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  1. telezar Journeyman

    Would love to be able to keep my toons on brekt however I have a full crew on FV. I have alot of time and some money invested in my toons on brekt. I think to really find a happy medium with most players on brekt, which I might add a lot were from FV, it might easy the burn on said anuses if you took a little time and expanded Char slots to show players your not just about a cash grab and your sitting around in your robs drinking your favorite beverage and congratulating yourself s on being masters of the universe. I know I would be very happy about that and be able to have my stuff and toons to play from brekt. Come on Devs make us proud except the challenge!!!!
  2. Wyre Wintermute Augur

    I'm still curious as to what will be done to/for the people on Lockjaw.

    SoF => SoD is a horrible time to merge. SoD => UF would be less damaging, as it would at least be level 85 => lvl 85.

    When the merge happens, We'll be in Meldrath's, flagging for Crystallos, with only 12 flags per kill.

    We just spent the past week grinding levels, AA's and keys/flags. The factions in SoF are ridiculous to begin with, let alone in a 3 month time frame, that is being reduced even further. The unlocking requirements for Rk. III spell vendors is a hodge-podge of "guesses" from various fan sites as to what most people consider the correct quest + raid + faction combos.

    To top all that off, once the merge lands, we'll have ~6 weeks or so before the level cap jumps again, outdating all the SoF gear, spells, Foci, etc..

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not crying about merging the servers in general. It is the timing/expansion that will cause undue stress on everyone on Lockjaw.

    Will SoD get delayed on the new RF/LJ? Will the number of flag items per raid increase? What about lowering the lockout by 1 day, from 5 to 4? Anything?

    One of the reasons Lockjaw is the way it is, was that Ragefire wanted to push through faster, and Lockjaw wanted to experience everything and not just rush to the next Xpac (except PoR and TBS, cause.. reasons).

    We're really getting the short end of the stick here. I wouldn't even have commented, if we were merging at SoD =>UF time frame, but SoF is a hellish expansion to rush through to begin with, just to get slammed into a level increase expansion a month or two early (accounting for LJ's slower raiding scene of ~3 nights per week vs RF guilds having upwards of 5 nights per week)
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  3. Kevron New Member

    Are any characters being deleted during the merge? A search around the forums has posts mentioning characters under level 10 being lost during prior merges. This would be terrible news to my bank alts.
  4. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    So can Dev's add more of the "Quality of Life" requests to live servers since they will be down 24 hours ?
  5. niente Developer

    Characters will not be deleted. That's something EQ used to do in the past when characters were stored in flat files and had to be converted one at a time to the new server. I'm guessing it saved time to exclude old, unused low level characters. EQ characters are stored in a database now.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    Is this also possibly why account transfers are no longer working? We - err our character's are no longer stored flat?
  7. Yinla Augur

    We all got fat !
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  8. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Thanks =) Dreamweaver did clarify it was for all servers in another response as well.
  9. Muian New Member

    there is no leaving from either Brekt or Firiona Vie as a GM told me thru email. but as both have different rule sets DPG DBG SOE this is my last year on EQ. i will be checking out their competition base on May 19th, as i leave Brekt
  10. Disil New Member

    From everything I've read about Seeds and Underfoot, I would think you'd actually prefer it the way it's happening. There's less of a difference in the gear jump between SoF to SoD than there is in SoD to UF. The raids are tuned much higher in Underfoot, and SoD has also historically been considered one of the easier expansions to clear in-era. Only having half the time in SoD would leave your crew less prepared for anything in Underfoot.

    There's never going to be a better time for Lockjaw to merge into Ragefire. Lockjaw's Progression clears have been steadily falling behind Ragefire ever since Faceless transferred off. Better to miss half an expansion of time now than completely skipping them later.

    Might get halved lockout timers if Darkpaw wants to make an event out of it or some holiday, but they're not going to give the server special treatment.

    As of 5/7, all five active raiding guilds have cleared SoF. Only one of those guilds actively recruits AND has the frequent raid activity you've assumed.
    • DHS advertises 3x a week.
    • Darkwind is a super-secret Euro guild and doesn't post their schedule.
    • Summation has gone from 4x (planned for SoF) back to 3x a week. Didn't need the extra day for coverage after all.
    • Mercy does whatever because when you run a raid with three people, you raid when you want.
    • Pretty sure Cor Tempus still raids on lockout, because when you have over 80 mains with raid activity you need those extra days.
    All-in-all, you'll get ten weeks in SoF. That's enough to beat Crystallos, finish whatever factions you want, and prepare for a full helping of SoD.
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  11. Nadisia Augur

    Seriously, 24h downtime again?
    Time to rename this game Neverquest, or Everdown :p.

    What system are you working with? Oric Atmos, ZX Spectrum, C64?
    Because 24h for a DB merge ...

    And I don't see any mention in the F.A.Q where it says that our membership will be extended by 24h.
    I don't want to sound rude at all, but after all the crashes, fails, delays, re-crashes, unscheduled «scheduled lol-maintenances» and all the funny funky stuff in the past months, a little extension wouldn't be too much.
  12. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Before leaving the game, why not make a couple heroic toons on various other servers and see what kind of fun you can have there? you can sell off your other toons gear on FV and make enough kronos to get you set up on a regular live server. Make a few friends maybe a box toon and build yourself back up even. TOV group gear is pretty cheep and lots of guilds on most servers are recruiting raiders.

    In less than a year you could be better off than you were.
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  13. Addikeys Elder

    I think I understand, but just want to make sure before I start winnowing down my roster. For example, I have 10 characters on Brekt and 14 on FV. Following the merge, I will have 24 characters on FV. Do I have that right?

    Thank you kindly.
  14. Addikeys Elder

    Haven't heard back on this and timing is of the essence. What happens to the characters if you have more than your limit on FV after the merge?

    The following statements appear contradictory:




    Is it accurate saying "you will NOT be able to play characters beyond the total available slots on the account?"

    What happens to those characters that don't fit the guidelines (those characters beyond the character limits and most recently logged in and apparently created after 3/16/12) if they aren't deleted? Do they just sit there unplayable? Do they go to some purgatory where they arent deleted? How will you be able to play them?

    Do you eventually have to delete characters to play the limbo characters?

    Thank you.
  15. Addikeys Elder

    Got a quick response from Dreamweaver via a PM I sent.

    The characters beyond your character limit will be on the roster, but unplayable. You will have to free up slots for them to become playable. I believe this is like some silver accounts reverting to f2p reducing character limits and "greying out" certain characters.

    I hope that clears up the issue for anyone who was curious.
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  16. code-zero Augur

    You can purchase 3 character slots from the marketplace and another 3 with loyalty tokens for a total of 14 slots maximum
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  17. Fred_Bear New Member

    Good morning everyone!

    What Disil speaks is true.

    Jumping into Underfoot without SOD gear is going to WRECK any guild.

    Imagine jumping into Gates of Discord without doing any Luclin / Planes of Power.... Velious to Tacvi... it would be PAINFUL..... that's about the best I can describe how it would go....

    Going from split SOF / TBS geared into SOD will be doable..... And the jump in levels willl trivialize Crystallos so you can drop back and fill in slots that need it.

    UF is a different beast. We will see what happens when it unlocks.
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  18. Duder Augur

    Have you got a time in which this patch begins on the 19th set or available yet?
  19. dreamweaver Community Manager

    It is set, I'll be updating with a post today but we'll come down at 10 AM on the 19th and are still slated for a 24 hour downtime.
  20. Nennius Augur

    All servers down for the merge of the few? I suspect I know the answer already.

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