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  1. Azrael Elder

    This is not a bug - the max rank for Wizard "destructive fury" was previously 24. Mages, Necros, (and maybe enchanters?) got 3 new ranks to take it to 27. Wizards did not get this, and instead got 3 ranks of Spell Casting Fury Mastery.
  2. Apocalyps Elder

    Yea that's typical our crits are too OP even though we are now like the 5-6th best burst dps. I would say right now its Zerks Rogues Monks Mages at the top pretty much in that order if they can play their class that is only chance we have to be up there is if someone is slacking.
  3. Ayoheee Augur

    I do not agree with that.
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  4. Apocalyps Elder

    Well there was a hint of sarcasm with the crits being OP but the rest of the statement seems to be true.
  5. Fooba Elder

    Myrmidon's skill is overwriting 2H proficiency
  6. Uxtalzon Augur

    "Royal Access" HA (Neriak 4th Gate) - one of the stonetalon mobs spawns under the world and is completely unreachable. This can break the whole task because the last step (50/50 chance of "create a portal") requires drops from the stonetalons. You could still pass the task if you're really lucky since you need 5 drops from what may be 6-7 of them in total.

    Happened to us twice, but the second time we had enough enchanted stone thingies so the one under the world didn't matter, thankfully.
  7. Signedup New Member

    "They've Gone Too Far This Time" has a step where you need to kill 6 enraged bixies but only 4 are in the adventure.
  8. Quatreh Elder

    i doesn t know if it was new but bramblecoat(lvl 34 ranger self buff) and maybie more in that line , only last 1h instead of the 3h15 on spell description
  9. Daldolin Deathdealer New Member

    While I understand that this may be the case it is still a issue, the AA description is as follows:

    "Bladeshield : This passive ability allows you to increase the chance to block incoming attacks when dual wielding piercing weapons. Each additional rank increases the chance to block slightly."

    So arguably either the AA description is wrong, in which case it needs to be fixed, or the description is correct and the AA is not working at all.
  10. Furro Elder

    Crash bug: Tower of Rot Raid Instance
    Cazic Thule server

    Thursday, 26, 2014, at 22:52:40 EDT
    Script was at the stage with: Arch Mage Harron, High Priest Belyea, Captain Whitson. They were all around 70% health approximately.

    Friday, 27, 2014, at 21:12:20 EDT
    Script was at the stage of Lord Kyle Bayle 25% health and two fallen advisors.

    These were unrecoverable crashes. Everyone had to kill EQ and reload/relog in.

    Bug reported in game.
  11. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Damn that sucks Furro, hope they get that fixed.
  12. Fanra Augur

    Neriak - Fourth Gate: Houses of Thex raid, Bertoxx server.

    Many people are getting the game crashing when taking the banner in. They get the "send crash report" box and hopefully they are using it and you are getting the info.

    This happened even more when the raid was first put into the game. It is less now but it still is excessive and particular to this raid.
  13. Tobynn Augur

    Some of the reward items from the recently re-implemented evolving back item, Shroud of the Forgotten, seem to have the "Most beneficial for xxxx class.." notes transposed:

    Furred Mantle of the Forgotten Primalist (BST item) indicates best for MNK RNG.
    Golden Cape of the Forgotten Illusionist (ENC item) indicates best for BST.
    Holy Shawl of the Forgotten Templar (CLR DRU item) indicates best for ENC.
    Runed Mantle of the Forgotten Sorcerer (MAG WIZ item) indicates best for CLR DRU.
    Scaled Cloak of the Forgotten Guardian (PAL SHD WAR item) indicates best for NEC SHM.
    Velvet Drape of the Forgotten Oracle (NEC SHM item) indicates best for MAG WIZ.

    The other four reward items seem to be bested correctly.
  14. Tobynn Augur

    The achievement Hero of Tower of Rot includes both the Rotten Heart mission and the Bayle mission. Prior to patch, completing the Rotten heart mission credited the Bayle mission by mistake. Patch removed the erroneous checkmarks.

    Post-patch, completing the Rotten Heart mission credits nothing at all. No checkmark for Hero of Rot, which in turn also fubars all of the parent/meta achievements. Presently no way to complete Greater Hero of the Call, or Savior of Tower of Rot, or Call of the Forsaken Paragon, or Greater Answerer, or Greater Master of the Call, or Answerer, or Master of the Call. The entire chain is dependent on Rotten Heart.

    Also, the Rot meta collection Look Into the Future is not updating the meta achievement Call of the Forsaken Master Scavenger.
  15. TSR-SeanF Augur

  16. Gr8fuldave Augur

    Enchanter Class AA "Quick Damage" is mispelled in the Class tab of the AA window. It reads "Quick Damnage"
  17. Khat_Nip Augur

    SK Class AA "Tvyl's Resolve" from the spell file also has a misspelling in the landed description, "is slashes by multiple blades".
  18. Yinla Augur

    Alert system broken already.

    Nothing new coming up to say what was released today.
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  19. Furro Elder

    Any update on this from a developer? Currently it's broken due to the crashes at various stages (at least on the CT server). I haven't read any reports of it crashing on any other server.

    Leader of Freelance - Open Raid Team - CT Server
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  20. JChan Developer

    We have been unable to reproduce this internally. Also, is your client crashing or is it hanging? It's a difference that tells us where we can look for diagnostic information.

    Our CS team is trying to gather information about the issue and if you send in the requested information it'll help us reproduce the issue. Quote here:

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