ToV Earring Evolving Quest

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Allayna, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Morigaine Lorekeeper

    Obviously the stats will be best in slot for the expansion but I’m more curious about the augment structure. Traditional or 18/19? Have they ever confirmed which direction this will take?
  2. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    There are no new type 18/19 augs, so I'm not sure why they would make another item that requires them.
  3. ShadowMan Augur

    Well thats complete horse$h!t. Good to know.
  4. Sancus Augur

    Just to add onto this, it actually gets even worse at higher buckets, and if it continues scaling how it does up to 80, the benefit conferred by the max luck in ToV will be lower than what you already had with 60 luck in TBL.
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  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    There are 18/19 augments :)
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  6. Lianeb Augur

    If so can we get a list since I don’t recall seeing them in beta.
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  7. Kezik Lorekeeper

  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    They are basically the same.
    I was "nice" on the cast proc and got rid of the requirement of casting the same element to get it to proc. But the others only respond to cold.

    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Assault
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Stealth
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Strategy
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Fortification
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Assault
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Stealth
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Strategy
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Fortification
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Defence
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Attacker
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Assaulting Ice
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Defending Ice
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Ventral Defense
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Dorsal Defense
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Casting Ice
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Protecting Ice
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Soothing
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Warding Ice
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Enhancement
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Defence
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Attacker
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Assaulting Ice
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Defending Ice
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Ventral Defense
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Dorsal Defense
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Casting Ice
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Protecting Ice
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Soothing
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Warding Ice
    Rallos Zek Devotee's Enhancement
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  9. Tenken Augur

    interesting that you moved everything was just expecting a few add-on, assuming they're not going to be on the same lore group with TBL?
  10. Triconix Augur

    Are they live yet or in this patch? Will the Luck charm augs from TBL drop in ToV as well? And by same do you mean the stats are basically the same or the type and nomenclature?
  11. Kaenneth Augur

    Charm Effect: This charm gets stronger the more comments you've made on the official forums.
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  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    They are new lore groups.
  13. Smokezz Augur

    Bobokin will be unkillable.
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  14. Allayna Augur

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  15. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    I'm curious about what the worn effect foci will be. Some classes won't care, but mine for example earring #1 is a pet level focus (for main pet we can equip it and toggle of course....but swapping it in for zerg pets will be tedium that no one will do). Earring #2 is a detrimental duration extension, and yeah....that focus is premo.

    Curious if there's multiple versions of the final upgrades.

  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Detrimental Duration, is now just "Duration" (Covers beneficial and detrimental both) and on Back items. Ear no longer gets a spell focus except pets. ears also still get the permanent effect sharpshooting.
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  17. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Well....shucks. It's like you thought of everything.

    And now is a good time for me to actually look at the tov armor. :)
  18. Inga Elder

    Does it mean any pet class with raid level beneficial duration focus back item such as Descending Moon, Ascending Sun, and Ice Encrusted Cloak must abandon it and use group cloak? The only way to recover it is ToV Raid?

    Would you change these items to "Duration" focus, or add "Duration" focus to Tradeskill earring or Pet earring (if it works), please?
  19. Yinla Augur

    Can we get the clicky changed to gemantra the same as Cresta earring was, as this is a direct replacement, really don't like having to choose between loosing Soothing Breath and Gemantra clicky and Might is usless to me as a wizzy.
  20. Schadenfreude Augur

    How would you lose Soothing Breath?

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