Update Bugs 12/16/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Kethor, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    New rogue legs do not summon poison. This is the first time in several years this has happened. I will also echo that the new rogue daggers without %BS skill mod is a serious oversight. Not being lore is nice but if there is no Mod, we can't dual wield them.
  2. Dropfast Augur

    It's not just backstab mods missing, all mods are missing from new gear. Flying Kick and Tiger claw mods are missing from monk gear as well. I'm betting kick and bash mods are also missing for other classes.
  3. lancelove Augur

    For some reason a couple of my charactors are always getting a pop up about a reward that needs to be claimed but isnt claimable, it shows a pearl necklace in the reward image box, sometimes it shows a spirit of life/death whatever as well??
  4. Hostile Meat Wizard Elder

    If you kill a named mob in Demiplane of Decay and then kill an adventurer before looting the previous corpse -- maybe one got hit by an AE, for instance, and aggroed during the fight -- the bokon which normally appears to clean up the adventurer's body will also helpfully "clean up" the body of the named mob, meaning you'll lose any loot which was on the corpse.

    This just now happened to us when we killed The Remnants of the Darkseer. The named corpse and loot immediately poofed when the bokon did its thing to the adventurer's corpse. Luckily it was just junk loot.
  5. Orbital101 Augur

    I did the mission once every day the last 3 and got the achievements every day even so she was capricious today and dint want to charm the pet until we decided to start over. We got Damsel to charm the shamy pet within 3-5 seconds the previous 2 days and we had a BST pet today which got charmed within 15ish sec the second try.

    The pet got send in late the first try which might be why it dint get charm. I usually build the minimum aggro and hold any DPS untill the pet get charmed. Seem like having them both face each other help some or it may just be a impression been unable to see any thing in the logs... Id like to say it is working and that there is something to figure out but I have quit trying to justify every TBM bottleneck mystery positively.The text message in the group mission does say that if you successfully complete the raid, you will earn the achievement "Et tu, Kebaber?" So im not going to claim its working properly but I and some others got the achievement more then once.

    .Every time I did the mission the charm was either hiting the pet within 1-10 sec or we had to wait long enough to risk a wipe. Im not expecting it to go always smooth nor would I enjoy everything to be a walk in the park but Its kinda sad that it has to be bugs that make the game challenging.
  6. Kiillz Augur

  7. Naugrin Augur

    I just clicked my brand new shiny knowledge of the past XXIII....and was none too pleased to find out that the associated aa only goes up to XX...thus this is not working.

    This is costing me 15 mana/tick. I would like 1 cent per point of mana that I do not gain from now until it is fixed :)

    Seriously please fix it though.
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  8. BoingyBoing Journeyman

    Not sure where else to post this so will post it here:

    The mount you get from the TBM achievement "Mirror Master" gives the wrong buff when used, the Platinum Pridewing mount gives the buff "Mount Blessing Beza" when according to its description text it should be giving "Mount Blessing Rena".
  9. Iila Augur

    Change the stat mount in your mount keyring.
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  10. BoingyBoing Journeyman

    Thank you Lila, will give that a go, completely forgot about that functionality.
  11. Lianeb Augur

    Can you please fix the exploit with the Maestro lockout timer. I am tired of hearing people brag about how many days they have him locked out for.

    If you need details on how to reproduce i can PM them to you.
  12. BoingyBoing Journeyman

    Not a bug but an annoyance, the new mount buffs cannot be applied in zones that don't allow mounts.

    Somewhat annoying for raiding.
  13. Makavien Augur

    Crypt of Decay - Decay Decreased - If you get this mission while people are in Sul Vius - Demiplane of Life it will not let those players click their mirror to zone to Sul vius Demiplane of Decay to be able to click the Coffin to zone into Crypt of Decay.
  14. Greymantle Augur

    Heh get one of the gunthag eyepatch clickys, it's better and blocks the mounts anyway.
  15. Brudal Augur

    Work around, click the skull into Sul from Life and click the skull again from Sul will prompt you for "adventure"
  16. Mintalie Augur

    Yeah, that tripped me up too. Do these stats work as shadows as well or do they need to be on your buff bar?

    (Yes, I realize I can test this myself, but I'm at work, so throw me a bone here.)
  17. CrazyLarth Augur

    zone out did not work for quest Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls
  18. Tamorz New Member

    Mount blessing rena not giving the advertised AC. its saying 500 AC but only add 150. id be really bummed it it was intended at 150. i worked for 500 i want 500 !! also it says it will trigger mount blessing rena fortitude for 1500 HP, yet it only adds 1400.

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