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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Icemagi Vizax New Member

    the item shining metallic robe level 80-85 with the effect shield of dreams, stacks with the mage spell shield of dreams rk 2. and it stacks with the level 91 and 96 self buff spells as well.
  2. Tobynn Augur

    Same lack of any pet problems here. I routinely play beast, mage, and necro. I have mysteriously lost a grand total of zero pets by simply logging off. Not happening at all for me.
  3. Vanrau Augur

    I left my cleric and mage sitting in the guild lobby last night to get some buffs with mercs up as well. This morning I see I am at the character select screen on both characters. I log back in and see that my mage pet is gone. I looked back in my log to see what happened. I see that I summoned my pet (has a permanent name), gave him pet buffs and cleric buffs. Gave him pet armor and weapons.

    I see both my characters and mercs getting MGB's from other people for a while and then of course the messages showing me logging back in. No disconnect notice or anything.
  4. Tarrin Augur

  5. Tobynn Augur

    Maria Starforge, an NPC at teh Fangbreakers camp in Loping Plains, offers an assortment of group and raid adventures into Bloodmoon Keep. Currently, she is also offering the Chapterhouse mission "A Matter of Life and Death."
  6. McDougal Augur

    Just happened to me too and not the first time. Got booted from GL and pet and all buffs and armor gone on logging back in. Not sure if it is related but have noticed that some spells ie Aegis of Kildrukaun will reset to a 5 minute refresh when zoning.
  7. Tobynn Augur

    Initially reported here and here, the achievement Infiltrating the Armies does not update the meta-achievement Tactician of Bloody Kithicor, thereby making it impossible to complete Hero of the Journey.


    Nearly two years later, still broken. Good times.
  8. Tweelis Augur

    I have also had several pets poof with all gear and buffs. Since I have a weird life schedule I play when I can. Going afk in the lobby then coming back to the character select screen is fine but having your pet poof (both suspended and non-suspended) is getting really old and annoying.

    I'm on the Bertoxx server and would be happy to share any logs or other files if it'll help solve this.
  9. Oogabooga Journeyman

    It appears this way as well on my older characters that did this content before achievements were added. These two check boxes weren't back filled. Maybe because there are no actual tasks associated with getting the necklaces - just a few hails and brackets - so there were no hidden flags to check. Just speculating.

    I had no such problem with these particular achievements when I recently did them on a new character.
  10. Tobynn Augur

    Its not a matter of being backfilled. As depicted in the image, the Infiltrating achievement is datestamped today and it still doesn't update within the Tactician achievement.
  11. Oogabooga Journeyman

    I get that. Preacher, meet choir.

    What I meant was, I didn't have the Infiltrating achievement, or the achievements dependent on it, even though I've had the necklaces in my inventory since SoD was current. Deleting them and getting two new ones gave me the Infiltrating achievement and the spiffy Paragon shoulders, but nothing else.

    Yet my level 82 paladin, who until 20 minutes ago had never set foot into Void A, was able to get both necklaces, the shoulders, Infiltrating, and a check-off for Tactician. Just like my bard did before the 12/11 patch.

    Perhaps "backfill" wasn't the correct word, but I'm not discounting a possible connection between this flawed achievement, the non-task nature of its components, and maybe a missing hidden flag or two when SoD achievements were retroactively applied. Then again, if I cared more than two farts about Hero of the Journey on my main, I'd either petition it, or dye my hair red and glue some M&Ms to my face.to get my drakkin fix.
  12. Mithrandyr Augur

    What is the bug? Those are two completely different things (robe click mana regen/rune and caster spell hp/ac self buff). It is a bug if they don't stack.
  13. Venchant New Member

    I've had issues with my nicely buffed Mage pet being AWOL after logging out for a lengthy period of time (as in overnight), this has been happening on an intermittent basis for about a year, although this past week has been particularly frustrating as it was happening every day until December 26. I have filed bug reports a few times in the past year after speaking with other players who have had the same issue with pets, Beastlords in particular at one point.

    My other issue, which may or may not be related, is the vanishing mercenary upon logging in or after zoning. I try to bring up my merc and receive the message that I don't own one. Relogging or zoning fixes this. For one day, December 24 I believe, the merc would vanish every other time I zoned. Irritating but no longer seems to be occurring.
  14. Leerah Augur

    My merc settings keep changing as well. From Reactive to all different stances.
  15. Leerah Augur

    Is THAT what does that? I've been trying to figure that out for months! TY!
  16. ClapClap Elder

    I didn't read everything so I'm sorry if this was already posted but my pet vanishes every so often when I exit the game and come back. Also, he can be in a zone, have full buffs and then he will show as having almost no buffs. Once I suspend him and call him back, his buffs usually show up again. This is a necro pet btw. The level 97 one bu I heard that people are experiencing the same issues with other levels of pets.
  17. Trellium Elder

    Years. It's been doing this for at least 10 years. As you run it perpetually switches between run and walk, when you stop it will be random which it lands on.
  18. Trellium Elder

    I haven't lost a pet until today. Mage was in PoK with pet up when I went LD. Came back about an hour later and the pet was gone.
  19. Jarsi Lorekeeper

    tobynn to fix your problem with the check mark ... you have to keep both necklaces til you get the achievement reward in text fore then you can destroy them if you wish
    i had mine in bank and got no achievement when i destroyed them to make room have to go back and actually get both and wait for the achievement then destroy them just having the gained checks wont cut it have to have both items
  20. Tobynn Augur

    I did not have either necklace in the bank at any point. I asked for and received the Light pendant from that npc, eleven seconds later I asked for and received the Obliteration pendant from the other npc. Infiltrating achievement updated the instant I received the second pendant. At that point, I had both pendants in my bag. Tactician did not update. Equipped each pendant no update, zoned no update, destroyed both, got two new replacements no update.

    Since Tactician is a meta-achievement, it should not be checking for pendants anyway -- it should simply be checking whether Infiltrating has been completed.

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