Update on Server Merges + FAQ

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Sakuraba Elder

    Granted, but what's doubled is the speed at which the gems fall :p
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  2. Flat Toad Lorekeeper

    Sigh...guess i picked a bad day to give up eating crayons...
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  3. Magneress Elder

    Wow doesn't even provided options like FV and brekt really i would be greatful lol...

    that said i would love a more hardcore slow exp decreased drop rates RP ruleset that wasn't kind of centered around Krono and Microtransactions for pay to play customers, but most people who play mmos don't play like I do so no problem. I enjoying mangler to date. People would powerlvl and do the stuff anyway.
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  4. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    I was close, I said at least 4 hours, and up to 24 more hours.
  5. PhinigelKronoFarmer New Member

    Something this company has never learned, regardless of what iteration or what owner, is a simple "under promise, over deliver". They've always done quite the opposite really.
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  6. Nennius Augur

    Quite true.
  7. Naturalist Lorekeeper

    There was a time... Way way back when SOE and Verant ran things. They did that. I remember patches done early, unless my aging brain has deceived me.
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  8. Nennius Augur

    Some patches have ended early. There have been times with no need for "fix the patch, patches" too. It just hasn't been the norm. The Luclin launch was a disaster for instance. Things will come up and we will play again. I just hope it is today.
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  9. Muian New Member

    shouldn't this just be reported as a 48 hour downtime so you can properly test instead of just patch and slam as this game has done in the past. since 24 hours is so little of time and you have already gone past the 24 hour mark
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  10. LaceLeather New Member

    How many outages and platform downtime has there been in the past 30 or 35 days? How many days lost? What has been offered to paid customers as a result?

    They state 24 hours, and yet again fail to deliver. What kind of a business or online platform can stand a 24-hour outage, let alone one-day to two-day outages? None that I know of.

    And the lack of communications, which is minimal at best. In 27 hours, one communique stating a further delay. Does Daybreak understand basic, fundamental customer service? Why bother having a Twitter account if you're not going to use it?

    In recent outages, I've seen guild mates disappear or rarely appear again. Clearly Daybreak is losing customers. These outages are worse than 15 years ago!

    Does Daybreak not understand that this is a dying platform? Do they not understand that in order to keep the business alive they need to work to attract and keep customers, not continue to give them reasons to go elsewhere?

    The lack of business acumen is really shocking. I hope EQ can attract a new executive to turn this sinking ship around...
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  11. strikemaster New Member

    This is BS at best. We all know when they say 24 hours, they mean 30-36 hours. When they say 2 hours, they mean 3. Been that way for 20 years now, nothing is going to change other than the weekly "unplanned" downtime we seem to get. We just all need to plan on playing 27 out of 31 days
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  12. Skuz Augur

    Thank you to the staff for at least this time giving us a proper explanation of what is going on, proper communication really does make this easier to deal with and being left in the dark is the absolute pits.

    Others may be unhappy with the news but I'm cool with it, I do think some extra XP days are due after us having endured quite a lot of downtime this past month or two though.

    Hopefully the merger runs without any further hiccups.
  13. Wyre Wintermute Augur

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  14. CrazyLarth Augur

    Normal they have some type of bonus this weekend (Memorial Day) .
  15. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    You're misremembering things. As I recall it was more like servers were up and down multiple times a day for weeks on end after any major patch. The original servers mergers were multiple day affairs. We haven't even reached the length of time for how long those servers were down then.
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  16. Grimaldus New Member

    Maybe if you ask to speak to a manager.
  17. Herf Augur

    USMC eh?
  18. Herf Augur

    You know...I have the actor that played that hotdog vendor on my Facebook friends list. He was shocked when I tracked him down and sent him that clip, but in a good way. I think :)

    To THIS DAY...when I or few friends use the world "baffled"...one of us will say that quote.
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  19. Skrekk on Vox New Member

    I played on many servers when karana was merged to rathe and I lost my guild misfits of mayhem , i was really bored when it came to servers i played on , and when they made vox i was happy. i coulda swore when they merged the other pvp servers some were none full pvp. and had different things then zek. they kept all of those and merged it all into zek server. i cant remember fully but it was done if i remember correctly that's really the only servers i can remember of anything you maybe correct and if so i apologize.

    i know the free server transfers off like trakanon currently has would be awesome on vox. and they have more then a FREE transfer off to FV , you can transfer off Trak to go to anyserver FREE
  20. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    Yes, on what was once Trak, if your were subbed then you could go anywhere via /servertransfer. They stated that once Vox has gobbled up Fippy/Trak there are no FREE /servertransfers off Vox planned. Maybe, they will reconsider?

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