Update Bugs 12/16/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Kethor, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Wawa Journeyman

    Wiz AA - Teleport (AE version) and Translocate (single), after buying new ranks everyone ends up in wierd places, under the world etc.
  2. Maedhros Augur

    I scanned but didn't see anyone else post about it.
    The ACH for Et tu kebaber on the Damsel of Decay mission AND raid are not behaving correctly.

    On the group mission, while having both an SK and necro in group, the pets never got charmed at all over many repeated attempts. They tried loading various levels of the pets, no success.
    Additionally the achievements in the conquest tab and the challenger tab do not display correctly.
    I have completed the other two ACH for the Damsel of decay group mission, but on the challenger it says I have Et tu kekaber complete which I do not, while the "no gifts" ACH says I haven't completed.

    On the raid, the Damsel is charming magician pets, but not SK or necros.
  3. FixShamanPlease Elder

    Very rarely, being a member of the shared task 'In Defense of Health', clicking on the prism in Life dont make the UI window "Where Would You Like To Go?" pop: I'm zoing to the static PoH zone directly.
  4. Jennre Elder

    We got this to work 100% of the time by casting low level Necro pets. Seemed the lower the pet, the quicker the charm.
  5. Kiillz Augur

    shaman pet
  6. Lianeb Augur

    We found that the pet had to be summoned while she is active, and a suspended pet didn't work either
  7. Lianeb Augur

    If you are in the Mission To the Brave, Go the Spoils! you can't click on your mirror to go into Decay. Not a big deal but it doesn't work to get to the skull in decay, though you can click on the one in life
  8. MS01 New Member

    Shield of dreams - Sleepbringer in Demi-Decay. Need to remote augment slot 9. It has over 500 AC and 6k health.
  9. MS01 New Member

    Warrior - Imperitor's charge overwrites the haste from the warrior clickable gauntles-of-battle, thereby removing the 30% haste buff, any time the short-duration ability is used.
  10. plobb Elder

    BST savage rage line of discs does not stack with taste of blood effect on pet.

    BST Ferociousness is overwritten and unusable with withering limbs effect from wither and decay raid.
  11. Tobin Augur

    I posted awhile back about a layout bug with windowed mode Hotkeys layout - well I found out in normal mode not maximized mode the bug is not there. so to display right in maximized mode you need to toggle the window size. It will start in 2x6 display - reduce window it will pop to the proper 3x4 display and then re-maximize it stays at 3x4 mode. this workaround is OK but having it keep the 3x4 mode would be better.
  12. Angahran Augur

  13. Absor Developer

    lol, probably.

  14. Turayalon Lorekeeper

    They do exist, maybe Santa is real after all.
  15. Evantil Drop Bear Journeyman

    For people that had trouble with the "In Defense of Health" chest. It can be found at opposite side of the zone, Location 2245.09, -960.99, -17.45.

    I have been able to find it here each time it wasn't near the final hail step.
  16. Axxius Augur

    While looking at Grummus, check the PM bug report about his adds too. I think they were supposed to help him, not us. ;)
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  17. Justyse New Member

    So long Backstab mods, Backstab DMG & Backstab %.... we miss you!
    Seriously guys, this can't be intended. What's the word on this?
  18. Silv Augur

    Oh so... I just got a range item and want to remind everyone that slot 5s still won't fit in that (or charms).

    Carry on...
  19. Axxius Augur

  20. Iila Augur

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