ToV Earring Evolving Quest

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  1. FawnTemplar Augur

    You have a typo on the second quest part of your walk through. You have "Bloodied Potential..." but it is a "Blooded Potential..."
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  2. Xyphen Augur

    I had that issue as well. It was a bot group to make matters worse. Everyone had to wait for a GM to come boot them.
  3. Cloud the Third Augur

    Anyone know how to make the round chisel from the chisel set?
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  4. Cloud the Third Augur

    Crushed Glowing Velium Powder?

    Anyone know Tried 1 + hammer + padding... tried 7 + hammer + 2 padding and all other combos between. Anyone know the recipe?
  5. Blastoff Elder

    Awesome website!
  6. Jondalar Augur

    There is no need. the set itself is it.
  7. Cloud the Third Augur

    Yea we figured it out was using logs instead of planks. But not sure why the recipe they give you says round because it doesn't matter just using set. The last part need velium hammer not a smithy hammer that they say to use.
  8. Xyphen Augur

    People were super annoyingly secretive about divulging tips when I did this, so here's how everything works for The Foundation step:

    1. Kill the stuff it says to kill
    2. Build the tool after converting the logs to planks. The Chisel Tools are sold by the reagent vendor in CC.
    3. The Glowing Crystallized Velium is found in the back room of the undead coldain mines in Great Divide (east side). There are only 7 crystals in the room you need, and you obtain them by clearing the mobs around it, equipping the tool and standing on top of it. You can only collect once.
    4. The first combine is 7x Glowing Velium + 1x Perfect Leather Padding + Velium Smithy Hammer
    5. The next combine is 4x Powder + 1x Perfect Leather Padding + Velium Smithy Hammer
    6. You can fail these combines but I didn't. Apparently if you fail the combine really bad you have to re-do the quest, but you can use a Craftsman potion to hedge against it.

    The emblems you need for the final step are sold by the reagent vendor in Crystal Caverns. Hope this helps and saves people hours of clicking crystals in Ry'gorr/Crystal Caverns.
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  9. ogreshaman New Member

    Xyphen whats the recipe for , Perfect Leather padding ? or vendor bought ?
  10. Jondalar Augur

    It's velious. Velium smithy hammer makes sense. The chisel set is a set of chisels. maybe since I'm a bit of a woodworker this made sense.
  11. Cloud the Third Augur

    Superb Leather Padding not perfect and it is vendor bought. Chisel Set not Chisel Tools, and I don't know why they say in the quest notes about getting round chisel from the set because you use chisel set not a round chisel set. I don't think you can lose the powder in a failure. I failed 1 combine and got them back. My friend failed the final combine 4 times and got the powder and earring back every time. Benefit note you don't have to kill the coldain around the crystals you can technically just train them away and run back to the crystal for an update.

    You also left out task 1 which is run around for some updates in EW and GD. The Dragon ring update is the only one that will spawn a mob and you have to kill the mob for the update.
  12. Xyphen Augur

    Thanks for the corrections - I was going off of memory. I can't edit my post since you quoted it, but the biggest thing I wanted to get across was where the Glowing Crystallized Velium is. Aside from killing the Gargoyle above the druid ring the rest of the steps/methods are in the quest description.

    The failure thing was in response to the ambiguity in this thread:
    It's Superb Leather Padding, you can buy it in PoK:
  13. Swiss Elder

    I did see that post and it helped a lot. Finally found the exact orcs just took another 45min of trying to turn in before a group killed them lol.
  14. Cloud the Third Augur

    Yea it makes sense after you figure out where they are. They say trapped but there isn't any orcs with the word trapped in their name. After you find them you realize they are the only live orcs with restless mobs between them and any zone out. So in that way they are kinda trapped.
  15. Ashian Augur

    The new augs only show the slots "Shoulders Hands Fingers Feet" ... no earring!!

    Also -- the text from Crusader that says: I've also given you RESEARCH recipes that will allow you to create augments that work within the earring. The recipes were actually Jewelcraft recipes, not research.
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  16. Ashian Augur

    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Protecting Ice says it gives a 6% second chance to resist fire spells.
    Rallos Zek Acolyte's Warding Ice says it reduces incoming fire damage by 6%.

    The new augs fit fine in both type 18 / 19 slots in the old evolving gear.
  17. Xyphen Augur

    Here's my cheat sheet for the next stage: The Morale of Despair

    1. You need all ToFS keys including the last one from Svartmane
    2. Kill 2x returned shadowbeast on floor 1, 4x scholar on 2, 4x butler/made on 3, 3x mummy on 4, 3x dancer on 5, 4x ghost on 6.
    3. Stand in the center of the mirror room on last floor. Took a minute or 2 and then I got an update (no idea why it took so long but I didn't have to click any windows).
    4. Make 2x blood vials using the recipe in description: Crow's Special Brew + Sealed Vial Sketch + Small Block of Clay + Velium Tainted Glob of Slush Water (foraged in ToV). Finish with HQ Firing Sheet each.
    5. For Blood of the Common, stand in the blood pool on the 3rd floor (auto-updated)
    6. For Blood of the Maiden, stand in the blood pool in the ceremony on 5th floor (auto-update)
    7. Loot 2x Restless Padding (or more, the next 2 steps have high trivials and can fail) from possessed armors on the 4th floor maze. They're somewhat rare around 20% drop chance.
    8. Combine 2x Restless Padding + Blood of the Common + Blood of the Maiden to make Blooded Backing
    9. Combine ToV emblem + Earring + Vial of Purified Mana + Blooded Backing to make your next earring

    There is text about requiring Paragon, which I believe is for this earring to evolve?
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  18. Xyphen Augur

    Yikes. Considering this patch broke a different charm, the abundance of grammatical errors in the earring quest and augs not fitting, DBG needs a new QA team/person.
  19. Derka Augur

    It was probably a little rushed based on the uproar about the lack of quest in original patch notes. The devs are only human. It's better to have the quest out with some bugs than no quest at all and listen to everyone complain.
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  20. OldCa61 Elder

    Anyone know what the Final result of this quest is ??? Please post if you do

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