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  1. yepmetoo Augur

    I don't think you understand how that works.

    Luclin is the oldest server, everything was merged into Luclin.
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  2. dreamweaver Community Manager

    The 24 hour downtime is for all servers, it will include the live patch down time and is necessarybecause server merges effect the overall databases as well as the specific servers being merged.
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  3. Wyre Wintermute Augur

    Soooo What about Lockjaw being a month or more behind Ragefire? Because of the flag drops only being 12 per raid, it is going to put us just around having a raid flagged for Crystallos not long before Seeds of Destruction unlocks.

    And yes, I some know-it-alls are going to pop in and scream "split raid" but that shouldn't be forced on us because of this merge.
  4. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    LOL, I "liked" your post, but I hope you were trying to be helpful and not just throwing shade on the fact the free /servertransfer still seems to work on Trak! :p
  5. Skuz Augur

    Maybe with a bit of community spirit some of the guild further along can help you out, provided you are interested, by helping you flag - helping each other get flagged was something the guilds on Phinny did during SoF (Thanks OGC by the way).

    Also you might see some FFA SoF raiding happening perhaps which could benefit your members.
  6. Raisehell Lorekeeper

    With more server merges coming, with it more population...when is live getting AoC's? It was rough back when there was 5-6 guilds competing. Now you have potentially every player as competition. The lack of balance is real here
  7. Modef Lorekeeper

    What I do know how what works, is to engage one's cerebrum, prior to larynx ( or fingers).

    Were you on Stromm for the merge? I was.

    Merge happened....Luclin (Veeshan) was merged INTO Stromm. the server was named, originally, Stromm (Luclin).
    There were fewer accounts on Luclin (Veeshan), which is why that server went to Stromm.

    THEN, after a week or so of copious 'We are the older server" micturating through the eyes, the name was changed to Luclin-Stromm.

    And, THAT is how it worked.
  8. yepmetoo Augur

    No, it wasn't. Always great when sanctimonious say dumb things.

    #1 no server merged "into" another server, they combined all servers with each other, which is why EVERY character was allowed a free server transfer:

    "Character Transfers The next time you log into game once your character has been moved to the new server as a result of the server merge, you will be prompted to transfer servers. If you choose to defer the transfer at that time, you can access the transfer again by typing "/servertransfer" into your in-game window but please note that this service will only be available for the 7-day period following the server merge."

    If Luclin had transferred TO Stromm then only Luclin players would have received a server transfer. Both servers moved to a NEW server with a hyphenated name.

    #2 Server mergers were announced 5/22/2010, on 6/14/2010 after feedback from the community, they reconfigured the naming priority to put the oldest servers first:


    servers were merged on 6/22/2010:


    No such "Stromm (Luclin)" server EVER EXISTED except in your fantasy.

    Enjoy being on LUCLIN!
  9. Duder Augur

    Was there a time planned for when this patch/merger begins on the 20th?
  10. Modef Lorekeeper

    Well, alrighty then!!

    Since you were on Stromm (or Luclin (Veeshan), you must be right and I must be wrong.

    But, at least I can be grateful you have proven Sanctimony is a two way street.
  11. dreamweaver Community Manager

    It will actually begin on the 19th, and we don't quite have a time yet but we will update you all as soon as possible.
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  12. Laronk Augur

    Even if things are tough financially 10-15$ a month for unlimited entertainment is a good deal and most people will keep it. Having some entertainment is very important.

    I'd downgrade my cellphone plan to just talk and text before I dropped everquest.

    Plus the community and game is different then back in the GOD/OOW days during the first set of server merges, if you want a "free" transfer there's always daybreak cash.
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  13. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    I never asked for a "free" char transfer, no one has as far as I am aware. I offered to pay for a char transfer and to transfer completely naked because of the whole "free trade" thing. They couldn't even be bothered to respond to most petitions submitted by players on Brekt. And before anyone else says it, yes...we were all aware of the transfer rules on Brekt when we started playing there. And we were fine with it... FOR BREKT. Not a single one of us signed up to play on a toxic server such as FV. So basically our choices are as follows: Quit (which a good 30-40% of the small Brekt pop has done or will be doing prior to 19 May; start completely over on another server, which basically means all of our Char progression work over the last 3 years will be stolen from us; or we suck it up and play among the same people who cheat and bully, perma camp any non-instanced old world raid mob, and destroy the economy on FV.

    And I agree...$10-15 a month for unlimited entertainment is a great deal. Unfortunately, with DB at the helm, you get what you pay for too... horrible customer service and a complete disregard for loyal customers.
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  14. Laronk Augur

    I play on FV and I understand the you can't transfer off thing sucks but people on live servers rightfully so don't want someone who had the benefits of tradeable gear to get to be on their server.

    I have recently played on a couple other servers also and I'm not sure what "Toxic" behavior you're talking about on FV that isn't also on the other servers. On other servers you can't find old world raid mobs up either, there's bullies and cheaters.

    As far as economy? FV is the only server (other than maybe Brekt) with an actual economy. You can find something someone needs and farm it for them, regular servers nothing of value is really tradeable.
  15. ArrynRaggnarok Apprentice

    Ok, if you are going to continue to argue with me, at least utilize everything I said. Again, offered to transfer without gear... so there would be nothing for "live" servers people to complain about....

    FV is Krono driven server. I log on there and see stuff we give away on Brekt for many many kronos, which is why FV is a sanctuary for krono farmers and cheaters. That in and of itself creates a toxic environment. All server have toxic players, but FV has the most I've ever seen on EQ, in my 21 years of playing. And /petitioning does very little good. Additionally, we spent 2 years running off players from FV that threatened and sexually harassed people on Brekt; now we are expected to play on the same server as them, and worse, where's the more of them!

    Yes...toxic players exist on every server but FV has 10 times the amount most other servers have.
  16. Naturalist Lorekeeper

    FV is no more toxic than any other server, the difference is all your awesome raid gear can be handed down or sold. Free trade rocks, period.

    Thank you for this merge. I have an old character on Brekt I will be very happy to play again once the merge happens.
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  17. Yinla Augur

    Still not seeing an answer to this.
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  18. Moege Augur

    At first I had an emotional response to what you claimed. Here is the rational one.

    Every server is a Krono driven server it is DB's way to get a slice of the secondary market and it seems to be working as krono is in demand on every server. Does not matter if loot it tradeable if a person can allow someone else to loot it at some time it will be sold for either plat to turn into krono or krono itself.

    Each person makes some choices on items they receive if they want to give it away they do so, even on FV this happens more than what you are seeing, general chat is where people go to sell stuff. Guild chat is where the giveaways happens.

    It is sad that I experienced Quarm and then Brekt as the most toxic in my eq playtime, never have I being trained so much to the extent that I quit those servers in disgust. Apparently a person without a guild tag is fair game.

    Petitioning on all servers is a hit and miss, please go read up on TLP forums how many petitions about afk farming was done and that there was no result, It is not unique to FV as you allude to.

    You claim that you made peoples playtime such a misery that they quit Brekt, I sure hope that you do not intend to do the same on FV. Sexual harassment petition seems to get more attention than others so I do not know if I actually believe these claims of yours.

    FV also has more population that other servers so there is on average more toxic players. Please do not be one of them. According to your post my hopes is going to be dashed.
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  19. Cazmac Augur

    It said at the top that the 24 hour downtime would be for mergers as well as updates, if that answers you.
  20. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Honestly the only one I've seen being toxic is you. You repeatedly make up these accusations about how bad FV is and how terrible it's going to be for you but you obviously have no idea what you are talking about and if you do wind up quitting I highly doubt anyone is going to miss the over the top unnecessary drama you seem to thrive on.

    If you'd just settle down and relax you'd probably find either new friends on FV or even a new guild if you aren't in Yoga's guild on Brekt but mostly you've spent a lot of time since the merger announcement complaining and acting like the world is about to come to an end because a server in a 21 year old video game is about to be merged into a more popular and more active server to save money for the company that runs it. We're lucky there even are servers to play on after 21 years and that the game still gets expansions and monthly updates.

    I mean come on dude. There are way more important things to be upset about than a server merge in EverQuest.
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