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  1. Furro Elder

    It's not a client crash that pops up a dialog box enabling us to send in a report. It feels more like a server side instance crash. Everyone in the raid is hanging; frozen. It's as if EQ had a pause button. You can move around, cannot cast, or chat or do anything else. Spell icons greyed out etc. Only recovery is for players to task out and kill the EQ process, re-login. Once inside, the instance is completely gone, some players have rez effects, others corpses gone completely.

    In addition, we're not doing anything special during the event itself. We're not kiting any adds or bosses, we're not leashing any adds causing them to reset either.

    There's a reference to pet's and familiars being killed by the hidden exclamation (!) entity, which may be causing the instance to crash. It was reported in another related Tower of Rot crash thread here. The info could be a red herring, but may be helpful or relevant. Details posted below:

    Thanks for your time,
    Leader of Freelance - Open Raid Team - CT Server
  2. JChan Developer

    Ah ok, that's a different matter as well. I see that the raid is stuck in an infinite loop. Thanks for the info.
  3. Mojoslinger Elder

    Mage's get a new Cauldron spell that summons Brightedge a really nice pet weapon, http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=117281 Was it intended for shaman and SK pets to not be able to Proc this ? the shaman pet is lvl 93/94 and the weapon requires lvl 95 :( was so bummed when i saw *your pet is not efficient enough to wield this" message
  4. Tones70 New Member

    I am trying to zone into Tower of Rot for the first time and I stuck trying to get past the ladder or scaffolding in Dead Hills. Can't click past it or run over it to get to the newer part of the zone.
  5. Ayoheee Augur

    Warden Hanvar reset his hitpoints and hatelist at 21% then again at 45% during a fight. No additional adds spawned after the resets.
  6. gcubed Augur

    This has happened a few times in the past when SOE "mistakenly" increased the maximum cap on foraging during a content release.

    The number 252 is significant. It indicates that there is a check in code to prevent the skill from being larger. If it was a problem with variable storage size you would be allowed to go to 255 (assuming UCHAR storage here, when your skill reached 256 it would reset to 1). Unfortunately, SOE has a tendency to prioritize based on the number of classes affected and this bug will only affect two classes. As such you can expect one of two things. The bug will persist for six months or longer, or they will cancel and refund the AA. Even if SOE cancels the AA you will still be subject to this bug if you own a Foraging Machete.
  7. Rathgar Journeyman

    Was it the intent of the developers that warrior abilities such as Offensive Discipline, War Stomp, Battle Leap, Vehement Rage, etc. would raise dps while a warrior is in 2-handed stance wielding a 2-handed weapon? According to my parses, dps remained flat (actually went down an insignificant amount each fight).

    In contrast, all these abilities raise the dps of the sword and board stance.

    I imagine it has to do with the 2-hand stance already having a damage modifier.

    Additional Info: Self buffed. Grouped Bard running aria and aura of va'kerr, war song and arcane plus a few others.
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Any news if this will be fixed in this weeks patch ?

    It worked for me the day before the pre quests ended, so it looks like access was removed at the same time.

    You get the message not close enough when you click from a distance but up close nothing happens.

    Pain in the bum as I cannot get a new alt in to Tower of Rot. :( And tired of being told Im doing it wrong, only to have others come and try and it not work for them either.
  9. Schadenfreude Augur

    Ideally this will get a proper fix however as a temporary workaround it's possible to run un-attuned twinks to the blocked side of the ladder and have your flagged main drop a campfire on the other side which they can then click to and complete the run as normal.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Shame you need to be in fellowship (and 3 toons) to plant a campfire. I have a couple of ideas for a work around, but I have a horrid feeling I haven't flagged the mage either, and I'm not sure if I can bind in Tower of Rot or Dead Hills. A few things to test later before I start begging for help.
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Can get over this wall coming from Tower of Rot side, you can just levi over it.

    Cheated and bound wizzy at entrance to Tower of Rot and ported alt there, but when both clicked to enter Tower of Rot we got the "This zone is not ready to receive visitors yet" message, after the yellow "The door swings wide...." message.

    It maybe that there is more than just the scaffolding bugged, or the zone just hates me.

    *edit* though it maybe that age old bug, that doesn't recognise I've moved legitimately to a new spot in the zone, that always used to move you back to the safe spot. I remember Teleport to bind doing that a lot in TSS.

    ARRGGGG cannot bind others in Dead Hills. Giving up.
  12. Charris Journeyman

    Rogue Bladeshield AA (rank 3) - still not a single block logged (dual wielding piercing weapons).

    Was this ever fixed or confirmed working as intended? :)
  13. Makavien Augur

    This is not really a recent bug or some may not consider it a bug but I do or a design flaw .
    Jimothy Junoir - from the the player made missions the familiar that reduces food consumption should stack with other familiars
    Familiar of the Gorged Eye - has the same effect as Jimothy Junior

    I believe they should stack with other familiars because it would make no sense to not use a dps increase familiar or a survival increase familiar instead of those two so hardly anyone would use them which makes making them almost have no point at all.

    Some types of familiars should stack so we get a use out of them like the mana increase familiar and the dps increase familiar it just kinda makes good logical sense.

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