others it looks like they really needed that ability to keep aggro and a mob by them.
  17. Lianeb Augur

    what happens when you hit it on a root parked CCd mob that is away from the raid. Or trying to get one of those Zombies that is mezzed and now AEing the raid out of the raid in Ghost event? I imagine hitting this button on a mob in that condition will do nothing, other than aggro on you, where as before i could move it to a safe place from the raid, without breaking mez.
  18. Coronay Augur

    I adjust my strategy. Thats all. Not a big deal.

    The people who know the ins and outs and can play well this will not have any impact on them. They will understand its new limitations and just change their game play to make up.
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  19. Triconix Augur

    But that's besides the point. There was no point of changing it other than just arbitrarily making warriors change their play style...again. We lost functionality for no reason whatsoever.

    All you're trying to do is somehow belittle people's concerns with garbage statements like "The people who know the ins and outs and can play well this will not have any impact on them."

    Oh and besides, we'll have no way to move mobs on the examples listed above. At least not with the same speed and efficiency Grasp provided us with. Now we'll have to hit PTA/GS and have lengthy cooldowns on abilities that really don't alter mob positioning as much as grasp did.

    If you use this, instead of you dragging the mob to you, the mob will now summon you, not only keeping the mob out of position, but bringing you out of position. Then you have to do the summon dance in order to position the mob. No matter how good you are, this is still a pita.
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  20. Makavien Augur

    The mob running to you after you aggro it is called pathing not positioning. It's also called adaption when you change to something outside of your control not strategy.
    Yours and everyone else's adjustment is going to be they will have to run around almost none stop on add heavy events, entire raids will have to move when npc with op auras get in the wrong spot (arx 1st 1 off) , npc with op damage shields your going to have to have someone nuke the imps in argin hiz to pull them out of the pile and kill them way to slow.
    Let's not forget this whole change was for pulling in the first place which this ability in particular was like a once in a blue moon single npc pulling tool.

    We can adapt to any change they throw at us that doesn't make it a good change.That statement kinda made me chuckle too Triconix.
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