Update Bugs 12/11/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I don't even know how to approach this. In what world do you think that Remote Moonfire is fine as is?

    Our fire/cold spells almost never cross timers and they shouldn't. This is no exception.

    Moonfire is worse in every single regard and because of that it never gets castes when it is linked to our fire one.
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  2. IGiveYouCash Lorekeeper

    After last patch I get a message on both my accounts to /resetCreationServer <server name> I tried to do this a few times. My characters were all made on The Tribunal, it says it can not be found. I know the server has been merged 2 times now, 1st with Ayonae Ro then with Bristlebane. regardless my creation server is The Tribunal.
  3. ModRanger Lorekeeper

    The illusion from Dragorn War Mask makes characters hold their primary weapon backwards.
  4. Anyelle New Member

    I noticed 2 days ago that shaman' Pact of Wurt is not procing. 8 full hours of clearing in Neriak and not a single swarm pet proc'd.
  5. Kirkisx Augur

    where are the old frostfell stuff in market? and can we pls have the snow trees and the banquet table back pls pls pls
  6. Spinner New Member

    I dunno if it's a bug with this patch, or just a generalized bug, but the "Contract of the Tier'Dal Royal Guard" has bugged armor graphics. The chain-wearing melee damage rogue is wearing plate armor, and the Plate-wearing cleric is wearing chain armor models. I can only assume that the rogue/healer merc have their armor models backwards.
  7. ryby2012 New Member

    As of 12/12/2013, Santug Claugg is still not in game (though the patch notes from yesterday state he is), and the 12 days of Frostfell Station Cash items aren't in game. This would mean the 12 days of Frostfell (mirroring the 12 days of Christmas) will run into Christmas, with the 12th day falling on Christmas.
  8. Anaskesia New Member

    I would very much like the Reindeer mount to not be running all the time. Also, if move your cursor left or right he enters permanent jump mode until you let go of the key. This wasn't mentioned in the item description, and I can surely tell you I wouldn't have bought it had I known.
  9. Tobynn Augur

    One research recipe exists for Guidestone -- the other research recipe is missing.

    To clarify, the Guidestone is usable by druids and wizards to set a Tertiary Bind point.

    The existing research recipe consists of combining (1) Ethernere Essence and (1) Stone of Marking within a Spell Research Kit. This recipe enables the researching wizard to personally craft his own Guidestones.

    Druids cannot craft their own Guidestones, as a similar research recipe utilizing a Prayer Writing Kit does not exist. Druids, being a priest class, cannot use the Spell Research kit in the above recipe.

    The Guidestone is class: DRU WIZ
    The Stone of Marking is class: DRU WIZ
    Ethernere Essence is class: ALL

    Makes good sense for their to be a second research recipe facilitating druid Guidestone research.
  10. porky Augur

    I saw Santug Claugg kissing Barbarians in Everfrost! When I hailed him he said I'd been naughty and cast knockback on me!
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  11. Yinidan New Member

    Magician aa Steel Vengeance. In over 100 casts I have not had the extra damage proc on the level 97 spell shock of blistersteel rank 2. Currently have rank 5/6 of steel vengeance. Also have not had it proc on iron bolt rank 2 but not sure if it ever procced on this spell before the patch anyways.
  12. Yinidan New Member

    Nm, Disregard last post, it decided it felt like going off after i hit post reply.
  13. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    I can't even fathom why you would think that. :confused:
    This would be something that benefits the Druid class by Unlinking Moonfire and Sunfire.
    But since this thread is about bugs and not for debating, I would appreciate you putting your reasons why you think this in the Priests section of the EQ forums.
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  14. Explicit Augur

    Epic 2.0 particles still appear washed out, dull, or non-existent for multiple classes. Warrior and paladin suffer the most from this
  15. postid Journeyman

    Not sure if bug or intended but the grand guild hall still has a 30s timer to camp. Love the immediate camp idea and glad it was added
  16. Pouncequick Journeyman

    Not a bug per se, but what was the logic in nerfing lower level tradeskill drop rates? The only rates I could see nerfing would be the poison parts drop rate, but anyone trying to skill up on any of the other trade skills still has need of those lower level drops.

    Also, a lot of lower level drops are used in sub-combines for higher level combines (particularly true in tinkering). Seriously, what was the logic on this part of the patch?
  17. WEM68 New Member

    Freedom! - Grohlok no longer regenerates while idle. He will regain full HP if the event resets, though.

    I've tried this mission twice, both times Grohlok drops to 70 pct and becomes unassailable, no adds spawn and after a minute or so jumps back to full health and is targetable again. Fight to 70 pct health and cycle repeats endlessly. I'm guessing he is resetting because no adds spawn to kill?
  18. Igniz Augur

    Can no longer zone into the "Safe Passage" mission in Bloody Kithicor - The way is blocked to you ...
    Seems something went awry while "facilating" the mission ...
  19. Feistmeister Journeyman

    All my cleric mercs seem to have been set to "Reactive" from balanced.

    Several of my characters no longer remember the server they were created on ... why is Terris Thule no longer valid?
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  20. Kaenneth Augur

    A couple people have lost skill point in tradeskills when camping out in PoK, possible fast campout code issue?

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