ToV Earring Evolving Quest

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  1. Cloud the Third Augur

    Final one is raid achievements so noone can finish yet i would guess. Probably 6th quest is the final version that can be done right now.
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  2. Ashian Augur

    Earring #6 sees a big jump in stats and becomes a raid earring with type 5, type 8, two type 18s, and type 19 aug slots. It has roughly 9300 HME and Might of Stone XIV for the Harasser version. I'm still not able to make the type 19 augs though (as in only the type 18 recipes were added to the spellbook).

    According to the Crusader, once I finish bloodying this earring, there is another quest that requires Hunter of Torment of Velious. Bloodying is taking a lot of kills though, but it isn't "Tears of Alaris" bad by any stretch.
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  3. MiataDriver Elder

    I presume that it only takes type 18 augs from ToV then, since a spare TBL one I had would not go in the earring.
  4. josh Augur

    Can you tell me what classes are included in harrasser? The emblem includes hybrids in the classes that can use it but, why is there a "hybrid" emblem that apparently only includes rangers and beasts. I would rather not do this combine and find out I'm screwed
  5. Kuaamil Elder

  6. Sancus Augur

    No, the ToV 18s/19s are actually Hands/Shoulder/Finger/Feet as well. Right now there are no 18s/19s that can go in the ear, which is a bug Ngreth has confirmed/is going to correct.
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  7. Cloud the Third Augur

    Would think it is smart enough to only let you combine with the one that has your class. There is caster and non-caster emblem. That is the 2 that are used. There is another one for tank, dps, (not cure if they split wis and int casters into 2 more) but that set i have not seen a use for yet and i am working on 5th quest atm.
  8. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    Can you put a permaroot on Crusader? Tired of dragging him back across the zone for people.
  9. MiataDriver Elder

    How does one get the recipes for the augs? I have the Resilient Supplicant earring, and not seeing any recipes anywhere so I can put an aug in the earring, well, once the slots are set correctly.
  10. Kuaamil Elder

    Ha! I just saw that on the 18 link that I have. I know that Ngreth had addressed the upcoming change, but I hadn't noticed in my sleep-deprived state that the new ones were also slot-limited to the old slots.
  11. Cloud the Third Augur

    So the raid trash mobs drop a raid version of precious ore so it is likely the new random 19 aug drop piece instead of dropping a 19 aug. Also got a 11 luck charm aug with 0% listed so it will i guess max at maybe 20 or something? not sure
  12. Kuaamil Elder

    If you click the fuse button on the charm aug, it will show you the max of 20.
  13. Cloud the Third Augur

    Well i didn't win one so you can't see any more info on it.

    Do they all have 11 luck? So fusing 2 of these new raid drop ones should give u 20 instead of needing 10 like the old ones?
  14. Cloud the Third Augur

    You need collection achievement for the 5th earring quest. The first part of it is killing spiders for 3 drops, gargs for 6 drops, terrors for 10 drops, and upper kobalds for 1 drop. After that the next step is making 4 power sources with research than doing the final earring combine.
  15. Kuaamil Elder

    They all have 11 luck, but that's not how the luck upgrade system works. No matter what the luck amounts are on the fused items, it increments by 1 higher than the aug you are fusing into each time. You will need 10 of these augs. I'm at 18 luck on mine currently.
  16. Moege Augur

    I don't buy the rushed excuse, they had since beta. Having bugs in something just make people angry so no it is not better.
  17. Xyphen Augur

    They had an extra month. The quest/quest items are riddled with typos that could have easily been corrected by taking an extra 10 seconds to drop them into MS Word. The earring's biggest value prop are the slot 18/19 augs yet somehow it was overlooked that none of them can even fit in ear slots.

    I'm hoping/expecting this and the charms they just broke will be hot-fixed as opposed to the usual "oops, darn. maybe next month" patch.
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  18. Xyphen Augur

    Crusader teaches you them along the way via the dialog, for example:

    [Sun Jan 19 07:29:10 2020] Your task 'The Morale of Despair' has been updated.
    [Sun Jan 19 07:30:02 2020] You say, 'despair'
    [Sun Jan 19 07:30:02 2020] You have learned the recipe Tenacious Combatant's Earring of Rallos Zek!
    [Sun Jan 19 07:30:02 2020] You have learned the recipe Enchanted Velium Clay!
    [Sun Jan 19 07:30:02 2020] You have learned the recipe Unfired Velium Empowered Gem Crucible!
    [Sun Jan 19 07:30:02 2020] You have learned the recipe Velium Empowered Gem of Freezing!
  19. Cloud the Third Augur

    You can't make the wrong combine with the wrong emblem. You learn the recipe when you get to the earring combine step so you can't combine the version your class can't use. Search rallos zek in JC container and you will only see the ones you are on the step to make and won't see any extra not for your class.
  20. divirgmar Lorekeeper

    Remember how there was a thing with TBL evolving at forst where if you had more than one evolving item on, the evolving exp was spread over all of them so it took forever? Well I have shoulders form TBL at stage 2 (finally!) and I also have the ToV ear. Others have the ear and I am exping along with them, and they are much farther along in the ear, like to the 2nd or thrd evolutioin, but mine is stuck at going very slow at 54% now., and the shoulders are now at 98 percent= and thats form doing missions, exping for AA's since the expansion launched- like at least all missions on weekends and maybe a few during the week, and I have the ear on during raids twice a week.
    What gives?

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