unable to log in.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by samuel446, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. nekokirei New Member

    Many thanks Windstalker.
  2. Sviper New Member

    I was in for a little bit and changed toons, and got timeout, and now can not log in again to my All access account again.
  3. Sviper New Member

    No issues with my FTP account at all, just the Gold account if this helps.
  4. Ghubuk Augur

    That will do it. They will definitely figure the problem out faster now...:)

    <my apologies...I just couldn't resist>
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  5. Vexdjinn New Member

    I too am having a log in issue. I have 3 paid accts. 2 login with no problems the 3rd gets the "There was an error completing your request. Please try again later" I've tried to login on 3 different computers, the same 2 accts have no probs logging in on any computer. 3rd acct cant log in no mater which computer I try.
  6. PennyAnn New Member

    I had the same problem with only 1 of my 3 paid accounts. I kept trying to log in, and then tried with wrong password which paused the login like it normally does when you put wrong pass in. Then 2 tries later with correct password, it succeeded and said I had 60 failed attempts. Maybe coincidence... But what the heck
  7. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    Copied --
    “Please, I have a friend in New Zealand who took the day off to take advantage of the dbl exp today they are like 16 hours ahead of EST so they day is getting on.”

    RE: That will do it. They will definitely figure the problem out faster now.

    I did not mean it as you may have taken it... Just that it appears to a widespread issue. crossing continents. and not all folks are celebrating the holiday... This is a real dollar day for them that they are missing, They took holiday/vacation to be here... not like most of us US folks that got paid for the day. was just a note that this is not a minor issue.
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  8. Ghubuk Augur

    I feel for your friend, it is always frustrating when there are log in issues. I am sure DBG is trying to fix it as fast as possible though.
  9. Windstalker Executive Producer

    We have cleared the login servers. Please try again and let us know if you still have issues.
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  10. Karthos Augur

    Same error on the one account. "There was an error completing your request. Please try again."
  11. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    Ghubuk, I never meant to be a flamer here, I was just trying to convey it was not limited to US accts... to try and help the resolution... perhaps I did not do that so well.
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  12. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    She tell me same error... she is rebooting.
  13. xuzl999 New Member

    Nope still not working...
  14. Newbie32 Journeyman

    My main account is getting "The System has encountered an error. Please come back and try again later." when trying to log into the forums, and "There was an error completing your request. Please try again" when trying to log into the patcher.
  15. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Thanks for trying. :/ *#(@(#&. Passing it along.
  16. Vexdjinn New Member

    Still getting the log in error on the 1 pd acct. The other 2 pd accts having no problems gettin into game. ;(
  17. A Concerned Citizen New Member

    How is it that my 5 unpaid accounts all work flawlessly but my only paid account does not? I find that very concerning....
  18. xuzl999 New Member

    now it kicked my account down to a non paid level.... really frustrating and really ridiculous. I know how it works though I have played since 99 all we will get is oh we are sorry. That is if we are lucky....
  19. Kwai Shen New Member

    Same error on my accounts. Neither paid account can get into the game or the forums now. My f2p account can though.

    On a side note, I will NOT be demanding any kind of time, compensation, etc. These things happen. In the world of MMOs, the EQ severs are actually remarkably stable.

    All that said, I would like to be able to make 5PM Pac raid start :)
  20. Shlick New Member

    I just bought 100$ worth of krono to give to my buddies and play and I can not log in on my main account and they cant log in on theirs :( rip holiday.

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