Update Bugs 12/16/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Kethor, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. FixShamanPlease Elder

    'Render' ('The handmaiden') or his ph not only spawns in the HA 'Under the Robe' but from it's initialization also. And he is accessible from the underground tunnels.
  2. FixShamanPlease Elder

    In the HA 'Decay Decreased' the collectible items ('Putrid Poisons' group) are poping from the init and like if it was a static zone they are repoping.
  3. Dropfast Augur

    All of the new monk gear is missing our Flying Kick and Tiger claw mods still...as well as other classes mods. None of the new gear has the mods they should have. Please fix this already. Group armor helms still need "Faerune" and type 5 augs need Charm / range slots added. All these have been brought up countless times now. Let's get them fixed, M"kay. Thanks )
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  4. svann Augur

    No you were right the first time. Highwater breastplate of the performer clickie is instant. Says it right on the graphic. Manifested etheric breastplate of the performer also has instant clickie. It was always the epic click that screwed with songs. Crypt-hunter's loremaster breastplate clickie has a cast time and thats wrong.
  5. adetia Augur

    if this isnt addressed in next patch, one of you should stop by the issue tracker and open a report for this.
  6. adetia Augur

    if it truly bugs you :) you can put in a request on the issue tracker
  7. svann Augur

    I tried that once and the issue tracker seemed to be extensively more trouble than necessary. I may log my bard in and /bug it though.
  8. Radien Elder

    When leaving the instanced version of Lord Nagafen (Agent of Change), you get placed under the world in Lavastorm.
  9. Aang New Member

    New TBM rogue only daggers are missing backstab % mod and other daggers that are not rogue specific are missing backstab dmg as well which I assume was also an oversight. Also as mentioned earlier by other classes our class specific armors are missing backstab damage as well.
  10. Kiillz Augur

    also.....WTB focus/proc on belts to make upgrading current belts possible again....so sad to see the new ones going to waste.
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  11. Savager Augur

    This needs to happen. The procs for melee (even though they are only a drop in the bucket) help to close the gap between melee and caster dps. They should be upgraded or at least carried over to the new belts.
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  12. Cicelee Augur

    Two days ago I received TBM raid legs. I noticed that the Spell Damage (SD) on the TBM raid legs is six points lower than those of the TDS Arx raid legs. Generally new expansion gear with regards to SD either remains the same as previous expansion, or increases. This one decreases by a semi substantial amount.

    Not sure if this is an oversight or intended. All other stats appear to be fine. Any communication as if this is an oversight that will be changed, or intended and will remain this way, is appreciated.
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  13. Randragon Augur

    Cicelee said:

    It seems they may have tinkered with the armor stats so you may have to check out the whole suit of armor on the whole and not just a piece by piece comparison.
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  14. Silv Augur

    The drop rates on 'XYZ' Scraps of Wither and Decay (TS item used to make the Wither and Decay HF ornament set) might need to be re-evaluated... they seem very low. Like... stupidly low. If anything... they should be tradeable. The end result is tradeable so I don't understand that logic.

    Should also be considered allowing them to drop in instances.

    Same goes for Vim and Vigor HF ornaments... please let these drop in instances. The drop rate on these at least seems semi decent but that's also probably because the pieces are random.
  15. Frael Elder

    Please add spell shielding to the type 9 augs. TDS group gear typically has 2 spell shielding per item, TBM gear typically has just 1 making it very easy to fall well below cap if upgrading more than a few items. Accuracy and attack are also a bit on the low side.
  16. -wycca Augur

    Agent of Change in Sro on Phinnie does not give pohate instance.
  17. Yawns New Member

    Harm Touches are either reporting their damage incorrectly (half damage), or the damage is bugged an it is doing double the intended damage.

    Nearly 1-shotting priests and casters on TLP servers.
  18. Yawns New Member

    Harm Touches are either reporting their damage incorrectly (half damage), or the damage is bugged an it is doing double the intended damage.

    Nearly 1-shotting priests and casters on TLP servers.
  19. thedragon Elder

    In the Demiplane of decay mission "Deadline" the mobs in the pit aggro you from pretty much anywhere in the zone. If you die, or the group wipes, coming back into the zone is extremely difficult, because the mobs aggro from the pit all the way to the zone in.
  20. Caitie New Member

    The collectibles from Medal from the Living (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay) are dropping like candy from both named and trash mobs in Arx Mentis. 2 different expansions - odd.

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