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  1. adinaei New Member

    not a big bug, but a very noticeable one the female merchants in cab look wicked weird like there is an error with the skin model
  2. Fanra Augur

    Since adding the Advanced Loot System, when the raid leader links all the loot in our raid chat, if there are two of the same item, it only links one. This is a change from before when it would show the item twice. I haven't checked if there are more than two what happens.
  3. Sir Goon New Member

    I don't know if this is a bug or what was intended when adding the new Harbinger of Fear NPC in Plane of Fear but whoever did it also removed the old versions from working anymore. The NPCs will not take the old versions and if you try to the OLD versions the NPC will eat them.I have tested this with Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel (for Soul Leech) and Drendico Metalbones in Timorous Deep (Slime Blood of Cazic-Thule). Neither would take the old versions.

    Again I'm not talking about the new versions which are supposed to have a warning that they can't be 'd (I haven't seen one in game so I don't know if it's true or not).

    To top it off I and several people on test cannot get the Harbinger of Fear to actually do anything, two people I know are on the step of their epic that requires the Fear piece and still Harbinger will not do anything, if there is supposed to be some sort of cooldown of how often he can be triggered then why would you even think that essentially deleting 15 years of saved epic items is a better solution?
  4. Grisnkh Lorekeeper

    Marketplace is not working on test as of 3/30 while its working on live.
  5. Hludwolf Developer

    It is working again now.
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  6. Croak Augur

    From the FAQ

    Q: Why do some of the items in my “Personal Loot” list have a lock icon? What does this mean?

    A: You were out of range, dead or out of the zone when the NPC died and need to right click on the corpse to unlock it. Until it is unlocked, you will not be able to loot items from this corpse even if they are allocated to you by the master looter.

    Q: How can I find a corpse that is locked so that I may unlock it and loot my item?

    A: Make sure “Group by NPCs” is checked and click on the NPC’s name. This will target the corpse if you are in range. After you right click on the corpse, the locked icon will disappear and you will be free to loot the item.

    This isn't working

    You are in group at time of kill and an item is assigned to you in some way.

    When out of range, you get the lock icon... fine

    You get in range... if you even know roughly where the mob is (aside: would be cool to have it show on map after click), click on name in list, and corpse appears... fine

    You try to loot, and the corpse is locked for 15 mins... NOT FINE - the unlocking with click is broken.

    Someone in a group has the same looting chance as a random passer by, and a 15 min wait could mean 17 mins since the first mob died near that location.
    By the time you get to the corpse there could be repops even if you are fast... e.g. toon at zone in, Mech Guardian, clicks up to 4th floor to loot AC aug, shrink clicky etc.
    There is a huge chance of almost full repops before corpse unlocks.

    I have started pulling where possible the assault sweeper to the click up area on top floor just in case an aug drops, but with other augs or shrink clicky it is a case of baby-sitting for 15 mins waiting for repops so a looter is safe (I love giving the drops to lower level toons on my server)
  7. Hludwolf Developer

    You clicking on the name in your list only targets the corpse. You right clicking or typing /loot will unlock the corpse. If the item is in your personal list, the lock will vanish and you will be able to loot it using the green checkbox.
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  8. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    New bug found with live:

    When clicking Lesson of the Devoted at the end of the Captain Russell Cooper HAs in CotF in Dead Hills, before the hail, and having the daily task missions simultaneously, no experience reward was gained for the actual mission itself at the hail, just the experience from the Daily Task quest completion (about 10-13 aa's). This was true for everyone who clicked Lesson of the Devoted, but not for the players who didn't click it. (Half the group, each time). Our theory is that the AA reward is too high when doubled, but we're not sure if that's it. Basically this equates to losing the largest part of the experience gain, and makes the majority of the time spent doing the task lost. We've had this happen twice now, both on the longer missions. Has anyone else seen this, or could you try it and post your results? We've submitted bug reports and petitions, which came back with we can't award lost xp from task completions. Which makes sense, ish, but the problem needs to be fixed, yes?
  9. Milfurd Augur

    First time I long in I go to action page 7 dialog and use invite macro.
    /invite toon1
    /invite toon2
    I log off and log back in. I should see Actions page 7 instead of page 1. If I click on the arrows and come back it resets to the proper page.
  10. Croak Augur

    But that wasn't working all the times I have tried... & I tried a lot

    When you are standing around for 15 mins with a corpse in front of you which you know has a nice aug on it, you tend to click it a lot to see when a timer might drop, and yes I tried /loot as well.

    This may be related but I have also had a corpse that didn't unlock even at 15 mins, at 5 mins to go I camped out and back in and could loot.
  11. Hludwolf Developer

    I used the wrong words... Right clicking on the corpse will remove the red lock icon. This lock icon is not related to the corpse unlocking. It is purely a lockout to prevent you from looting if you were out of range.
  12. Axxius Augur

    Could you please explain why the range matters here? Before ALS, there was no looting restrictions based on where you were when the mob died.
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  13. Riou Augur

    It's probably so you can't just feed loot to an alt invised at zone in safe in some places. Before didn't matter because you only had 1 option that was going up and physically looting something.
  14. Axxius Augur

    It's my loot. I can 'feed' it to anybody I want to. Campfires make it mostly a matter of convenience anyway. Restrictions like this are outside of the scope of this system. I suspect the reason behind this restriction is technical.
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  15. Hludwolf Developer

    Before the advanced loot system, you had to run to the corpse to loot.

    It is a design decision, not a technical limitation.
  16. Axxius Augur

    Ok, thanks for clarifying. What's the range limit on this? How close to the mob do you need to be to avoid the corpse lock?
  17. Hludwolf Developer

    The same distance for receiving experience from the NPC
  18. Bamkan Augur

    I crash on trying to select AN for Water Focuser's Wand in Tempest Temple.
  19. Fanra Augur

    In the Anniversary task Liquid Courage, we were escorting Buzoan the Elder. We got the first ambush at the gate to the castle and killed the two mobs. We were using the "stop" and "move" commands. Then he walked out of the castle and in the area there the players were attacked by mobs. We stopped him and fought the mobs.

    We got into some trouble, so I used my Exodus AA (druid) to evac the group.

    Then we made our way back to him.

    At that point, no matter how many times we told him to "move" or "go", he would not move.

    [Sun Apr 05 14:49:05 2015] You say, 'move'
    [Sun Apr 05 14:49:05 2015] Buzoan the Elder says 'I'll lead the way. Let's go! If you don't feel up to this, and want to leave, just say the word and I'll send you to the [exit].'

    Yet he would not move.

    We finally had to drop the task after spending two hours on it.

    Bertoxx server.
  20. Fanra Augur

    In the Anniversary task Liquid Courage, the ogre mobs (like "a Gindan Champion") do not do any attack animations. I am not sure if this is the case in the normal Plane of War zone.

    So he is basically just standing there on my screen yet he is doing damage to the player fighting him.

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