unable to log in.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by samuel446, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. samuel446 New Member

    Hello I cant log in at all. On my main account, at all. To the website or to the game. I was playing last night. Logged out to do something. And now it wont let me in at all. Anyone else having this problem? ty
  2. Wuvvyen New Member

    Also having this issue. "The login server is currently unavailable."
  3. samuel446 New Member

    I can log into both the website and the game with one account. Just not my main one.
  4. Wuvvyen New Member

    Not here, all of my accounts are getting "The login server is currently unavailable."
  5. Wuvvyen New Member

    Wait, my final account I tried got in....but the others can't? What in the..
  6. Fenudir Augur

    Having a similar issue here.
  7. Wuvvyen New Member

    Now I can't even use my main account to sign in to the launcher. What in the world is going on with the login servers atm?
  8. Ashten-Prexus Journeyman

    Also cant login
  9. nekokirei New Member

    Similar issue here. Can sign in to both of my paid accts, however, my f2p Heroic account gets errors both in the Launcher and the website -- System Error Occurred. Try Again Later.
  10. Fenudir Augur

    My F2P account logs in fine. None of my paid accounts can. The all error out with "There was an error completing your request. Please try again."
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  11. Porm Journeyman

    Same issues here, Can't log in please try again later.
  12. Siddilla New Member

    Same here, and its only tied to my main account, we have accounts logged in currently.
  13. cinder New Member

    i am able to log into 2 of my accounts but my 3rd keeps getting the error "
    There was an error completing your request. Please try again."
    its double xp weekend and i cannot log in on my limited play time today. is there going to be compensation for this? i just spent 300$ getting back into this game and i have a reasonable budget for gaming every month but i wont be spending a dime of it here anymore if i cannot even play.
  14. Polaar Spiritbear New Member

    2 accounts work fine, 2 don't. Same issues, can't log into game, launcher, nor website with the 2 that aren't working. No problems with the other 2 accounts.
  15. Kexon New Member

    same here one works one does not
  16. RedEyeDawn New Member

    When I did get my main account logged in, it had reverted my pay account to a free to play account. WTF? So I logged off and tried to get back in and now I can no longer get logged back in once again with my main account. What the hell guys? Who let the newbie admin loose in the server again? This is getting old.
  17. Trundell New Member

    I had both my wifes acct open, and somewhere her main acct went not all access, and had her log out to fix, now she is having the same issues, and of course there is not one sob in daybreak games to address these issues and sh worked nights til this am and got up early to ejoy some double exp, what a shot in the to her.
  18. Lunetune New Member

    Same issue. I was able to log in another account to open a ticket and post here.
    "There was an error completing your request. Please try again."
  19. Mr. Logic New Member

    same here, same error... no response? I know its labor day.. but there must be some poor guy that has to work today at DBG... Fix it... that is all.
  20. cinder New Member

    if it isnt addressed soon or compensation is not received will be -3 subs + up to 2000$ a month from this customer alone.

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