unable to log in.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by samuel446, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Karthos Augur

    Same issue here. Can't login 1 of my accounts. This is extremely annoying.
  2. Sviper New Member

    I can log into my FTP account, but my paid gold account all of a sudden mid day I can't Log back in. I have a gold yearly reoccurring payment. I played this am, but this afternoon about 30 minutes ago, I no longer can play gold account.:mad:
  3. xuzl999 New Member

    My paid account isnt logging in either. I bet anything we will get no compensation at all for it. They wont give us anything. They will just say we are sorry blah blah blah. Bunch of garbage.
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  4. samuel446 New Member

    I was trying to transfer to another account and tried buying sc to do this. I tried acouple times and get of getting errors. But found out they charged me $50 with each cannot complete with you card. So evan though It said card was declined. I was still getting charged.
  5. cinder New Member

    if they do not compensate just retract your last cc payment. they will ban your account but who would want to play a game that dosent take care of its paying customers. if it was a f2p issue it wouldnt be a deal but this seems to be affecting paid subs only.....
  6. Vyxynne New Member

    Also having issues, my account lost all access now I can't log in at all.
  7. Karthos Augur

    Would someone go tweet something or post on reddit. Somehow I don't think this issue is going to be seen here until Tuesday.
  8. xuzl999 New Member

    i dont have a twitter or reddit account.
  9. xuzl999 New Member

    pretty ridiculous that they dont have someone watching to forums on call.
  10. xuzl999 New Member

    i got back in
  11. Raeshal New Member

    I couldn't even log in here at the forums until just now. Can't log in still been trying all afternoon. Ticking me off. Don't they realize they need to replace the hamsters once in a while?
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are investigating the reported login issues. Thank you for your patience.
  13. HSishi New Member

    I also have problems to login into game and forums with main account (2nd acc now). When I managed to login earlier, my main account lost AllAccess and the last expansion (the main character was Level 100 instead of 105).

    The second account (this one) had no issues logging into game.
  14. nekokirei New Member

    Thanks much Mepps.
  15. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    Mepps, where did you find this info... I am not seeing a response from DB/EQ?
  16. Aracorn New Member

    Same deal here, one account works, one doesn't. The one account that i can get in game on i can also log into the DBG site, the other i cant.
  17. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    I was able to get the account to log in once... Thinking it may the zone. I did a return to home... now cannot log in again on that acct. The acct also showed as a free to play... not silver if the CC had expired or something... though it should have been all access, since the cc is fine... I keep a couple Krono on hand. because I have seen odd issues with recurring accts before... but If I cannot log her in, I cannot apply the krono heh.
  18. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Still looking into it. :/
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  19. xuzl999 New Member

    cant get in again. so what are we gonna get for this holly?
  20. Mannhec Lorekeeper

    Please, I have a friend in New Zealand who took the day off to take advantage of the dbl exp today they are like 16 hours ahead of EST so they day is getting on.

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