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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Ashigaru Augur

    Neither bug, nor oversight. Each tier has a knight only 2h weapon
  2. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I know they do. But this one looks way too "generic" to be "the" Knight weap.
    In most cases the generics are on the vendor, and the specialized stuff drops.
    I just noted it and reported it... (shrug)
  3. Conjurous_AB Elder

    Yeah the bosquestalkers disc bug means rangers can have it up all the time, think its same for pureshot.
    Also the model graphic bug is very annoying, clockwork merc looks fine from owners view but not from others, same for other mercs like sporali.
  4. asgaard Augur

    I believe this is account related and not a bug. I submitted a ticket.
  5. Daldolin Deathdealer New Member

    Here is proof that Rogue Bladeshield AA (rank 3) is not working. I logged 318 Fights yesterday with me tanking mobs. Not one block in the entire time I was fighting the mobs and I have 2 piercing weapons equipped.

    [Wed Jun 18 12:21:03 2014] You have gained the ability "Bladeshield" at a cost of 9 ability points.
    [Wed Jun 18 12:21:08 2014] You have improved Bladeshield 2 at a cost of 11 ability points.
    [Wed Jun 18 12:21:11 2014] You have improved Bladeshield 3 at a cost of 13 ability points.

    This was the start of the fights:

    A rabid wolf in 44sec, for 567837HP and your 11383dps at 6/18/2014 12:35:43

    Combined: A rabid wolf in 6019s, 190506k @31651sdps --- Daldolin 185439k @30809sdps (97.34%)

    Combined: A rabid wolf on 6/18/2014 in 6019sec
    --- DMG: 190505866 (100%) @ 31651 dps (31651 sdps)
    --- DMG to PC: 10589968 @1760dps
    --- DMG: 185439188 (97.34%) @ 30809 dps (30809 sdps)
    ------ Total: 185439188 -- Backstab: 101699053 -- Pierce: 81825053 -- DirDmg: 1692110 -- Hit: 152644 -- DoT: 70328
    ------ Normal rate: 75.8% (56.8% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 24.2% (43.2% of DMG)
    ------ Attempts: 41014 -- Hits: 32709 -- Misses: 6974 -- Defended: 1331 -- Accuracy: 82.4%
    --- DMG to PC: 8618544 @1432dps

    Daldolin - vs - Combined: A rabid wolf
    Attempts 12039 100%
    Missed 2720 22.59%
    Dodged 1639 13.61%
    Parried 2098 17.43%
    Blocked 0 0%
    Riposted 1694 14.07%
    Absorbed 0 0%
  6. Tarrin Augur

    Ducking and stopcast both work.

    I did it last night.

    I did it 5 seconds ago.

    It does have a 6 second recast. The 600 second cast timer is due to already having casting it once, and having to wait the 5 min period to cast it again. Were you expecting to be able to chain cast a mana return spell? Where was this confirmed its a bug? Its acting EXACTLY as it was said it would act when it was explained to us in BETA.
  7. Zaviere Augur

    Familiars, pets and swarm pets are all obnoxiously large to most everyone except the player from whom they originated. At least that has been my experience. As a Bard, I apparently almost crashed someone last night popping Song of Stone and Lyrical Prankster back to back. Both sets of pets were of normal size on my screen, however.

    Also, I have yet to notice any abnormally large players in illusions, or massive mercenaries, as previously mentioned in this thread.
  8. Deloehne Augur

    Pursehot's cooldown is working correctly for the Purshot cooldown timer; it just does not force a cooldown of Bosquestalker's as it should.
  9. RPoo Augur

    I am able to cast Reflect and afterwards when it's in cooldown, I CAN cast both Turquoise Buckler (effect: reflect) and Darkened Shining Metallic Robes (effect: reflect).
    I am able to cast Mirror III and afterwards when it's in cooldown, I CANNOT cast either Turquoise Buckler (effect: reflect) and Darkened Shining Metallic Robes (effect: reflect).
    I see no reason not to be able to use these items after using Mirror except when the items are in cooldown, which, they aren't when I'm not able to cast them.
  10. Binamren New Member

    MAJOR bug with the new wizard spell bucolic gambit: when twincasting, the damage is somehow reflected back to the caster randomly in the form of arcane infusion it looks like (confirmed the NPC that was being nuked did NOT have spell reflect on):

    Binamren hit Binamren for 73603 points of non-melee damage.

    You are struck by a massive fusion reaction. You have taken 63011 points of damage.
  11. Haldar Journeyman

    Warrior's Flash of Anger is overwriting Dual Wield proficiency.
  12. complexication Augur

    For the love of God, please fix the familiar issue - Kerafyrm's Prismatic Familiar doesn't need to be this big and the more of them in Guild Lobby the more lag it causes.

  13. Winnowyl Augur

    Snipped for brevity. Is it possible that we're seeing an increase in parries, rather than blocks? Rogues have no block skill, much like we have no kick for our Knave's Return Strike, so it uses another skill we DO have.
  14. Danille Augur

    Same bug with familars happens with casting mage level 100 gargoyle pets - Other mage's garg pets appear 2x as big and solid light grey in color. The owner's garg pet is normal black with spots.
  15. Garshok Augur

    Cauldron of Countless Goods - apparently the item numbers for some items have not been changed from the Cauldron of Endless Goods, or they have otherwise been put into the same lore group.

    While the older Cauldron of Many Things and Cauldron of Endless Goods summoned items with the same name, they had different ID #s and did not share a lore tag - i.e., one could simultaneously two 'Worlu's Windcloak,' one summoned by the Cauldron of Many Things and another item (same name, but different ID) from the Cauldron of Endless Goods. Same with 'Worlu's Prying Eyes' and maybe a couple of other items.

    First time I clicked the Cauldron of Countless Goods, I got the red text saying that possession of two lore items was prohibited (I already had a windcloak and a prying eyes). So I am guessing that instead of making new ID#s for some items it is just recycling some items from the older cauldrons, or they have been placed into a lore group. Don't know if it is a "bug," but definitely different from past practice. (Being able to have multiple windcloaks was always nice for getting around Sepulcher.)
  16. Gruelien New Member

    Can confirm Bosquestalkers always on as well. I noticed taking db humanoids that headshot proc's once in about 6 mobs. It use to proc more so I'm not sure if that was by design.
  17. Fenudir Augur

    The berzerker disc Arcblade is causing the button for Vicious Spiral to begin a cool down timer like it should but clicking Vicious Spiral is not causing Arcblade's to begin it's cool down. The issue is cosmetic. Arcblade can not be used while the two are on cool down.
  18. Shrinak New Member

    Yes Headshot is procing much less since the patch. Noticed it while doing dailys on the farmers.
  19. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Agreed - also on dailys.
    Sine they promised no "stealth nerfs"; this is either a perception error on our part with too small a sample - or a bug.
  20. Elendieal Journeyman

    Unless I am reading it incorrectly, it appears that the mage Steel Vengeance aa, level 6 appears to be healing mobs instead of harming them.

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